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  1. That's just like your opinion, man. She's a chemist, so she is smart. I think she's attractive and I'm sure I'm not the only person who does, and it's pretty obvious if you saw her on other seasons and BB that she thinks that Brendan is the greatest person ever. Also, her sister has fucked up tasks just as much as Rachel, so it's kind of equal there. I don't find her unlikable at all. I think she's pretty awesome and have an absolute blast watching her.
  2. I actually just finished watching Rachel's first season of BB (and I loathe BB--I have no intention of watching any more unless some other BB contestant wins my heart as much as Rachel has), and am working my way through her second just because I love her so much. And I love her even more. She's awesome and fabulous. And all the hate that gets thrown her way is pretty hypocritical since most of it is stuff that plenty of the others have done and do. On BB, she was targeted non-stop and that's why she fought back, but when others were targeted, it suddenly was OK for them to be upset and fight back, but not when it was Rachel, whatever! It's not her fault that she has an annoying laugh and a terrible cry. She's over the top and I love it. Rachel makes every show she's on so much more enjoyable. And, yes, part of the fun is seeing how people react to her and the rise she gets out of them, plus, how her loved ones deal with her high maintenance ways. It's just awesome! I freaking love Rachel.
  3. Don't care, still love Rachel... was so afraid she was going home both legs, was so happy the first was a non-elim and that she (and Elyssa) made it through the second. YAY!
  4. driver18

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    I guess I'm majorly in the minority, but I had no problem with Edge of Extinction. I think it was pretty cool actually. I think it shows just how much Survivor differs from other "game shows." (Well, it and TAR.) It truly is life-changing. People can get so much out of it, a new perspective, a new sense of self, and we really saw that. I love that this new wrinkle allowed players to keep fighting. I love that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER voted out grabbed that torch to continue just for the chance to get back in the game. And out of everyone, no matter how miserable the circumstances, but for two, stuck it out on that small piece of island. It really shows the power and effect this game has on people. I thought that was really amazing. And the different perspective that Chris brought from coming back from his Survivor game was worthy of a win. It's called "Survivor" and he outlasted and outplayed the other players in another arena. He was still in the game. He may have gotten voted off part of the game, but per these new rules, he was still a part of it. And when he came back in, he played everyone perfectly and honestly. And that was one of THE most baller moves.... giving up his immunity to fight Devens to fire to fire to get back in the final 3. I was so freaking happy when he beat Devens. Devens will go down as one of my least favorite non-horrific players. Yeah, if he'd been top 3, he would have deserved to win, but damn, I couldn't stand him. So I cheered with joy when Chris beat him. That's my take anyway.
  5. driver18

    S07.E07: Veep

    True. Execution wise, it just didn't work for me for some reason. Too rushed, maybe? I don't know.
  6. driver18

    S07.E07: Veep

    I thought we were going to find out what happened on Labor Day this season? Did I miss that? Honestly, I was dissatisfied with the finale and I'm someone who's been fairly happy with the show overall even the last couple of seasons.
  7. driver18

    S31.E04: I Took Out a Polar Bear

    You are not alone. I don't watch BB, but I've liked Rachel in every single season she's been on TAR. I also get really annoyed when people on the show (and here) accuse her of riding Brendon's coattails. Teams have to perform challenges 50/50 now and she's always done her fair share. I'm frustrated that Rachel has shown sympathy, apologized and tried to be nice to teams--both nice (TeamFun) and nasty (Corrine/Eliza)--and she keeps getting shat upon. Yes, she can be emotional, but that doesn't make her a bad person. I can't believe I liked Eliza on Survivor. I never liked Corrine, but Eliza has truly shown her true colors.
  8. driver18

    Season 16 Discussion

    Neither Jej nor Kelly picked the song. This was "fans" night and the fans picked the songs that each contestant sang. I didn't think this was a good song choice at all, but they didn't have a choice. It's a duet and really doesn't work as a solo at all. I think that Kelly did the best she could with it.
  9. driver18

