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  1. But see, that's called intelligent political discourse. I look forward to it! JOC, how does Barnicle have a network job? I mean, between him and BriWi, has MSNBC become the sanctuary for the ethically challenged?
  2. cattykit

    The People's Court

    Y'know, I don't even watch TPC until I check here to see if SRTouch has posted a recap. It's like a personal guide for lazy brains like mine. So much appreciated. Zooey Deschanel's dog was very cute. Poor furbaby. Watch? What is this watch you speak of?
  3. I've never had the issues with CT that other people seem to have, but I thought he did a great job with Giuliani yesterday and with the communication director the other day who was living in la-la land. And both of those interviews are getting major play in many places. I've been on an MSNBC quibblefest lately, so I'll add this--Joy aired a two-part interview with Mark Cuban over Saturday and Sunday that she stated was conducted on Friday, yet the MSNBC logo persistently said "Live," and no other graphic contradicted it. I get that the overall broadcast is live, but any taped segments should be clearly identified as taped while they are running.
  4. cattykit

    S03.E24: Police Accountability And Reform

    How goddamn refreshing to see a discussion of police shootings that demonizes neither the police nor the citizenry/protestors. When you have to offer a class to teach kids how not to get shot, civilization is in ruins. That's more Chris Matthews than I can normally bear to hear. 40 minutes was good. They should keep it up, although I could totally have done without the flying dildo boomerang at the end.
  5. The rallies I've seen have been playing You Can't Always Get What You Want, which always seems like a fascinating message for The Donald and his merry band of deplorables. John Oliver did a piece a few months ago about politicians co-opting music without permission or royalties.
  6. Mine too, although I always heard he developed the accent as a homage to Peter Falk. I couldn't stand Alan Alda in MASH; thought his acting was way OTT, annoyingly sanctimonious, and vastly overrated. ICBW but I think Happy Days was taped in front of a studio audience. It's shows like MASH that had no business having a laugh track. IIRC they tried once to do an episode without a laugh track but gave it up after that. I've been reading this thread because I discovered H&I on my DirecTV feed but don't quite understand how an antenna works for the other channels they won't carry. I'm really enjoying seeing Hill Street Blues and Star Trek Voyager again, and am finally getting to see ST:DS9.
  7. I agree that Joy and the panel were falling all over themselves to speak kindly to the Drumpf supporter (who insisted she's an independent). Apparently she thinks Drumpf has promised her a tax cut, and therefore nothing else matters. And indeed, she was polite and respectful in return. Nobody cut anyone off or yelled across a table. Two general complaints about MSNBC opinion shows: why are they always so pressed for time? It's not like they're going to cause the Heidi Bowl by cutting into something scheduled later. Joy today rightly pushed back whatever she had scheduled for later in her show so she could extend the conversation. This almost never happens and almost every interview I see in MSNBC prime time results in little more than a few sound bites where the guest either says yep, you're right, or nope, don't agree, and the guests are shuffled off. If you need more time, schedule fewer guests and fewer segments. Very often CH/Rachel/LOD repeat the same points anyway. You can see what a difference not rushing makes when they don't do it--look at how well Rachel did when she had a full hour to interview KAC. Look how much better this panel did today when they had enough time to have a real discussion. Second point: I am totally sick of MSNBC program flow--segment--commercials--come back with 30 second teaser with the host so you think they're back--commercials--come back with 60 second teaser for something unrelated to the first teaser--commercials--eventually come back to what they originally teased. I've gotten to the point where I record the prime time shows and watch them an hour later just to get through that. Oh, and I hate the sound effect they make when Rachel goes to commercial, something like papers or a deck of cards being shuffled. One more bitch: yesterday, I think it was on MTP, they ran several minutes of silent live video of a Drumpf rally with Drumpf and Giuliani in the larger part of a split screen while the panel in the smaller screen talked about something completely unrelated. Why bother to show the rally with the sound off? Either show it as it is or don't show it at all. If it's a test to see who lip reads, maybe, but otherwise what's the point???
  8. If this interview doesn't convince the networks to stop booking surrogates, nothing can. And this guy is the senior communication director, which speaks volumes about the communications coming out of the Drumpf campaign. This was the ultimate swimming in shit and expecting to find a pony.
  9. cattykit

    Season One Talk: FFwSB

    Any employer who addresses a job performance issue by calling the employee "Miss Piggy" and trashing her in public needs never to be allowed to employ anyone ever again. "Only real offense" is a fucking ginormous offense. That said, Sam did get in a few jabs at Hillary and that's ok. Hillary's not a saint and someone who tries to present her that way is going to lose credibility, deservedly so. That's a huge reason why I despise the paid surrogates so much, because every single aspect of their candidate has to be spun into sainthood.
  10. My problem with CM is almost never his base of knowledge, his choice of questions, or whatever perceived bias he has (and he worked for Tip O'Neill); it's virtually exclusively his inability to let people answer the questions he's asked without interrupting. I used to watch him back in the 90s as a frequent guest on C-span (which also often included Kellyanne Fitzpatrick now Conway) and he wasn't hard to listen to at all--but then, he wasn't the host. You'd think being a panelist on Brian Lamb's show would have taught him something about how to run a talk panel, but sadly, no.
  11. I suspect Weld just spouted off the first foreign leader who came to mind, especially because Peres is probably the most recent name in the news. Weld's a very smart guy and I do believe if CM had directed the question at him instead of Gary Johnson, he would not have whiffed on it. Like I might have said Golda Meir because she even though she came to power when I was in junior high and she's been dead for many years, her ascension at that time was considered a huge milestone for women that still resonates with me today.
  12. cattykit

    The People's Court

    Amen, sister! I've never understood common grammatical disasters, as it's really not any harder to learn basic English than to learn substandard English. And even assuming children learn what they hear at home, do they sleep through every single year of public school?
  13. cattykit

    S03.E23: Election 2016 Scandals

    I was actually paying attention to the running time when JO was enumerating Hillary's scandals and wondering if there'd be enough time to start on Drumpf. In some ways though, as a non-HRC fan and Drumpf hater, I found it really helpful to get an objective assessment of what her scandals are, as opposed to the breathless, hyperbolic reporting I've seen all campaign season. I already knew a lot about Drumpf's scandals, although they keep piling up daily. Just the same it seemed like JO should have been given an hour to give full shrift to both sides. It's HBO; can't they just change the running time as needed and move something else around?
  14. I feel the same way you do--want to go stand in front of others and cast my vote the way it's been done for centuries. I've never felt great about Hillary herself but I'm probably going to cry when she is elected. I'm of that age, too, where discrimination was blatant and entrenched and if you said something, you were told you were too sensitive (because you're a woman, of course!). I'm much older than Rachel but I love that she has such a sense of history and she can describe events from the past in terms that feel current.
  15. I just think it's lazy, lazy journalism to bring on, over and over, the surrogates. They promote political understanding as much as prostitutes promote love and marriage. Yes, you get the quick satisfaction of being nailed hard and fast, but in the end you're still just screwed. Happened just to turn on the TV now and it was on MSNBC, just in time to hear Kornacki say that Drumpf was about to have a rally and "of course we'll carry it." Why do you fucking have to carry every rally live? Take video and if there's something newsworthy, report it. Otherwise you're just proving why Drumpf thinks Hillary is an idiot for paying for her air time.