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S03.E03: Dead Patrol

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After waking up in the tunnel of souls, the Doom Patrol must confront their own personal purgatories. Back at the manor, Dorothy and Larry consult a highly specialized detective agency to help reach their friends.

Premiere Date: September 23, 2021




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Did they dress David Tennant's son to look like the 10th Doctor or is that the characters look from the comics? 

I did like the dead boy Detectives, I wouldn't mind seeing them again. It's also good for Dorththy to hang out with kids her own age, since Edwin is probably close to her actual age. 

So they all got to meet their parents or grandparents in the afterlife. And Jane is named after Kay's grandmother. At least her name isn't hammerhead. Lol

I thought they were implying that Cliff's dad was the father of his kid. I'm glad that wasn't the case. The poor Robotman needs someone. 

So I guess Rita is special somehow, since she didn't pass out and go to limbo with the others. What makes her different? What did the Niles do to her. I'm blaming him since it's always somehow him. 

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Ruth Connell and Michelle Gomez in one episode? I think christmas just came early. Gomez we'll see a lot more of I'm sure, but I hope it isn't the last we saw of Connell.

Please tell me the gay ghost detective agency is a backdoor pilot. I want to see more of them.

2 hours ago, Sakura12 said:

Did they dress David Tennant's son to look like the 10th Doctor or is that the characters look from the comics? 

I think you switched them around Tennant's son was the one in the all black suit. Even the other guy's costume didn't look much like the 10th doctor.


Edit: Seems like there is a pilot in the works, but Sebastian Croft and Ty Tennant aren't attached at this point. But it's still very early stages as far as I gather. It would be unfortunate if it wasn*t those two. I thought they had great chemistry. Also I wouldn't mind both shows being set in the same universe.


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The Dead Boy Detectives seemed so familiar to me so I had to google it, and then I realized why they seemed so familiar, and why they made me think of Neil Gaiman, they were created in his classic Sandman comics! If the Endless and the rest of the Sandman characters exist in the Doom Patrol world, that actually explains a whole lot. 

That very much read as backdoor pilot, luckily it was one of the good ones where the new characters are interesting and integrated into the plot and the main characters aren't shoved into the background, I would be a hundred percent into a show featuring The Dead Boy Detectives. I am glad to hear that HBO Max has already picked the show up, I hope that it actually happens and with the same cast, they all had great chemistry, I would love to see more of them.

Poor Larry was having a really bad time of it, having all of his friends bodies mailed to him in boxes. I knew they would be fine, but Larry certainly didn't! At least he got to pass on a bit of advice about being gay in a time period where that was rough to Edwin, which had to feel good.

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