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  1. Taskmaster New Zealand Season 2 was virtually perfect. Except that host/Taskmaster. He's horrible. Somehow the show succeeded incredibly DESPITE him. The only one I knew nothing about was Morgana. But she's brilliant. Very entertaining.
  2. They really do fill that audience with morons. Either that or manipulate votes to create shocks. Even never guessing that was Toni Braxton, that was clearly a better singer than the rest there, but they voted her off anyway. The one thing I knew is that it had to be someone really capable of adjusting her voice. While neither the Doja Cat nor the Dua Lipa songs are huge, she mimicked their styles SO expertly, that really threw me off.
  3. I disagree with your take because it's equating an unresolved plot point with "letting a man off the hook". You're putting a too quick, knee-jerk, unfair expectation on a character, Keeley, for not thinking clearly and misjudging the situation. You're insisting her choices be infallible. I know you're saying you actually blame the writers, but the plotline isn't finished. We don't have any real resolution yet on if Nate is "let off the hook". In fact, the progression of events, with us soon after finding out other inappropriate things Nate has done, suggests the exact opposite. T
  4. The professional wrongness creates the morality issue. The only aspect of age that really enters into it is that it contributes to the same imbalance created by the professional situation. The same two people, with no boss-employee tie, might still be an odd pairing, but harder to challenge morally. We even see the imbalance illustrated in this episode, albeit in an unexpected way. Instead of Sam's job being threatened because of Rebecca's employer status, as would be cliche, instead he's potentially emotionally blackmailed to STAY in the job because of the inappropriate relationship.
  5. Damn, they're doing stuff with Eclipso I never expected. This is really really good stuff.
  6. Fully expected: Nate leaking the panic attacks. Fully unexpected: Ted finding out instantly who did it. If we're being honest, no actual journalist would ever leak a source like that. The writing is taking liberties, but its a nice twist. Somewhat expected: Nate making a move on Keeley. It's been clear for some time he fancies her. It was genuine unclear how much he actually meant it when he apologized. I think he had some fantasy in his head and just realized it wasn't coming true. Somewhat unexpected: Keeley almost instantly telling Roy. Only somewhat, because their r
  7. The only way Rupert would know is through surveillance.
  8. Oddly placeholdery. A lot happened in one sense, but in another only a single thing happened. Those aren't sentences you hear a lot.
  9. I was very happy to see Conan got a new job as a Professional Awards Show Heckler.
  10. I don't understand why this show exists.
  11. Only because there's a real argument Rebecca might count as a second lead character and Hannah was submitted in the wrong category (or the right one, if you go by success).
  12. Back in Jolly Olde England, Chuckles the Prince is being notified of this now and is not amused.
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