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S02.E04: S U C K

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Kate's investigation continues to home in on Mickey. A former member of Sully's gang turns up in LA. But both Ray and Cochran disagree on how to get rid of them. Mr Keith makes Mickey get a job. Bunchy has a potential new love interest.






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The only scenes I paid attention to was the stuff with Bunchy and that mother and son he met at the bike shop. I don't even care if it remains strictly friendly. It's just nice to see him away from his family and out in the world.

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We're only on the fourth episode and I'm already so tired of the same things. I want that reporter to go back to Boston and never come back. I want Abby to STFU. What kind of an asshole storms into her therapist's office yelling about her husband fucking other people without even knocking or considering that he might have other clients? I already hate her new cop friend. So Ray is a brave man for letting his wife have a gun? STFU, you sexist pig. If he ends up being somehow involved in the investigation, I will be so annoyed at Abby's desperation to have a new friend.


Connor can also STFU. You kids treat the house like a hotel where you can come and go as you please but you are upset that your mom isn't going to make you breakfast? You are old enough to make your own fucking breakfast! Bridget is an idiot for continuing to see Marvin. Mickey is still an entitled jackass. I love that his friend with cancer is providing some perspective. Mickey was bent out of shape over his paycheck and his friend was so happy that it was almost $100.


Terry, Bunchy, and Darryl were all good this week. I'm just glad that they are finally not letting Mickey run roughshod over them. And Bunchy was sweet to make that bike for Clifford.


Tiny, you big dumb dummy, the Maldives are awesome! You were stupid to keep trying to get away, first from the security guard at the store and then from Ray. A normal person would be happy to retire to a beach - just ask Andy Dufresne!

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Another show I hate watch. Another show with absolutely no redeeming characters.  Has the creativity in Hollywood disappeared? I wanted to really enjoy this show. Big fan of Liev Schreiber, but he can't even save this show from all the faults. John Voight is just too weird for my taste. Now that I know Steven Bauer is dating some 18 year old and he's like 58, yea no thanks pervert.

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Bunchy is the only Donovan to have a positive story line going this season.  Him meeting and going to dinner with the single Mom and her son was the only bright spot in this black hole of a show.  In last episode's thread I left Ray off my shit list, but he him doing the reporter and then making the bid on the house to assuage his guilt toward Abby was so predictable, really.  He has completely checked out of their marriage, never to return.  I actually felt sorry for Abby briefly during this episode because she is so alone in life, but then I went back to hating her after she stormed in the shrink's office while he was in session to blame him for something that she didn't want to acknowledge before.  Just no.  Abby seems crazy enough to actually use that gun she was practicing on Ray and/or the reporter he's sleeping with.  The reporter asked Ray at the end if she should be worried for her safety.  Yes, she should be, but not from the feds or Sully's crew.  Abby is more dangerous to her than the other potential threats.


Connor was an asshole this episode, and after he started cursing and acting entitled over not getting breakfast, I would have packed his clothes (only) and shipped him over to Mickey's one room hole in the wall to live and learn some hard lessons.  Mickey was his usual self, so I can't complain about him.  The FBI LA Bureau chief is an intense dude and apparently a boy scout.  So what was up with him grabbing the woman's breast in the kitchen while his wife and the woman's husband were in the other room???  And she (the other woman) seemed *okay* with it! I guess that was plot device to show us that he is in fact not a boy scout.  Thanks show!


I'm trying to hang in with this thing, because I like to finish what I start, but I'm losing steam as the weeks go on.

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What annoys me about Ray's behavior is that he had so much issue with Mickey sleeping with Claudette while his mother was still alive but he doesn't seem to think that sleeping with the reporter or the actress will affect his kids in any way. How does he think that Bridget, who he described as the love of his life only last week or the week before, would feel about him cheating on Abby? Hypocrisy, thy name is Ray Donovan.

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Oh, it's definitely a real thing. The common saying is that what you hate the most in others is what you really hate about yourself. It just irks me that Ray has never once considered how his darling Bridget would react to such a betrayal to her mother and their family, especially once Mickey returned and stirred up all those memories and resentments in Ray.

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It's all business to him, different than Mickey's affair of the heart.  


Speaking of repeating the past, I'm really worried about Bunchy befriending the boy and mom.  Please don't go there, show.

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Was anyone else thinking "Scrabble night" was going to be something other than Scrabble night?



No...but I am slow!  But it would explain the nervousness of the other guy after Cochran answered the door, and why the other wife didn't protest when her breast was grabbed in the kitchen.  

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And another innocent person dies because Ray brought Sully to L.A.  Any guilt there, Ray?  I thought not.  Although I like that they keep bringing back Rosanna Arquette, even if she took the form of a dolphin, to haunt Mickey.


Not enough Bunk.  Don't make him such a peripheral character!


I'm racking my brain, because I don't want to re-watch it on demand, trying to remember why the FBI chose to cover up the circumstances of Sully's death rather than lock up everyone involved, including the crooked FBI agent.  They could have handled blowback on the crook since the end result was the demise of America's Most Wanted.  Now of course they are screwed, and screwed in tight with the Donovan mob.


This show could have been so much more if they'd focused on Ray's fixer duties--although strongarming Ann-Margret isn't the fun part of fixing.  Not like the pilot where they seamlessly erased the dead girl in the celebrity's bed.  More of that.  And Ezra has gone from being moderately interesting to just an obnoxious old asshole.


Where is the entertainment here?  Please.  Every week they just show us more reasons not to like our protagonist. 

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The FBI LA Bureau chief is an intense dude and apparently a boy scout.  So what was up with him grabbing the woman's breast in the kitchen while his wife and the woman's husband were in the other room???  And she (the other woman) seemed *okay* with it! I guess that was plot device to show us that he is in fact not a boy scout.  Thanks show!


That's what I want to know - I'm assuming they are having an affair?  It seemed like her husband was someone FBI guy was trying to impress, with the special casserole and whatnot, so there's no reason she wouldn't scream bloody murder about her breast being grabbed if she wasn't into it.

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One interpretation is that Cochran and wife are swingers.  Wife is played by Sherliyn Fenn of Twin Peaks fame.


So her playing the world "SUCK" and the camera showing the other guy's reaction shot was maybe suppose to be telling.


Wife did say something about how they're both aiming to get to DC, so he would be Director of FBI, not just the LA office.

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Speaking of repeating the past, I'm really worried about Bunchy befriending the boy and mom.  Please don't go there, show.


I really don't think the show is going to go there and have Bunchy molest the little boy. I think Bunchy is just genuinely excited to make friends with the mother and son. 

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EVERY character in this show is completely mentally screwed up. All of them. I think Ray may be the most mentally stable of all of them (i.e. the least mentally screwed up compared to all the rest. I think that makes the show itnteresting.


I can't believe for one second that first a yoga instructor and now some cop would be the least bit attracted to Abby. What a joke.


It seems like the Hank Azaria FBI guy is exactly the same as the Frank Whaley FBI guy. Both psychotic egomaniacs. Kind of a strange coincidence.

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