    S31.E03: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    I guess I'm honestly the only one who was upset with Becca/Floyd in this episode. They brought a peace offering to Tyler/Korey for U-turning them, all sincere, really meaning it. And then when Rachel/Elissa did the same thing, Becca/Floyd found them fake and didn't buy it at all, coming up with an excuse why they, of course, couldn't POSSIBLY mean it. Even though Becca and Floyd had JUST DONE THE SAME THING. And going back to the last episode... when Tyler and Korey came by Becca and Floyd after they'd been U-turned by them, T/K said 'hey friend' which gave Becca and Floyd leeway to smile and be chill about it. On the other hand, Becca/Floyd were icy to Rachel/Elissa, wouldn't look at them at all. And Rachel commented that they felt bad about U-turning them and wanted to apologize, but felt uncomfortable about it because of the way Becca/Floyd were acting. Going back to the beginning of that episode, Becca/Floyd had agreed to work with Rachel/Elissa and then had just ditched them, leaving them high and dry. Of course, Rachel/Elissa were upset. So when they were working with Colin/Christie at the U-Turn sign with teams coming up, Rachel was being pushed with little time to think things through: 'U-turn someone, U-turn someone.' There were a bunch of teams on their heels, of course she's going to grab the team that is a good one, and had just done them wrong earlier. It was a hurried, emotional decision, yes, but again, Floyd/Becca are one of the stronger teams. Yet, somehow, despite the fact that Becca/Floyd, made a deal with Rachel/Elissa, then ditched them almost immediately, got U-Turned (which is part of the game), casually went along with the Afganimals to U-Turn another team, ignored the team that U-Turned them while being all cool with the team they U-Turned, made nice with that team the next day, then bitched about the team who U-turned them for doing the exact same thing... Becca/Floyd are victims in all of this somehow? I don't get it. I'm so for the Reillys... well, Rachel, at least. Team "Fun" (especially Becca) lost a lot of their allure for me over the last two episodes. Tyler/Korey were great, Victor/Nicole are a lot of fun too (mostly Victor, but she seems sweet), and while he's definitely a better person now, Colin/Christie are just boring. And, eh, I still like the Afganimals. As for Corrine/Eliza... gah, I can't believe I ever liked her on Survivor.
  10. driver18

    S31.E01: You're In Our Race Now

    I'll sit in my little corner of loving Rachel. Never saw her on BB (only watched one season and loathed it--it was the one that Janelle returned back, but that sleazy rocker dad won, I did like Janelle though), but I liked Rachel on TAR, and I was annoyed by Eliza (who I liked on Survivor) and Corrine (who I did not) saying that Brendon carried her on previous seasons. Per TAR rules now, the contestants have to do half the challenges, so Rachel did her fair share, thank you very much. She may whine and moan, but Rachel still cracks me up, and she did her part. I've always liked Rupert too, never developed the hate-on for him that many others on this forum and TWoP did, so... :shrugs: I'm glad he's still in it. Of all the players, the only ones I don't know are Janelle's partner, Rachel's sister and Nicole/Victor from BB. And there's no one (other than Corrine) that I don't like, so pretty good cast. I don't have a particular favorite team right now, but Corrine and Eliza's shit-talking did annoy me. However, their realization at how wrong they were helped lessen my annoyance about that.
  11. driver18

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    I like the idea of Nate and Zari. I didn't horribly dislike Nate and Amaya like many others seemed too, but I also didn't actively like them because I didn't really buy them. I didn't think they had chemistry, nor were they believable at all as a pairing. OTOH, Nate and Zari actually make sense, and there's a nice rhythm and chemistry already there between Nick Zano and Tala Ashe that I never saw between Zano and Maisie Richardson-Sellers. There was less Mona this time so that was better, but I hope now that she's a part of the team this means that we'll be seeing her in the background for most of the rest of the season so we can just see her gradually acclimated into the show. Other than Mona, I loved everything else about the episode. The Truth-Roach was fabulous.
  12. driver18

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    I think the reason that Selina (and thus the others following along) is much more harsher with Amy than she was in the past is because of that big blow-up that Amy laid on Selina a few seasons ago before she left her. She did wind up coming back and they smoothed things over, but it makes sense that Selina never really forgot that, nor did Amy. Thus, Amy gets more of the brunt of Selina's caustic nature than she ever did before.
  13. driver18

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    This was easily my least favorite episode since S1. I'm sorry, I am just not feeling Mona. Way too much of her and it's not the actress because I've liked her in the other stuff I've seen her in. There was just way, way too much Mona in this episode for me. Fortunately, I loved everything else because, you know, it's Legends and everything else about Legends is FANTABULOUS!
  14. driver18

