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  1. I shouldn't be, but I still can't believe that this--THIS?!?!--is the final season. I mean.... it's just wow. This is like a textbook example of everything NOT to do in the final season of a show.
  2. What an insult to directors! Seriously? Winning best directing as well makes it NOT a shutout. They won best supporting actress AND best directing. That is two major awards. Geez.
  3. I said this was a great episode to submit. People were down on it pre-airing, but it got an overall great reaction--even from this board.
  4. Bumping this up because I'm binge-watching B99 and took a break to read the past posts on the show and when I got to this one, I had to laugh since, of course, J.K. Simmons DID guest-star on the show later in season 07, ep 9, "Dillman."
  5. And I officially hate Echo, Hope and Gabriel now. Seriously, fuck them.
  6. Your history with GH has nothing to do with the fact that anyone coming on to this forum is going to see a pretty hefty anti-GH sentiment. I wasn't expecting you or anyone else to excuse it. I certainly don't like how the mob has taken over the show. I loathe Sonny with a thousand fires; he's my least favorite soap character of any soap I've watched and I've watched every soap opera for a period of time since the mid-80s. I'm not speaking for anyone else. I'm stating a fact. This forum shows an anti-GH sentiment right now. Period. The overall satisfaction level for the show as expressed by the general mood of this forum is not a positive one. And this is obviously not the only place. GH has issues. Your comment *exactly* expresses my "anti-GH" sentiment exactly. We all obviously love something about the show or we wouldn't be here, but many are "anti" about the show right now. My point was that despite that attitude about the show right now, that particular episode re: Oscar's death was good enough that shone through the sucktitude.
  7. I get that he didn't for you, and I know he didn't for a lot of people, but I liked the idea that symbolically Lila and Edward *are* watching over the Qs. And that is why it worked for me and I remember the comments the day the episode aired. This place is pretty anti-GH, but yet there were a LOT of positive comments, so it certainly worked for enough people.
  8. In this case, I was OK with it and I know that a lot of other people were too. The idea was that Lila/Edward were watching over the Qs and future Qs from above and welcoming any and all into the fold. That is what made it powerful for so many people.
  9. S the Best Show nominees (all 4) can submit up to 2 episodes for the Daytime Emmy. We know for sure that GH submitted the December 23 2019 (Finns Christmas nightmare). It's possible that the other one was either Oscar's death from May 1 or his funeral in the park May 13. Personally, I think those were good choices. Finn's nightmare episode was really good. Again, remember here (and on another board I frequent), a lot of people were surprised at how well done it was. The costumes, the set design, the weaving of the characters and how they used the Scrooge story to push the current stories a bit forward worked really well. Plus, other than Eden McCoy (Joss), everyone else did a marvelous job in the Scrooge story differentiating the characters. I also think the Scrooge episode will stand out. It was a special episode that stayed true to the heart of GH, Christmas, love, family, friendship, the hospital. And, you know, in these times when everything is SO AWFUL, seeing something that ends on such an inspired hopeful note is a wonderful thing to see. And if they DO submit an Oscar-related episode, I think that submitting the one where he died would be a great choice because while I'm not a fan of him, but his death episode was STELLAR. Remember the Quartermaine stuff, and Lila/Edward welcoming him, the way they grief played out with everyone? It was really well done. And I remember a BUNCH of people at that that other board and here--where most unanimously HATE Oscar--talking about how the episode made them cry because of how well they handled Oscar's death and the reactions from others. It was so, so well done. If these are indeed the two episodes they submitted, great job. Now, no, I don't think they'll win. But, I do think these are good choices (hopefully, they do choose the death episode and not the funeral, because that one... eh.)
  10. I know many are worried about what's going to happen, I understand the concern, but Caroline Dries is brilliant. She writes for CHARACTERS, their relationships and motivations and plots and story come out of that. I have zero doubt that whatever season 02 brings us, it will be good, nay great. Especially since we have the opportunity to now actually have a great actress in the lead role.
  11. Eh, I still have faith in Caroline Dries.
  12. Actually, this entire season's arc about Charlie and the Fates was written specifically for Maisie as they knew she was leaving. Another small thing I loved in the episode was when the group of them stepped in and saw that Gideon was being used as the new "Loom," and they all gasped "Gideon!" except for Zari 2.0. She gasped, "Gidget!" I loved it!
  13. All I know is that I trust Caroline Dries as a writer/showrunner more than just about any writer/showrunner EVER from her previous work so whatever she plans to do... I have faith it will be good.
  14. I'm glad we got to keep Zari 2.0, I prefer her and I much prefer Zari/John than Zari/Nate. I do feel bad for Nate, though. As someone mentioned, this keeps happening to him, he falls for someone and not only loses them through no fault of their love, but has to do then deal with a complete look-a-like where those feelings aren't there anymore. What a bummer! LOVED the Sisqo song during the fight. That was INCREDIBLY awesome. My only worry is that I really love Astra and she told John she was basically gonna be living in his house it sounded like as opposed to sticking with the Legends and I really want her sticking with the Legends. Overall, other than the stupid co-captains stuff, I quite enjoyed this season (per usual) and it was a step-up from last season (ugh, Mona). My only true complaint is I don't understand why we had to lose Ray.
  15. Well, sorry, that's kind of on your tastes then. There is a decent number of generally good-looking men on the show. You don't think they are, OK, then, but of that list that I put out--for me, personally, I find them all good-looking. And I find Nikolas, Julian, Finn, Franco, Jax (even if IR himself is so on the no-no list as a human being), Chase, Curtis, Peter and Brando varying degrees of pretty darn attractive. And I know that lots of people still find Sonny and Jason so as well. (I don't know why, but they do.) Plenty find Dustin and TJ attractive as well--if not here. I didn't list him, but there are tons of references to Mac being a silver fox. The point is that while you, personally, may find only two of the actors I listed attractive, there are a number of conventionally good-looking actors on GH in their 20s to 50s that a broad spectrum of fans can and do find attractive. *I only listed Felix because we were talking about guys who could appear in the Magic Milo number.
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