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S04: Special: How to Date An Inmate

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The "Love After Lockup" cast spills shocking and hilarious secrets and tips.

Nothing says Happy New Year like getting tips on dating an inmate. Add "find an inmate of my very own" to your new year's resolutions. This show will help you get a good start. 

This thread is available for live chat and after thoughts. 

Original air date 2021.12.31 

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"Everybody wants to know . . . HOW TO DATE AN INMATE!"


No.  Really?  If I watch this, am I confessing that I want to date one of these sad creatures?


Oh, but co-hosts Brittanzzzzz and Daonte exploring Grifter Lizzie's tips and twists?  Resistance is futile.

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2 minutes ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:

So that's two inmates who have sent dick tracings, Dalton and Garrett.  Who knew there was something even creepier than a dick pic? 

Dick illustrations.


I'm pretty sure I would spontaneously guffaw if I could see that "censored" paper Cruella is holding up.  Someone post a link, please.

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I have a certain level of face-blindness.  Those two Scotts are interchangeable to me.  : (


But that poor guy whom Lizzie dangled and danced like a puppet on a string was one of the more unfortunate castmates.

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These people would have done better to spend their money on dental work.

1 minute ago, candall said:

It's SHOVEL!  Hey grrrl.


How do you think they chose Britts and Daonte to host this gig?  Did some focus group choose them as fan favorites?  🤪

Britts will do anything for fame and Daonte has no self-awareness.

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Can you imagine sending some loser in prison $200 bucks and you only have $40 left for yourself.  That can't be me.

Out of all the misfits, Daonte is the one they chose to be interviewer.  Is it April Fool's already.

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6 minutes ago, Gobi said:


I missed it.  What's $800k?

Just now, TooMuchRealityTV said:

It's a sneak peak from Love During Lockup.

Oh!  Whew.  Brain has not been rotted from within by LAL.  Thanks.

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Brittney is so fake, she has her lips up Sharp's ass. I read an interview where the head guy is in love with her and Ed.   He thinks those two are the stars of the franchise.

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