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  1. I love that idea, but the reprise of "What'll It Be" really highlighted how Skylar's voice would not fare well in a side by side comparison with Santino's.
  2. As the girl that has had self-esteem issues, Ryan is the guy I would keep going back to, knowing it was a terrible idea and I deserved better. But, I was grateful for the attention and could rationalize myself out of any red flags. So many of the things Annie said and did could have come right out of my brain in certain points in my life.
  3. Yeah Lindy...the fictional boss that is gay, writes an article about the obesity epidemic, and was generally a dick toward his writer is definitely not based on her real, gay boss that wrote an article about the obesity epidemic and was generally kind of a dick toward her. I believe he is probably a mix of people in her life and isn't 100% based on Dan Savage, and I'm sure they are genuinely on good terms now. But, I will never believe that Gabe isn't at least 30% based on him.
  4. That was my thought when reaching the end. "Gee, it's such a problem. If only Josh was a millionaire that worked from home, then it would be so easy for him to move."?
  5. You know it's bad when during the episode I had a moment of "wait, I think her face actually matches her neck.....and had to pause to verify it was true". That isn't something that should be an attention getting oddity.
  6. Yeah....I'm a tattoo artist in any way. But, I'm pretty sure that is not an example of super praiseable linework or "too beautiful to cover".
  7. Seriously! I mean, I know somehow this is all going to end so she can be with Charles, so I figured the "Ha ha, stiffing the waitress is a hilarious good time" was going to be that moment. But, no, apparently the woman that is sympathetic to his financial struggle thinks it is fun to add to someone else's.
  8. Yeah. I felt like his hesitation came after Kiara said "We'll have our legal time contact your's". It felt less a "screw lying Liza and take away this opportunity" and more "crap, what if they find out. This secret I now know about Liza could cause all sorts of ramifications".
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