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  1. I've never understood the praise for season five, either. I haven't seen it since it aired so my memory could be hazy, but it never really worked for me. I never warmed to Chase as a villain, either. He spent about half of the season as a non-entity where he would occasionally appear in a scene or two an episode, and then he was revealed as the villain and was however many steps ahead of everyone at all times, on a show where the lead character had already been written as stupid-for-plot-purposes a lot.
  2. I would like and dislike this in equal measure. Chloe Sullivan is easily my favourite DC character, but I don't think the writing alone made that character. I think Mack's performance really brought out a lot of her better qualities while still making her a flawed, three dimensional character. She just felt real to me. The intelligence, curiosity, and vulnerability that Mack brought to the character really elevated the writing, and even in earlier seasons when she didn't have as much to do she always stood out to me. I would like to see Chloe became divorced from the recent things we've l
  3. The How I Met Your Mother finale didn't really bother me because the whole show was awful for about three seasons before it ended, anyway. I still don't understand their decision to wrap it up that way, especially considering that they somehow pulled off a casting miracle by getting Milioti in as the mother, someone so charming she managed to live up to eight seasons of expectations. Barney and Robin were both insufferable by the end too. I was glad they split up, but...they were both so awful that they kind of deserved each other.
  4. Nia's been a lovely addition to the show, and I thought she worked particularly well this episode with Kara and Brainy. This passed fairly quickly, but it did surprise me that Nia had seemingly never heard of Lois Lane before...
  5. I liked the trailer for the crossover. Should be interesting to see what happens ratings wise.
  6. Alias/Arrow crossover with Smoak Sark snark please! (But for real I think they would be funny together).
  7. I haven't seen the latest episode, but if they were going to go there they should have committed to the villainy. Presumably they want Caitlin as a bad guy to shake things up a little and raise the stakes before they can get back to Savitar and end the season, but they still want to keep Caitlin around as a member of the team so they can't make her an actual villain. But this weird thing with Caitlin's powers means that she's basically been possessed, so it takes a little of the power away from her actions, because none of it can really be blamed on her, so it's all very odd, and that's not ev
  8. I'm upset that Heigl's show Doubt was yanked off the CBS schedule so quickly. Now it'll probably be years before the show hits the UK, probably on some low-rated cable channel. Nevermind when the last eleven episodes will air in the US. At least Heigl is getting some really nice reviews for Unforgettable, although who knows where that will take her career.
  9. I agree, and honestly, just having Barry come in every time the team had a problem would be bad storytelling and I'm sure there are scheduling issues with Gustin. My mind wanders when I'm not enjoying the show though, and I don't even want to be thinking about Barry since I usually don't even like him on The Flash. I just wish I wasn't thinking about the other shows during Arrow. Like, when all the big MCU characters separated after The Avengers and went on their solo adventures, I didn't sit in the cinema wishing for any one else to pop up in Winter Soldier, because I was enjoying the movie.
  10. Nyssa's cameo and Thea returning to the show are pretty much the only things making me excited for the rest of the season. I'm not enjoying Chase as much as every one else seems to be. He was a complete non-entity for about fifteen episodes. I honestly could not have picked him out of a line-up at that point. The actor's been great recently but...I just keep wondering why the team haven't asked Barry to zip in and handle things, and I don't even like Barry or need to see him on Arrow outside of crossovers. I don't really think "x, y, or z" should pop in while I'm watching the other Arrowv
  11. The book came out about a decade ago, but the show is set in 2017.
  12. I kind of hope we're done with flashbacks and time jumps and stuff, apart from like the occasional spotlight episode on a certain character. I'm now expecting the season to end in a very Lost way though, "Felicity! We have to go back..."
  13. I genuinely didn't think I could be interested in a DC movie. I haven't even been tempted to see anything since Man of Steel, but...I was wrong.
  14. Twist! This makes me wonder about all the behind the scenes issues we've heard about. I thought Black Siren was fun in her previous appearances so I'm willing to see how this plays out. Laurel was one of my favourites until season four so...we'll see how this goes!
  15. I wouldn't mind a little mistaken identity hijinks with Felicity taking down her masked counterpart. Make it a comedic hour and give EBR some fun material with and it'd probably be a blast. (Give me real!Felicity pretending to be alternate!Felicity while we're at it because I live for that stuff and still crack up at Willow's attempts at playing the villain in Buffy's Doppelgangland).
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