    S09.E16: The Storm

    They did NOT abandon it to trek though a snowstorm with limited food supplies. There was NO snowstorm when they left. The weather was fine; it was barely snowing. They had NO IDEA there was going to be a snowstorm. The storm came upon them after they had gone too far to turn back TO the Kingdom to be behind that solid walled community. That is why they decided to go through the night to try to get to a waystation. That was clearly stated in the dialogue. Secondly, we did NOT see the Whisperers in a snow-free place at the same time that we saw our people in the snow. The radio conversation between Ezekiel and Judith that book-ended the show was in the future as they were talking about the past. Time had passed, they were no longer in the winter. Alpha and Beta ALSO referenced time passing. Again... it was in the dialogue.
  15. driver18

    S09.E16: The Storm

    I thought everything that happened was pretty clearly telegraphed throughout the season: - The Kingdom falling. All season long we were told how bad things were there. Henry was sent off because Carol knew that he needed to learn to be stronger, to gain useful skills. Things that he OBVIOUSLY was not learning at the Kingdom. Things were falling apart, the pipes was just the most obvious, in-your-face symbol. They were running low on food, that is why they were so desperate for the fair. It wasn't Hilltop or Alexandria that was hurting so much for food, it was the Kingdom. Ezekiel and Jerry and their troops went off on a crazy-ass mission to get a freaking projector bulb because the Kingdom was a fantasy. It couldn't last. That was the point of that whole expedition. They were strong to begin with because they started out with a bounty, but they couldn't live off of that bounty forever once they were closed off because this world we live in now is not some idealized fairytale. - Carol and Ezekiel ending things... well, they were together (with regards to Carol) *because* of Henry. It was pretty obvious if you were paying attention to their scenes in the first couple of episodes. She accepted his proposal *because* she wanted a family for Henry. She loved him, but she wasn't in love with him. That line: "I'll never regret the fairytale" (which again goes back to my first point) was about the fact that Carol had been living that idealized fantasy that Ezekiel had created and she did that to have that family that she'd wanted but never had had with Ed and Sophia. For this period of her life, she was able to have that with this good man that she cared for that was Ezekiel and for Henry. Also, the the groundwork with Daryl was lain. In the first episode, she told Daryl about the proposal from Ezekiel, asking for his advice. Daryl wasn't happy about the proposal (in fact, in Kang's notes in the script, she pointed out that he was jealous--so it was a nice bookend with Ezekiel being jealous of Daryl in the finale), but if it was what Carol wanted, he was happy for her. We also had the intimacy of their scenes when she went to visit him, cutting his hair, her being the only one who knew where he was, her trusting him with Henry. The groundwork with everything with Carol/Ezekiel and her going with Daryl was lain all season long. Kang did a really good job of laying the seeds. It was all there. Other things... - The storm did not start UNTIL they had started their journey and were too far from the Kingdom to turn back. That is why they didn't wait out the storm at the Kingdom. It was stated a few times that they thought they could make it to the next waystation, but the storm came on too quickly. It was also stated that the storm COULD hold them up for a few days or a few weeks. So whether they left Hilltop the next day OR there was an unspecified time jump of a few weeks, it doesn't matter. They didn't know how long the storm was going to last, they just knew there was the possibility of it lasting for an indeterminate amount of time. The time it lasted doesn't matter. - Ezekiel was talking of the past on the radio, so I didn't have a problem with the Alpha/Beta scene since that also referenced time passing. - Negan going after Judith. It wasn't that Negan was the ONLY one who went after Judith, it was that Negan was the FIRST one who went after her. It really wouldn't have made much sense for anyone else to have done so... how many people would it have taken? Yes, they all hate Negan (understandably), but they also know that that Negan does care about Judith so he's going to save her. - Negan being redeemed. Yeah, it's happening, but they aren't rushing it. Everyone (except Judith) still hates him. Yeah, Michonne thanked him, but he DID save her daughter's life. But she still hates him. As does everyone else. - Ezekiel did not come across as the bad guy at all to me. He came across as a guy who was grieving, as someone who lost everything... but at the end still found hope and could find and bring light into this dark world. I liked the finale, it felt like a good wrap-up to the season, getting the characters back on track, and setting up the Whisperers as a continued presence so that we know they are still a threat.