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S03.E10: Hard Place

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I still love this show... Reflects a lot of the things me and my folks get into... Hope it continues... Did feel weird without zoey and. luca.. But not bad.. Liked the stuff with Ana and Javier... Sky still is my fav character.. Reminds me a little of Darius on atlanta... Food for vivek he's a bit of a scumbag.. But he usually isn't wrong when he pops up and I was happy he wasn't the butt of a joke with the new gf

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I didn't miss Zoey or Luca at all. It was nice to have an episode that didn't revolve around Zoey's love life or bad decisions.

I can't wait to hear how Ana's Catholic parents react when they found out she's attending church at a park.

I wonder if this is going to cause Aaron to lose his job or get kicked out of school. I like him better when he isn't chasing after Zoey (or being a jerk to Zoey), but if we had to lose a main character or two, I'd be fine with him being gone too. The episode would have been fine with just the twins and Ana. I thought it was weird but kind of cute that the twins' dad came out to say hi to the girls and ask if they wanted him to save stuff for them but he still made them stand in line. No special treatment for anyone, not even my children!

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11 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

Wow, Zoey doesn't even turn up for her own show.


5 hours ago, possibilities said:

I didn't even notice she was missing. 

This goes even more to my wish that the show become more of an ensemble piece and move away from being Zoey-centered.

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So I guess we are getting the full A Different World treatment, complete with the main character that was spun off from the main show disappearing to make it more of an ensemble show. Honestly, I am fine with the show going on without Zoey and her bad life choices being the lead. She isn't even a student anymore, what is she going to do?

This really brought back memories of going to cultural events for the free food in college. And the knowledge of course. But mostly the free food. 

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Ana just joined a cult, right? 

And I didn't even notice that Zoey wasn't in the episode until about 2/3 of the way through..And it didn't suffer at all for that. In fact, as annoying as she's been lately, I think it benefitted from it. I'm okay with her just narrating for a bit and letting us see what everyone is up to. 

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Yara is super busy right now and it's only going to get more hectic with her landing the role of tinkerbell in a new Peter Pan movie. So, the show is trying to figure it how it could work if she is not always there. The answer is, very well.

Another Different World parallel is that jettisoned the only white lead off the show and left all people of color on. I'm sure there are real reasons that actress isn't there right now but it's funny to think about.

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So Ana went from so unbearably horny that she was considering breaking up with Javi after what, 3 days of celibacy, to recommitting herself to God after watching a priest in a V-neck spout lines like "Slide in your neighbors' DMs"? She definitely seems like one of those girls who picks up the hobbies of each new boyfriend. And I get that Francia is playing 8-9 years younger, but pairing Ana with Javi (who looks late 30s) and isolating them in a plot really makes Ana feel much older than 20-22, especially when compared to the twins.

Frankly, I'd be fine with the twins and maybe Aaron carrying the show in Yara's absence. Zoey is annoying and Luka is kind of bland. I miss Nomi and I hope her actress actually needed to leave the show, because it's a letdown to have her confined to an iPad with stock baby sound effects. I don't even know how they'd write her back in, since I'm assuming Covid has heavily restricted filming with infants. Pregnancy and babies are always such boring storylines. Still, I'd watch Nomi make bottles any day over Vivek's constant unsolicited sex rambling. 


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