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S01.E19: Unfinished Business

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When a young woman meets a violent death after partying at Verdant, Detective Lance and his new partner, Detective Hilton inform Oliver and Tommy that she was on the drug Vertigo. Oliver immediately pays a visit to the mental institution where The Count is locked up, but finds he is in no condition to deal drugs. However, when The Count escapes and Starling City is flooded with even more Vertigo-related violence, Oliver and Diggle make it their mission to track him down. After Detective Lance uncovers incriminating evidence against him, Tommy goes to great lengths to clear his name, and the fallout from his actions leads Tommy down a new, unexpected path. In a flashback to the island, Oliver recalls the lessons he learned from Slade and Shado.


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Shado and Slade mocking Oliver.Yes.
Ooh Felicity and Diggle side project without Oliver.
Yay Felicity mocking Oliver
"My mom does yoga"Shut up Oliver
Diggle/Oliver conflict is always so awesome
Oliver got caught slippin. He so needs Dig.
Aww Felicity influence on Diggle "Clear"
To Shado's parable"Good, a story".Oh island Oliver I love you most of all.

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Oliver loses his temper with pretty much everyone including a perfectly innocent table and a water pipe except - and I'm as surprised as you are - Laurel!  (Also Moira and Thea, but they aren't in this episode, so that doesn't count.)  Also, some fish are put into grave, grave danger. A slight comedown from the past two episodes, but, hey, Vertigo wackiness.


1. It's nice to see Oliver and Tommy on friendly terms again. Pity it won't outlast the episode, but it was a nice reminder that they really were good friends before Oliver started Fun Times on the Island and his later killing spree.


2. "It's pretty exciting that both of you are such badasses."  Yes, yes it IS Island Oliver, so you should shut up and let the rest of us enjoy the Slade and Shado show!


3. "Good. You're here. Of course you're here. Where else would you be? You guys really love it here."  I love these little meta comments on "we have limited sets."


4. "All right. The person of color has successfully purchased your drugs."  "For the record, I offered."  Also for the record, Oliver apparently DIDN'T.


5. Felicity, it's entirely possible that you haven't been able to track Floyd Lawton because you are using Windows 8.0. For the record, it is also entirely possible that I am harboring residual bitterness on this point. Let's move on.


6. Yeah, this water slapping doesn't make any more sense the second time around, unless the idea was to create a nice wet T-shirt effect for everyone, which didn't happen.


7.  Oh, Oliver. The sliding around and making cars explode is all totes cool but did you really just leave all those drugs there for just anyone to pick up.


8. Druggie dude, attacking people in an aquarium, really? What did the fish ever do to you?  Poor fish.


9. Speaking of things that continue to make no sense, those "medicinal herbs from the island"....seriously, Oliver. Why aren't you sending these herbs over to Applied Sciences so they can share the miracle drugs? I know you don't actually need more money, but think of all the snake bite victims!


10. "What's happening now isn't your fault."  

Never accuse this show of refusing to plagiarize its own dialogue. In this case, though, I'll forgive it since a growing part of the Oliver/Felicity dynamic is the way they constantly try to convince each other that all of the death, destruction, presumably plunging real estate values, and other issues are totes NOT their fault even if a lot of it just happens to involve Team Arrow



11. (this includes season three spoilers)  

These two DO tend to get really emotional about the Count, don't they?  First, they flirt over Vertigo. Here, they have a fierce argument about the Count and whether Oliver should have killed him.  Next, Oliver will actually kill him. And coming up, seems Vertigo will be raining mass destruction on their date. No wonder the producers went with Vertigo for the date smashing dude.  Meanwhile, I kinda like that Oliver's offended that Felicity thinks he would kill a random druggie, cause it's not like he's been killing random mooks all season...whoops



12. Hi Lyla!


13. Oliver! The fish need that water! Is nobody thinking of the fish?


14. You know, given that he does have a search warrant, and is very, very suspicious, you'd think that Quentin would do more in the Arrow Cave than just look at a couple of wine bottles.


