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  1. This was a fun episode. Sara's especially perky trying to calm everyone down and keeping them from freaking out *cough*Ava*cough*. Zari made me lol when she was all "this house is open concept, there's nowhere to hide!" I would actually like them to stay away from the magic and monsters and just stick to time travelling through historical periods like the earlier seasons. Human!Gideon looked beautiful in the field. I think I'm most interested in seeing where she goes this season. But only Sara has seen her human form, right? How did Spooner and Astra know it's her?
  2. I'm not sure if Sara ever told the Legends she died, besides the fact that she's a clone, but she did say she was killed this episode, but like always, there was barely any reaction to it because they were all trying to survive. I don't think we ever got the answer to Sara's soul, and I don't think we'll ever get it. I personally see this clone simply as a (mixed) copy of Sara, while OG Sara is dead. Bishop has 6% of Sara's DNA and apparently thinks like Sara and knows everything she knows. Are we going to say Bishop is Sara? Does he have part of Sara's soul too? Even the Sara clone is no
  3. This show can be so stupid sometimes. Avalance kiss and the world is saved. I feel like maybe this season started with the idea of having Avalance get married, and then they wrote the season around that. Sara and Ava's vows should be swapped. Ava is the one that needs to support and fight for Sara, and listen when the things they say are hard to hear. Sara is already doing too much of that for Ava. And I wish Ava would stop calling them co-captains. Ava is far from the perfect woman, and Sara should stop feeling like Ava is out of her league and she doesn't deserve her. It was nice t
  4. Is it the post with the eyes icon? I saw a screenshot of that and it was signed "Cat". One of Caity's fans run her Facebook page, Caity is pretty much hands-off on Facebook. So I'm not sure if that counts as a confirmation, or just the fan's reaction.
  5. Is that the final guest star list for the crossover event? Did Sara get left out because Ava wouldn't invite Barry and Iris to the wedding? The Flash was my only chance of seeing the old Sara again, too bad even that is gone.
  6. Where's Kayla? She just left the babies? I'm not sure there's enough space on the ship for 48 aliens. And where's Behrad? As expected, this whole Bishop story is to bring up Ava's clone insecurity again. And Sara once again have to play cheerleader and tell her how wonderful she is. It doesn't matter that Sara is dead and replaced with a clone/alien, and the person who killed and violated her is on the ship. All that matters is Ava feel better about herself. And why is Sara always apologizing to Ava, even for things that are not her fault? I don't like this blind faith Sara has in Av
  7. The game was pretty funny. It was hilarious seeing everyone in their different roles, especially Sara's fake French accent and Zari's dramatic "fainting". Until people started to die for real. Then it felt like I was watching an episode of the NBC Constantine show, I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now. Nice seeing Kayla back. I knew she would be resourceful enough to survive. Didn't think it would be Bishop who saved her though. I did wonder if she was a Kayla clone printed by Bishop, or if she was Bishop himself when she started behaving suspiciously. It's not great when it's s
  8. Gus was another loose end. When and where did they release him to? It seemed like he could cause some trouble wherever he is.
  9. It felt like a filler episode to me. But I did like that Sara finally got to go on a mission with the team, on her own without Ava. It was really nice to see her talk to the newest and oldest members of her team, and Buddy. Once again, we got to see what a competent Captain Sara was. I liked her being inspired by Buddy (reminded me of her getting advice from Ulysses Grant back in S2), and her rousing speech. I LOL'd at Spooner's "dance" before she bowled. Why didn't Sara bowl against the Pin Killers? It seemed like she took more of a coaching role instead, though she seemed pretty good at
  10. This is probably the episode with the 11-page dialogue between Ava and Bishop. Well, I don't expect anything less from an episode written by Klemmer for his favorite character.
  11. I guess we'll have to see how much the character that is there since the beginning (besides Gideon) will be in the 100th episode. How ironic would it be if the only OG character left standing is barely in it?
  12. What matters is the writers think she is. They probably only look at Twitter and tumblr, because that's where most Avalance fans are. In fact, some of the Avalance stuff seems straight from fanfiction.
  13. They could have Sara and Ava ride off into the sunset, and replace Ava with one of the clones, who also happens to be gay and pair her up with someone else. Maybe Zari 2.0, so they can continue patting themselves on the back for their brilliant LGBT rep. Jes and Tala already campaigned for "Zava" a few seasons ago, so why not?
  14. I almost puked when Ava said "co-captains for life". Of course, any spoiler involving Sara is about Avalance wedding. 🤢 I wish they would stop keeping the actor around to play another character if they are writing their current character out. Are we supposed to believe there are so many doppelgangers of the Legends throughout history? It feels like the end of the season is mostly about Constantine. Well, he is the writers' favorite besides Ava. The only good thing is Kayla's back and doesn't seem to be angry at Mick, and the news about getting Gideon in the flesh next season.
  15. Not a great look for the show when the supposed "lead" didn't show up. Did they ever explain why? Now I understand why the other actors promoted this event on their IG but Caity didn't. I wonder if Caity pissed off someone from the network or something, it's like they don't like her becoming too popular and have to find ways and people to replace her. But unlike what happened on Arrow, their plan is succeeding this time because many of the fans are too obsessed with Avalance to see what is really going on with Sara/Caity. They probably won't even notice if Sara is gone from the episode
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