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"The plane! The plane!": Anticipation for Fantasy Island

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18 hours ago, methodwriter85 said:

I'm really surprised they're bringing this back after the failure of the '98 reboot and the 2020 movie.

Creatively the previous reboot was actually quite interesting. It was held to very strict standards for ratings though and might have succeeded with more time. 

The 2020 film was, I thought, considered a success, at least financially. It made close to $50 million on a budget of a paltry $7 million. That's a success for a niche horror film in the days of dying theaters. And that with it running right up against the start of the first COVID lockdown, meaning it could have made tons more. The reviews savaged it, but I think the mere fact it made money helped get the TV reboot greenlit. 

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I'm hoping they're clever, and instead of the female Roarke being his previously unknown niece or daughter, she's actually the SAME person, because something as minor as a body doesn't mean squat to Roarke. 

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Keep seeing ads for this….on Fox (which in my market, can’t seem to stick to a cable deal and sometimes “goes dark” until folks complain). Anyway, I’m looking forward to this as I really appreciate this actress in everything I’ve seen-she’s smart and sassy, a joy to watch. 

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I like Rosalyn Sanchez... I thought she was great in Grand Hotel and I think it's a shame that series was cancelled. 

It seems like there are only three series regulars and the actual stories will concern a rotating guest cast?  Like "The Love Boat"?  Or "Red Shoe Diaries"?

Sorry... I really wish Rosalyn Sanchez well, and I could be wrong, but this series looks like a disaster.  Particularly since the actress they cast in the young woman role is Zoe from "Bold and the Beautiful" and I think wooden boards are better actors.

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I just saw a commercial for this last night and thought, how stupid.  Then, I remembered the format of the series, people living out their fantasies, and thought, it could actually be really cool, if done right.  It's more than just a little guy saying, "The plane!  The plane!"  I think in memory, I kind of made it a corny silly show, but I really don't remember episodes.

I'll give it a chance.

I also didn't know their was a subsequent series or movie.

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Just saw commercials for this.  On one hand it’s on Fox and since they cancelled Prodigal Son I promised myself I would cut back on my Fox tv shows to basically the original 911 which I just can’t quit.    On the other hand the idea of a fantasy show of the grass is always greener rich fulfillment show with a lesson can go either way.   Plus Bellamy Young is one of the guest stars.    The original Fantasy island started a few years after I was born so before my time but I get the concept.   You get what you want….but is it really what you wanted?  It could go either way. 


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I'll check out the pilot, just because I really liked the original show. But I was pretty young when it was on, so my taste in tv wasn't very refined, to say the least. I really didn't like the movie that came out last year, I thought I would because I've liked most of the Blumhouse productions that I've seen. I thought some of the twists on it were just really dumb. 


By the way, the original Fantasy Island is on on Tubi if anyone has an interest in checking it out.

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Fantasy Island has also been on Crackle for a while, but Sony did a horrendous job of numbering the episodes and many were missing. The 90's reboot is also on Tubi. That one was pretty weak. Many of the old Fantasy Island episodes did have a Monkey's Paw "be careful what you wish for" aspect to them. It was made in the 70's and 80's and the way shows were directed and written is a different sensibility. They also did spend a lot of time on Tattoo trying to get laid or get rich quick.

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On 7/21/2021 at 1:44 PM, blackwing said:

It seems like there are only three series regulars and the actual stories will concern a rotating guest cast?  Like "The Love Boat"?  Or "Red Shoe Diaries"?

If Charo doesn’t make an appearance, there is no justice in the world.

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