15. I love that Tommy and Diggle both independently decide that this is a good moment to call Oliver on his shit. Because it is.  That said, Tommy, Oliver is the sort of guy who buys rare antique Spanish jewelry at a moment's notice. I'm pretty sure he could have bribed this city official in cash and then none of this would have happened and you wouldn't have risked breaking so many bottles of wine.  On the other hand, Tommy, you've got a point about the killing, so go for it. I'm right behind you.


16. Also love that Felicity's just like, ok, I'll check the tablet, you move furniture around while I watch.  (On a related note, Tommy! You did shift a lot of junk down there! Impressive!)


17.  "I wasn't trying to be a criminal mastermind. I just needed the money." You know, another thing that I like about this show is all of the refreshing honesty from the bad guys.


18. Oliver, I don't mean to be critical, but since you were planning on facing down Vertigo and his drugs, maybe sipping some of that tea BEFORE you went over might have been a good plan, even if you did carefully equip yourself with exploding arrows? Instead of having to stab your nice tight leather jacket afterwards?



 I totally forgot that Oliver used three arrows to take down this Vertigo guy down too. Anyone want to take bets on how many arrows he'll aim at the next Vertigo?


20. Yay for not killing the totally out of touch dude, Oliver! You're growing!

Plus this means a major Oliver/Felicity moment later so double yay



21. Tommy, I get that you have issues with Oliver, I totally do, and I'm with you on pretty much all of them, but I think - I think - that you just may be better off long term working for Oliver, not your father.  

Not, sadly, that it's going to matter much



And, ah yes, Laurel.


Stop the presses, everyone! Laurel gets to be an actual, functioning, attorney in this episode! It's like a little Arrow miracle!  She reminds Tommy that he doesn't have to answer Quentin's questions. When Quentin says he's just doing his job, she reminds him that she's doing hers. And then - wait for it -- she's supportive of Tommy when Tommy needs it. I KNOW! She apologizes to Tommy after the whole search warrant episode, even though for once something has happened that is in no way her fault, but something that she recognizes is happening in part because she's dating Tommy.  And - gasp - she follows this up with a nice scene with her father.  Ok, she fails to stop the cops from searching Verdant, but I'll overlook that.


What show am I watching?


Oh, right, a show that in this episode, despite some Oliver/Felicity scenes which would later get callbacks, is not that interested in Oliver's romantic life and moving Oliver away from the previous love of his life to a potential new love of his life, but rather in Oliver's best friend life, moving Oliver away from his previous best friend to his new best friend. Laurel and Felicity are never really compared/contrasted. Tommy and Diggle are: the camera starts with showing a cheerful (for Oliver) Oliver and Tommy discussing clubs and bras, just as in the old days, and shifts over to Diggle.  The two later Tommy/Oliver confrontations are followed by Diggle/Oliver confrontations, and Oliver cements his friendship with Diggle just as Tommy heads over to work for Merlyn.  Add to this that Oliver and Laurel barely interact in this episode, and their previous relationship is never mentioned, and this becomes very much an episode of Oliver bonding to Team Arrow and leaving his past life behind.

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I literally gasped when Laurel told Tommy to not respond to Quentin's queries. I mean she actually acted like a lawyer for once in her entire life .... or the entirety of 46 episodes.
I noticed 3 arrows to the Vertigo doc as well. Considering that the latest Count will actually hurt Felicity, I think he will get a total of 6 arrows after some solid mauling.

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Oliver gets angry at Dig. "I expected you to have my back Diggle."  Oliver, please remember how it felt for someone to not have you back…you know in case it ever comes up in the future.


I loved Oliver/Tommy's first scenes in the club.  Why did you then have to go and be jerk Oliver and make Tommy quit?  Although that final scene between Tommy/Malcolm about needing a job is exactly the type of cheesy goodness I love on my superhero shows.  Is Tommy going to the dark side?  Stay tuned to find out...


Vertigo is bad, in case you didn't realize it.  You will walk into to traffic or terrorize fish if you use it.   Random girl in aquarium to druggie. "You are now the creepiest person I have ever met"


I love that Felicity offered to go buy the drugs.  Hee!

