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  1. You can't help but watch these episodes wondering why those involved with the Goldbergs (especially Beverly and Adam) bother to stick around. It's weird to see an episode without Geoff considering he's probably gotten more screen time this season than everyone but Beverly and Adam. I did laugh at the way Barry's voice changed when he did his Adam impersonation.
  2. Definitely among the longest ten minutes of mine.
  3. I had the same thought, so if you are reading too much into it you're not alone.
  4. More Eddie and Sophie, less of everything else, except Ryan Hansen. I'm not convinced the baby isn't Gary's.
  5. Adam was such an asshole in this episode I would have actually cheered if one of the football players had stuffed him in a locker. Do the Goldbergs actually have three houses now? That furniture store must be doing some killer business. That Wonder Years bit at the end was great, though.
  6. Hmm, I feel almost the opposite. I think New Orleans was very much tied into Pride and revolved around him in a way that the others weren't around their leads. I think that's at least part of the reason the show never became quite as popular as the other two. Anyway, I think McGee was on the trip to Alaska to make sure that it was his character there at the end with Gibbs, which given their relationship makes sense. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him as team leader. I'm curious to see how they integrate Parker into the fold. I don't see him becoming an NCIS agent (he's too ol
  7. Did anyone else watch this? Every once in a while I'll stumble upon these Australian shows with teenagers usually set around water and I just eat them up. This one was no exception. Given the way the finale ended, I guess they were pretty confident in getting a second season. I'll watch if they do.
  8. Slade347

    MLB Thread

    It's usually on a Sunday around July 20th. That it's on a random Wednesday afternoon in September is peak MLB.
  9. Did Ryan Murphy kidnap Ridley Scott and the rest of the people involved didn't notice?
  10. My takeaways from the Woodstock 99 documentary. The promoters' delusions about their culpability in what happened is pretty mind boggling, and watching the one guy try to blame the naked women for being assaulted is infuriating and absurd. I enjoyed the overall rundown of the festival so to speak, but the so called profound comments about why it happened and what it means mostly just made me roll my eyes. Lastly, and this can not be said enough, Moby, please shut the fuck up.
  11. Slade347

    NCIS In The Media

    After having Ziva Jr. leave I just hope the writers don't try and turn her into Ziva III.
  12. I liked both episodes, really enjoyed the way they showcased the differences of the over the top (including the accents) sitcom compared to Allison's not so fun reality. I think the acting was very good across the board with Annie Murphy proving to be a charismatic and winning lead. I do like the premise and I am intrigued by it. I do have real questions, though, if there's enough there to make a whole season (and, if all goes well, presumably more)?
  13. Wolfwalkers is on Apple TV+ which I believe offers a free seven-day trial. Hopkins' win reminds me of Olivia Colman's win over Glenn Close a couple years back in that many were pretty stunned when in happened, but in retrospect it's probably not at all shocking.
  14. I know Twitter and what not is going to get really pissed, which is a shame because Hopkins was fucking amazing and deserved this award. Maybe not more than Bosman, but he deserved it.
  15. As an aside, the amazing Rita Moreno is 89. That is all.
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