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S03.E04: Hold on Tight

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This episode felt weird... Hope had like negative emotion when she was running on the football field... And I've always said that they don't act like a couple.. Bit more like ppl trading declarations of love... That said... To take him away right after sexy times is rough... Forgetting that it may be the actor wanted out.. How is Alyssa ok but RAF isn't.. Weren't they both killed and brought back... I'm also guessing Josie just isnt gonna have a reaction/ opinion about RAF being gone.. Odd.. Especially with another supernova/ Bennett blood powered prison world showing up... Us be more down for Alyssa/MG ( hooray minority Interracial relationships... They do exist!!)  But with her leaving I just don't see it lasting so its hard to care about... But good on MG... Even if it hurts Lizzy who is now my fav character... Well that was basically the season 2 finale... So next week folks may look a lil diff and maybe some new direction and after a turbulent summer.. Some more inclusive and attentive writing... Also bring back... And USE RAF 

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I think it was one of the writers who said this episode was going to be an emotional roller-coaster but they were wrong. Rollercoasters have a slow build up reaching an apex before coming hurtling down. This episode was more like a waterfall. Emotionally felt flat while speeding to end which crashes straight down. 

Is Landon's dying again or Hope and Landon being apart again supposed to have an effect on me?

It is honestly surprising how badly they have written Hope and Landon compared to how well they are building up (hopefully) MG and Lizzie. I am invested in one pairing while wanting to badly separate the other.

Interested to see what Josie how she does on her own. P

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3 hours ago, UnoAgain said:

Well that was basically the season 2 finale... So next week folks may look a lil diff and maybe some new direction and after a turbulent summer.. Some more inclusive and attentive writing.

I sure hope so because I am so, so bored. I'm tired of this plot (whatever it is) & I don't care about these people. Shouldn't they be growing up by now? I feel like every time someone manages some kind of emotional growth, they just go back to being their little high school selves. 

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I was sooooooo Board for most of this episode.   If this was supposed to be a rollercoaster, I feel bad for the writers who have apparently only ever been on those wee caterpillars going in a circle coasters. 

I did enjoy MG and Alyssa sort of despite myself.  I don't love that he forgave her so fast... seriously dude, she just cast a spell that would kill you slowly and intended to coerce you into a relationship with a spell. That's a little toxic.  But dammit, I like Alyssa despite myself.  And I adore MG.

Sorry, Lizzie.  I'm sorry you're hurting.  But if you and MG ever do date in the future, it will likely be better for it.  MG getting emotional distance from his unrequited crush would be better.  If they had dated now, they'd never really be on even footing no matter how much Lizzie cared. 

Not enough Kaleb, but he was good when on. I smile every time I see him with his corvette.  Jed is growing on me.  There should be more of him too.

Ugh... I'm so tired of the Hope/Landon relationship endless cycle of Hope worries, Landon dies/forgets her, Hope morns, Landon comes back... hell, this episode had full cycle plus the apparent start of another. Going back to the ride theme, that shit is getting like a merry-go-round... a store front, coin-op, three horse merry-go-round.  Please lord let them stop adding quarters...

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What a weird episode, how does such a busy episode manage to feel so boring? Probably because it was all about Landon and Hope, the most boring couple that has ever boringed. It sucks, because Hope and Landon are both really likable and interesting characters played by good performers who are great with pretty much everyone else, but for some reason they just don't work as a couple. Possibly because the show is trying to hard to make them the Big Epic Couple and they just don't suite those roles? Its not helped that, now that Landon has lost his powers and his best friend, he is now more than ever stuck in the role of Hope's Boyfriend, which means even more of them together and not doing more interesting things apart. 

So I guess now that this guy from the regular high school is in the new main cast picture, we are going to be getting more of him, and I am going to have to try and give a crap. We lost Raf for this boring slice of whatever? 

I hope that Lizzie and MG can get together one day, as I like them as a potential couple, but I am alright with Lizzie waiting and getting a turn to pine away. I like MG a lot, so hopefully Alyssa can actually avoid falling back into bad ways for a bit for his sake, and that she handles it alright when he inevitably ends up back with Lizzie. 

Great seeing the return of Kaleb's car at least. I felt disappointed that we kept cutting away while the kids fought the monster, and yeah yeah budget, but it was still annoying. On the other hand, dragon zombie? Now THAT I can get behind. 

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What teenager says "pining" or talks the way these teenagers talk?

Enjoyed seeing the red corvette with Kaleb and Jed riding in together.

Lizzie's wig looks awful especially with her thick dark eyebrows.

I want Lizzie and MG to stay in the friend zone. I wouldn't want them to end up as boring as Hope and Landon.

I don't even understand what happened in this episode. Is Hope and Landon in the prison world, why did they go there and how are they getting back?

Go Alaric!

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My absolute favorite moment in this episode was watching the Necromancer's body wander around in the background while Landon and Hope talked to his head.

My second favorite moment was Kalebl driving up to Mystic Falls High in style. Jed and Kaleb bickering about who killed more monsters made me laugh too.

I'm glad they found a way to temporarily defeat the Necromancer without killing him off because I would miss his hilariously gleeful malevolence. I loved when he revealed his whole plan to Landon whose response was to tell him that it was pettier than he'd thought it would be.

I'm glad that Alaric decided to stop mindwiping the sheriff, but I hate that I feel like he mostly did it because he's sleeping with her. I know that compelling humans is treated as no big deal on this show because the Plec-verse doesn't give a shit about free will or consent, but I feel like if you are repeatedly mindwiping the same people over and over for the same reason, you might want to maybe consider a different tactic.

Even after Alyssa helped Lizzie and Josie create a new prison world, I was still convinced that she was going to turn on them at any second. I'm still half convinced that she's going to at the drop of a hat. I was glad that Josie apologized. I didn't like that Lizzie pushed her so hard to use magic again. You know that your sister lost control and did some terrible things so if she says she isn't ready, LISTEN TO HER. That said, I am not interested in seeing Josie go to Mystic Falls High. You know we're going to get the requisite "Josie feels like she doesn't fit in" plot followed by getting a crush on a human townie which result in Josie feeling guilty about keeping her witchiness and just about everything else in her life a secret from her crush.

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