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  1. After all the back and forth in the episode, I was hoping that was something that would come up. Presumably as Kiki finding out and pointing out the problems with it (which might be coming later if she wonders why Doug is suddenly more cold to her). I could understand it if Luca did a "I'm afraid of her getting hurt, so be careful" or even "remember, she's a freshman, you're a senior, make sure expectations are clear" type thing. Basically, protective, as most of us would be of someone we care about, but not the whole patriarchal "defiling our friendship temple with the fondling of my k
  2. During the first season, I felt this way, and still do now. She's a high schooler dating right now, not getting married. In high school it's perfectly fine to date the hottie you don't have a lot in common with because he's hot and you have fun together. Now that she knows she can stand up to him and set her boundaries ("you acknowledge me or we are through"), it seems a healthy relationship. Then, when she actually is thinking marriage, that's when she dates the Ben...someone that she actually has more in common with and can be a real partnership. Like, she dates Paxton now, then at their 10
  3. Between this and the Baby-Sitter's Club, I think Netflix is doing a really good job of raising awareness about the Japanese internment camps. It might just be coincidence that two shows in that tween/teen age group brought them up, but it seems intentional. As both shows make it clear, there are still people alive who were in them and have memories of them, but also that once they are gone, people will be even more unaware of them than they currently are.
  4. I had that same thought. He was so mad at her and then no apology or anything, just suddenly happily working together and in harmony. I know plotlines have to be rushed to wrap up by the end of the season, but that's some whiplash. What make-up person did Hilary Duff upset? Her bright orange make-up is distractingly horrible.
  5. Oh no. I don't blame Mo for breaking up with Perry over it at all. I just didn't understand the need for the whole dramatic monologe about not going back to where he was, but that was never even part of the discussion. I guess it's possible I missed some subtext in what Perry was saying, but to me he sure seemed to know the issue was him and not expect change from Mo. Whatever the reason for the monologue, Alex delivered it beautifully, I teared up a little.
  6. That said, I still don't entirely understand why they broke up. Mo's whole speech was acting like Perry was asking him to change who he was, but Perry did no such thing. I might need to watch it, but to me Perry's speech was very "this is how I feel, but I hate that feeling and really care about you and so I need to work on myself and those feelings" and Mo immediately went into this whole thing about how he wasn't going back to who he was before....but Perry never asked him to or implied that's what he wanted. I can understand Mo breaking up with him and a "come find me again if you figure it
  7. I love how this show just really leans into the awkward. I really loved Genevive and Oscar and capturing that early relationship energy, especially when you are young. I do love the conversation between Nicholas and Drea. I think it was really good way to help grow them as characters, but also a good primer for people that don't really understand asexuality. And, it was a nice little reminder that as self-centered as Nicholas can be he also gave up his life and career/research to come help raise his half-sisters I am especially interested in the way they treat relationships on this s
  8. Seriously though! When I first saw her I was like "Is that Janeane Garafalo?! Nah, looks like they got a discount Janeane Garafalo....", then I realized they got the real deal and just did her dirty.
  9. I believe he is what The Youths call "an adorable cinnamon roll". And I think he's my favorite too.
  10. I hadn't realized how much we keep seeing her sad, or even happy with that underpining of sad, until we saw her in that moment of pure silly joy and I love it. I know Mary is indisputably the worst singer and dancer on the show, but she sells it with such enthusiasm and joy. I don't think that will be the case, just because no one seemed surprised by her lack of empathy, even people that have known her for years, like her family. And the implication that Max knew her dad before the diagnosis.
  11. Has anyone else read the Josh Thomas story in the New Yorker about his autism diagnosis. There is something I really enjoy about the "hmmmm, I sure am interested in making stories about characters with XYZ....hey, wait a second....." narrative.
  12. I think at the start Matilda was 17 and Genevive was 15, so probably around 18 and 16 now? Were there any birthday's last season, I don't remember. (guess maybe I'll have to rewatch....darn) I enjoyed these episodes. I think what I'm looking forward to most is learning more about Alex. I can't tell if he's happy or not...and if he's not then why he sticks around, as he told us, he could easily find a richer boyfriend. It's just a bunch of interesting questions around him and I like it.
  13. Between him refusing to call it a vision board, and his truth telling I too had a moment of "oh, so that's what it would feel like to like Luca". I was sad to see Jazz and Doug break-up. But also am still so frustrated at him pretending he was waiting for her when we'd seen him or trying to pick up women the episode before. I can see where he was confused or disappointed, she did put them on a break to focus on training. But don't like him making her feel bad about it and acting like he was waiting for her. So are we supposed to believe that Aaron broke up with Rochelle off-screen
  14. I know they had to make up something for her to leave her job. Especially something like that, that would disappear fairly quickly as long as she didn't do anything else that looked "bad". And, she had to know that it didn't look good. If one of her friends came creeping in the door at 3 am and said she was over at a guy's house that late because they were "just friends", that Zoey wouldn't assume something else is going on? Like, it's probably not completely fair for people make assumptions like that. But, they didn't exactly harass her or drive her out. I figured there would at least be
  15. We've got breweries here that do that. They have partnered with nearby restaurants for delivery or have a food truck. But, in those situations they don't have to have any staff or other overhead to deal with it and they accept no responsibility. At MaxiMo, they have to have staff to place the orders, plate the orders, serve the orders. But, they have entirely given up control over the quality and speed of the food. If the restaurant they order from is late or gets the order wrong or whatever, they will likely get at least partial blame, even if it isn't their fault. After all, the premise of
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