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  1. I actually already responded to this earlier. I'm fairly certain this is the history of couple portmanteaus. It was Fletcher and Holly on Guiding Light. Their fans created a round robin fanfic message board and treated that as their soap and called it Folly World, not happy when Holly went back to Roger. Folly based on their names. Other GL fans started combining their couple names after that. Manny for Michelle/Danny being the next big one to take off. It then spread to other soaps. Then someone in the media world called Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Bennifer (clearly a soap fan), and
  2. Can we finally put to rest... maybe Peter isn't really dead now theories? An actual doctor and nurse checked his vitals and declared him so. I was really surprised by the number if 'I think he's still alive' comments i saw everywhere.
  3. It happened because of *this* story right here that we are currently watching! (A) The only reason Chase got the toxin is because of the table twirl they did from the game of when Chase was younger. The only reason that happened is because they were trying to end an awkward night on a happy note, and using a memory that could connect the whole family. And the only reason they were all together is because Finn agreed to have dinner finally with the whole family because of all that had been revealed to make things right with Chase. None of that would have happened without the 'Chase i
  4. I don't believe that was used until after the portmanteus became a thing.
  5. Sit back folks while I tell you the history of portmanteaus*. It began on Guiding Light. Fletcher and Holly fans were not happy when the writers put Holly back with Roger so they created not just fanfic, but a round-robin fanfic world on a message board that discussed this round-robin fanfic as if THAT was the soap that they called.... dun dun dun... FOLLY WORLD! They combined Fletcher and Holly's name to come up with that title. Well, that took off and other fans of GL couples started to combine their fave couples names too. The next big one was "Manny" for Michelle and Danny. Eventually it s
  6. I thought there was a knife stuck through the picture.
  7. I'd be fine with Hayden never coming back personally.
  8. Just want to say a word about the actor playing Biship, Raffi Barsoumian. I know him from a brief stint he did on The Vampire Diaries. He was absolutely stellar there playing a completely different role. His acting, his charisma, his timing was absolutely stellar. He played someone who could have come across as just a bad guy, but Barsourmian gave this guy layers, and rather, he was a true believer (who, yeah, went too far). I was so excited when I found out he was cast this season on Legends. He's fantastic. I adored this episode. It was my favorite of this season and I think it ranks up
  9. I actually thought that was really powerful. Now Luke will really be grappling with that. He was ready to die. He didn't want to come back, his friends, the Bat mission wasn't worth it. He'll need to find a true purpose in life now.
  10. I thought about that, but this is information that Finn and Elizabeth have exactly ZERO way of knowing. And by the time that information becomes known TO them it will be well, well, WELL past when either of them could/should have come clean. Plus, neither one of them was thinking clearly. Elizabeth was thinking: PETER IS DEAD! YES! The man who killed my husband is dead! YES! No way is a good friend, frankly, the father of my niece, the father of ANOTHER person who could die because of PETER going to suffer and go to jail for getting rid of this stain on humanity. NO! NO! NO! Fin
  11. It's not about whether or not his word would hold up, it's about the bolded. That would take time that Chase DOES NOT HAVE. Finn needs that time to work on finding an antidote to save Chase's life. That was what Elizabeth told Finn. If they told the police, then Finn would be losing hours, days of precious, literally life-saving time that he could be using to find a cure to save Chase's life. And it's not like Finn succeeding is a shot in the dark. In GH-world, he found the cure for Blackwood's disease, a disease that was previously incurable. He is a world-famous infectious disease specialist
  12. This makes no sense. Peter being dead or alive, and anyone knowing whether he is dead or alive has literally *nothing* to do with Maxie's "kidnapped" baby. It is not relevant in the slightest. According to the information (that is false) that Maxie told Peter (and is telling everyone else), FakeChloe kidnapped the baby. Peter had nothing to do with it. If either of them knew that Maxie actually had the baby hidden from Peter, they would tell the truth. However, this is a case of Maxie not knowing what Finn/Elizabeth know, and Finn/Elizabeth not knowing what Maxie/BL know. As for Finn just
  13. Today was AMAZING*. I called it. I kept saying that Peter was dead. Although I did think there would be a whodunit. This is better, though, so much better. Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone is doubting that Peter's dead. A nurse checked, and then double-checked his pulse and breath. And then a doctor checked his pulse. And then they presumably disposed of his body. I'm guessing they used those back stairs to get him to the morgue, then put him in a body bag and just threw a John doe tag on it. Either way, I'm sure we'll find out how. I just love that we now have such a juicy, believ
  14. I am LOVING GH right now. Soooo great. I got so excited when we saw the back of the man at the top of the stairs wearing a suit vest because, dun dun dun... only Finn wears that. I was legit: Ooh!!! KSt is doing amazing. All of the pieces falling into place, so, so good. And, yes, it's very obvious how none of the Corinthi or Corinthi-related peeps are around. Uh huh. I can't believe this wasn't a Friday show and I have a new show to look forward to tomorrow! YAAS!
  15. I still think that Peter is dead and the suspect pool is growing: Maxie, Finn, Elizabeth, Jason (he'll be free soon), Carly (she'll follow Jason), Anna, Valentine (who will show up at GH soon with BL and baby), a few more now with Gregory and Jackie (finally showing up!). Am I missing anyone? The show is soooo good right now, I don't care what anyone says. This is such soapy goodness. Yes!
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