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Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion- Working on top secret Degrassi school projects here.

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I guess it's time for this forum to have a spoiler thread, and it starts with a doozy. The idiots at TeenNick (always good for at least one major fuck up a year) accidentally posted their recap of the finale on their site. They've since taken it down, but of course not before some people got it saved with all the details. Below is one such person, and although they don't have any of the pictures, I have seen one of Tristan and Miles kissing floating around the net.




Well, if nothing else, at least we know the season will end on a big laugh.

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I couldn't get any of the images to load, maybe they were taken down?


Anyway, I'm very excited about the Miles/Tristan plot, I've liked them since Paris. Curious to see how legit it is, or if it's just them (not) dealing with Yates and Maya.


The Clare surprise... I was very annoyed at first, thinking the writers were doing everything to destroy the show so it would end and they could finally be free. But upon reflection, it's a good shock, and could be a decent story. However, I've heard that Eli's around for S14 and if this is why, I might actually scream. Besides the fact that I don't want to see Eli and Drew arguing over who's the father (Drew would be, no?), I'm so over Eli/Eclare. They ran that into the ground and they don't seem to get that.

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Watched 1409 on On Demand (for whatever reason it was posted there) and at the end Clare's doctor tells her that her baby is actually 16 weeks old, and not 12.


Yes, that probably does mean what you think it does about whose baby it is. This fucking show. What bullshit.

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Looks like there'll be a Degrassi reunion in the next block of episodes. From the promo picture it looks like Emma still has a wedding ring, so I guess they're still going with that, unless she and Spinner got a quickie divorce and she's onto the next one. Based on how anguished the writers and actors seemed to be over that decision, I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually married to Sean now.

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Season 201 episode title: #SquadGoals  Episode 205 will deal with #BlackLivesMatter

Two new characters are being cast, one female and one male.   Open ethnicity.  Female must be willing to cut hair short.   Both will debut in season 3.  Rasha, the female, is quick witted and sarcastic and willing to try anything once.  Saad is a brooding, intense, artistic kid trying to fit in.  Everything is from Kary's Degrassi Blog.  I'm having tablet issues and can't copy/paste links right now, but his spoilers are the only ones I trust.  (Dude's interviewed the producers and cast before.)    

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On May 10, 2016 at 1:16 AM, Chairperson Meow said:

Female must be willing to cut hair short.   

Why does this make me think they're bringing in a new lesbian?

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Yay!  It's Craig!  It's  not a real Craig Manning  return unless he's on a huge coke bender while playing guitar and screwing up lives simultaneously.   This gen needs that kind of shot in the arm.  And did I see Peter?  Hide all the girls and cameras.  And look, Sav.   I still oddly ship Sav/Paige and I don't know why.  I also want Marco to  just shove Tristan in a locker.  Like, I'll  trade Tristan for coked out Craig and Queen Bee Paige and even Marco anyday.  I don't care.  Make a story, Netflix.  The Tristan hate is real.  But ugh.  Mo.  Why?  I'd rather JT's ghost.  But at least there's Spinner, so yea!

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