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  1. I thought this was an awesome episode... yeah, *sigh* I'm about outta here. Sorry ya'll don't enjoy the show. 😥 I really am. I just think GH is fabulous soap right now and has been for months.
  2. I think we fundamentally disagree here. Like I said, it's tied up in with the fact that Michael -- who is fine with his "father" being a mafia kingpin and taking that name still getting shares, and Jason not keeping the Quartermaine name, being a professional hitman, turning his back on the family for years, etc. getting shares, but his father was denied. So, he KNOWS this family clearly. He's not happy that his father was screwed over. It's partially about getting to know his family. But that, still is part of it. WHY didn't he get to know his family? Because Edward pettily decided to ki
  3. He's doing this for HIS FATHER who he probably heard talk about how he was kicked out of the family his whole life. His father who Edward tried to deny in the first place until he finally was forced to acknowledge. Edward forgave so many shitty things, and yet he disinherited Jimmy Lee for reasons no one can even remember so it was likely a pretty damn petty one. So, sure, yeah, Edward was in his rights to, but Austin feels crappy for his father. So he's fighting for the rights in his father's memory. Tracy was going to let her father die but she got something (ok, it was just the pickle
  4. No, not at all. Austin is very different from Franco, and I am already loving him. It took today to solidify that. I wanted to wait a little bit before I decided how I felt the character. I didn't think I'd dislike him because I really like RoHo as an actor, but I wanted to see how he would play this new character and I knew that he would take a little time to get his footing. Plus, of course, they were playing the whole mystery 'Ooh, who is he?' card. Of course, we know now he's Jimmy Lee's son, a Quartermaine. I'm thrilled about this for two reasons: 1. Ever since Todd Manning was
  5. This is true. It made Monica so happy.
  6. I love General Hospital. That is all. Other than Trina and Ava none of my faves were in this ep, but I still thought it was great. Ava and Portia are quickly becoming one of my favorite friendships. Trina and "Victor" were great. He sees she likes art, so he starts wooing her with art. Molly, TJ, Martin, and Jordan in on it together to bring down Judge Carson. Awesome. Again, I love my soap.
  7. Michael Easton and Roger Howarth have pretty big fanbases of their own. That is why they were the only two actors who were brought over from OLTL. Personally, I've been wanting to see Becky and ME paired from the moment ME was brought back as Finn. I am beyond thrilled that it's finally happening because they are as wonderful as I always thought they would be based on their interaction in the past. They have chemistry galore, and having another doctor/nurse couple on GH *finally* is wonderful.
  8. Elizabeth is not moving on. She hasn't done/said anything that indicates that she is moving on. Finn touched her face in a charged, vulnerable moment when he thought he was failing his "son" and Elizabeth was there providing support and offering a physical connection. Then be backed off immediately the next time he saw her and, they were back to normal. He gave her a few smitten looks in the last few eps because, yeah, he's a bit smitten because she's been incredibly there for them. He is starting to fall. But as he literally said yesterday, Elizabeth is mourning her husband. Yes, I'm sur
  9. I have wanted Finn and Elizabeth paired ever since it was announced that Easton was coming back and that they would NOT be pairing his new character with Sam. Like you, I see the chemistry there between KM and ME still and I agree, Sam/Dante and FinnaBeth were fun today. The quad would be a great way to utilize that chemistry as well that KM and ME have. And because ME and RH are showing up so well together, I don't think that it would overshadow the romantic pairings. Well, at least not FinnaBeth. Sam and Dante, eh. I think that ME/RH have great chemistry and that Elizabeth and Fin
  10. About to sit down and watch the episode (very excited to see my Finnabeth scenes), but man, this continued taking over every big moment that KM/ME character scenes shared, I can't even... I just rewatched a good chunk of the Sam/McBain scenes and their first kiss was, you guessed it, sitting on the pier watching July 4th fireworks. And the first time that Sam/Silas (ME's other character that was paired with Sam on GH) made love was on New Year's Eve and that was the first time for Sam and Patrick too. Geez, GH!
  11. Yeah, today was positive I was really happy to see. But yesterday, I was considering taking a break from the board for a while. 😥 I love GH. There are a few characters and stories I don't like, but overall I think its a darn good soap. I think today's episode's level of quality is closer to the norm. :shrugs:
  12. But they weren't going there to save them. Finn and Dante were wondering where they were because the party was clearing up and everyone else had left and they had disappeared. Then Dante got a call that they'd started a small fire on the pier so they went to find out what was going on. Sam and Elizabeth weren't in handcuffs, and Dante as a cop was easily able to just wave the firefighter away. They weren't saving them, just checking it out. Anyhoo, other than Joss, this was another excellent ep. Honestly I don't understand how more don't appreciate how good GH is. *sigh* I'm lo
  13. I don't care, whatever. I'm totally missing the hell outta my Finnabeth! (I haven't seen them since Wednesday, wah!) I thought this was a good episode. But I think just about every episode is a good episode. I think GH is pretty darn good soap. - Jax and Britt were amusing and hot. And proof that Jax and Britt are not the root-for couple, we didn't get a full love scene like we did with Jason and Britt. <--- They are the root-for couple. - Spencer and Trina already have sparks. Love it. - The angst with Nicolas and Ava is SOOO good. So character-driven, so well-mined. I LOVE
  14. This was supposed to be Thursday's show. Remember last Friday's show was pre-empted for the Chauvin verdict so we're a day behind still.
  15. There's not a mystery. No one cares. He's just some guy.
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