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I would have loved to have seen the scene of Felicity offering to buy the drugs and the "are-you-insane-not-going-to-happen" looks she gets from Diggle and Oliver.


@quarks, that had always bothered me about the basement/lair search. Quentin had a search warrant AND men with him. They couldn't have done a thorough search of the place?!? And definitely yes, on the medicinal herbs part. I hope Oliver has at least taught Diggle and Felicity what they are and how to use them.

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I would have loved to have seen the scene of Felicity offering to buy the drugs and the "are-you-insane-not-going-to-happen" looks she gets from Diggle and Oliver.


I would have loved to have seen a scene where Felicity actually did end up buying the drugs, because seeing her babble to a random drug dealer would probably be hilarious.

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I have a question: Since when did Tommy and Felicity start texting each other (and were Thea and Tommy doing that the whole series?)


I loved that Tommy randomly had Felicity's contact in his phone. I'd like to believe they commiserated a bunch on how moody and assholey Oliver can be at times. *sigh* Yet another missed opportunity.

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I don't think it was that random. After Lance shows up the first time, following the death of the club patron, Oliver tells Tommy he'll have Felicity check all the club's employees. !!! Just like that. This has got to be at least the fourh time I saw he episode and I've never caught this before. So my first thought was that Oliver sold Tommy the story that Felicity was helping him with the system for the club. However, right after this Oliver takes Tommy straight down to the basement. Where Dig and/or Felicity could have easily been, considering there was the side entrance at this point. And now I'm wondering how much Tommy actually knew about the whole operation. These things make me think more than I assumed initially. And taking that into consideration, how much would he have effed up TA had they made him the villain with previous inside knowledge.

I have to admit, I used to think Dig blew up Oliver ditching him in the next episode out of proportion. Yes, the Laurel obsession was rampant and annoying, but the kid would have been dead if Oliver wasn't at the mansion. Taken together with this episode, it's a different picture. Dig felt his agenda was seen as less worthy and Oliver got into him for not being there for him. So yeah, I get Dig more viewing these in succession. But I'm working on the assumption that Tommy and Felicity got together for bitchfests. And Felicity had complimentary red wine at the club whenever she wanted.

Person of color has successfully purchased your drugs. Still awesome.

Lyla totally expected a booty call. She was the most put together in this episode. And I'm including galas and weddings. Once again I'm left wondering how Felicity never came on Argus' radar. She got Deadshot's identity before they could.

The Count is one of my favorite villains. The show really used him wisely, having him cropping up here and there, but he never overwhelmed it. I wish we had someone.like that again.

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How Tommy knew FS will always be a mystery.... But I do think that she was in his phone as a contact to help with researching business for the club like searching for the stuff after that girl's accident, setting up accounts/moneys. Plus TM was not stupid, so he must have seen FS around, so OQ gave him a good reason (she can do computer stuff) for why he might see her. And I do NOT think OQ wanted TM to believe that he was sleeping with FS, so giving him a valid reason based on FS's actual talents without revealing her real purpose.


Now there is a part of me that wants to believe that FS & TM would have been amazing friends and good springboards for each other in their relationships with OQ. I can imagine them commiserating multiple times. Which is why I love quality TM/FS fan fiction that focuses on their friendship.

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119 (Unfinished Business) – Oliver Queen’s voiceover intro:
Oliver (voiceover): "My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal... survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish... to use a list of names he left me, to bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else."

