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  1. I guess we'll have to see how much the character that is there since the beginning (besides Gideon) will be in the 100th episode. How ironic would it be if the only OG character left standing is barely in it?
  2. What matters is the writers think she is. They probably only look at Twitter and tumblr, because that's where most Avalance fans are. In fact, some of the Avalance stuff seems straight from fanfiction.
  3. They could have Sara and Ava ride off into the sunset, and replace Ava with one of the clones, who also happens to be gay and pair her up with someone else. Maybe Zari 2.0, so they can continue patting themselves on the back for their brilliant LGBT rep. Jes and Tala already campaigned for "Zava" a few seasons ago, so why not?
  4. I almost puked when Ava said "co-captains for life". Of course, any spoiler involving Sara is about Avalance wedding. 🤢 I wish they would stop keeping the actor around to play another character if they are writing their current character out. Are we supposed to believe there are so many doppelgangers of the Legends throughout history? It feels like the end of the season is mostly about Constantine. Well, he is the writers' favorite besides Ava. The only good thing is Kayla's back and doesn't seem to be angry at Mick, and the news about getting Gideon in the flesh next season.
  5. Not a great look for the show when the supposed "lead" didn't show up. Did they ever explain why? Now I understand why the other actors promoted this event on their IG but Caity didn't. I wonder if Caity pissed off someone from the network or something, it's like they don't like her becoming too popular and have to find ways and people to replace her. But unlike what happened on Arrow, their plan is succeeding this time because many of the fans are too obsessed with Avalance to see what is really going on with Sara/Caity. They probably won't even notice if Sara is gone from the episode
  6. I've been waiting for the episodes that Jes is prepping to see how the writers would treat Sara when Ava isn't around. Turns out, they couldn't be bothered to write for her at all. When Sara disappeared for 2 episodes because Caity was prepping, Ava still got lots of scenes on her own with the team. But now when Jes is off prepping, Sara disappears too? If this isn't proof that the writers don't think there's a place for Sara without Ava, I don't know what is. This, and the fact that they still found a way to insert Ava into "Sara's storyline" with the alien abduction, it's obvious that
  7. Yeah, I think it was to keep their Covid bubble small. I bet there are many logistics issues getting different actors there due to all the rules. Perhaps the SO are already in Vancover because I don't think the cast gets to go home during filming as they can't afford to quarantine 2 weeks each time. Why not get the SO of a cast member who is already an actor and already in Vancouver to play the guest role(s)? In fact, I think Jes' boyfriend will play 3 different characters, so we'll see him one more time. I think this is not the case of Ava becoming co-captain simply because she's the cap
  8. The producers are quiet, but Caity liked this article on Twitter, FWIW. 🤷‍♀️ I feel like if you can kill her faster than she can regenerate, then she could be killed. But Sara seemed to be shocked at getting shot in the head, and showed no signs of pain when she was then shot multiple times. I know we've seen that she has a high tolerance for pain back on Arrow, but this is on another level. Did Bishop dial her pain receptors down completely, like he did with himself?
  9. I actually think the same is happening for the character of Sara Lance too. The writers can't get rid of Sara because she's the reason they pat themselves on the back for LGBT representation, but they dislike writing for characters that they didn't create themselves. So what did they do? They killed off the original Sara, and replaced her with an alien-human hybrid clone - Legends created clones in Arrowverse, and aliens are their theme this season. Now they can play around with this new Sara clone (while involving their favorite Ava clone all the time of course).
  10. This was just an ok episode for me. It was nice to see Sara (and Nate) take charge again. The scene with the legends trying to give Sara a good breakfast, especially Behrad, was sweet. The duel was cool, though it was hardly fair when one party literally could not be killed. I think Sara can regenerate faster than Barry. I wonder if eventually the alien would take over like Amelia Hart, because many of its qualities are already manifesting (taste for cherries/regenerative power). Nice to see Sara having that tiny moment with "Dig", and fighting side by side each other. But it was mos
  11. While I'm disappointed that Sara did not remember Behrad's birthday (they were supposed to be close), I'm glad she at least got to interact with Mick (I'm gonna ignore Gary there). Looks like this is the episode where Lita became pregnant.
  12. I thought the Ava clone was a composite of multiple DNA in order to create the perfect woman (don't think Bishop did a good job there, but we know he has been trial and error-ing a lot). So there is no human "Ava". And Bishop's plan was to fill a planet with thousands or millions of Sara clones. Are we supposed to have millions of Sara souls? Did Bishop create these souls along with the bodies?
  13. So the real Sara is dead and we now have a 3D-printed alien-human hybrid clone. Will clone!Sara get wings, cos that's one of the things Bishop mentioned. It's sad that Sara died alone millions of miles away from people she loved, and her body is presumably blown up into tiny pieces and she won't get to be buried next to Laurel. Of course, no one is going to mourn her because we still have a copy of her around and all anyone cares about is the upcoming clone wedding. At least it seems like she has some alien powers, so Caity might get to have the superpowers she always wanted after all. Ba
  14. I agree. I'm assuming clone!Sara remembers her childhood, her time on the Amazo, in the League of Assassins, etc, but she did not actually live it, because this version of her was manufactured by Bishop just 24 hours ago. Having a copy of Sara's memories inserted into her mind does not make clone!Sara the real Sara. And a person's memories and personality does not entirely make a person. If Bishop inserted Sara's memories into Ava clones or Bishop clones, they surely can't be considered the real Sara. If they stick with the clone!Sara story (there's a theory online based on which han
  15. Do clones have souls? If they do, do they just magically enter the clones' bodies once Bishop activates them? What does that make Bishop, who not only made clones of Ava and Sara, but also himself?
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