119 (Unfinished Business) – Felicity shows Oliver and Diggle the latest news about the Count:
Felicity (entering): "Good, you're here. Of course you're here. Where else would you be? You clearly love it down here. You got to see this." (Turns on computer, showing video of news report about the Count)

119 (Unfinished Business) – Felicity helps Oliver and Diggle track the Count and Floyd Lawton, separately:
Diggle: "All right. The person of color has successfully purchased your drugs." 
Felicity: "For the record, I offered."
Oliver: "How will we know when the tracker is active?"
Felicity: "It already is. I'm getting a good signal off the monofilament strips we placed in the bills."
Diggle: "Drug money's like a pigeon-- it always finds its way home." 
Oliver: "We can follow the money all the way back to the Count. 
Felicity: "Okay."
Oliver: "Keep tracking it." (He leaves the Arrowcave.)
Felicity: "Well, what are you going to do with all the Vertigo you bought?"
Diggle: "Plan on having a party, Felicity?" 
Felicity: "My only experience with drugs was an encounter with a pot brownie my freshman year-- by mistake. Which could have been fun, except I'm allergic to nuts." 
Diggle: "Alright. Head shot. (Hands her a photo) Kills again. This time a U.S. senator. Where have you been tracking him?"
Felicity: "Not very far. I ran his Floyd Lawton alias through every conceivable law enforcement database. He's made a series of calls to an Alberto Garcia." 
Diggle: "Huh."
Felicity: "According to NSA, Garcia's a reputed underworld talent scout. He books all the Deadshot's hits. It's not much to go on, but -"
Diggle: "Yeah, but it's something. Felicity, thanks."
Felicity: "Don't you think Oliver should know?"
Diggle: "No, this is personal. Lawton is my problem to deal with."

119 (Unfinished Business) – Oliver feels guilty for not killing the Count:
Felicity: “This just came over the police frequency. I hacked the Aquarium security system to get a better look. Bystanders said they saw him pop some green and black pills... (Oliver starts collecting tea materials) There's a lunatic high on Vertigo who's taking hostages, and you're making - making tea.” 
Oliver:” They're medicinal herbs from the island. They counter balance the effects of certain drugs and poisons. They should counteract the effects of Vertigo.”
Felicity: “And you aren't going to –“
Oliver: “What?” 
Felicity: “You know - (makes throat slitting gesture)" 
Oliver: “My sister got high on this garbage. Could have killed someone. She didn't deserve an arrow in the heart. This guy didn't fail the city. The city failed him. And so did I.” 
Felicity: “What's happening now isn't your fault. You didn't make him take drugs.”
Oliver: “No, but I did fail to put the Count in a grave so deep that he couldn't come back and hurt anyone again.”
Felicity: “You caught him. They locked him up.” 
Oliver: “And now the city is on fire! So clearly, it wasn't the right decision... Get in touch with Diggle. With the security feed out, I'm going need a second set of eyes at the Aquarium.” 

119 (Unfinished Business) – Cleaning up the Arrowcave after a police raid on the foundry, Oliver makes a breakthrough in locating the Count while talking to Felicity:
Felicity: “What happened here?”
Oliver: “The Ethernet cable still works. Would you plug in your tablet, please?”
Felicity: “Did you decide to remodel?”
Oliver: “Long story.”
Felicity: “Where's Dig?” 
Oliver: “Long story. The hostage-taking junkie. He is the only lead to the Count we've got left.”
Felicity: “What type of information are you looking for?”
Oliver: “Anything that will give us a line on the Count's location. Has the M.E. performed the autopsy report yet?” 
Felicity: “Yeah, just pulling it up now.”
Oliver: “Check the toxicology to see if there's something related to the Vertigo he was on.” 
Felicity: “He didn't die of a Vertigo overdose.” 
Oliver: “I saw it, Felicity.” 
Felicity: “According to the coroner, cause of death was severe anaphylaxis. He died of an allergic reaction to chlorpromazine.” 
Oliver: “That's an anti-psychotic. Pull up the Veronica Sparks autopsy. Did she have chlorpromazine in her system?” 
Felicity: “Yes. How did you know?” 
Oliver: “The Count must have added it as a new ingredient in this latest iteration of Vertigo.”
Felicity: “But wouldn't the amount he'd need to manufacture enough for circulation be huge? Where would he get that much?” 
Oliver: “A mental institution. What if we're looking at this all wrong?” 
Felicity: “How so?” 
Oliver: “Everybody is looking for him outside the asylum, but what if he never left? What if - what if he faked his escape the same way that he faked being insane?”

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