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  1. After reading that article, I see that less as arranged marriage and more "asking your friends and family to set you up". I think of an arranged marriage more as it is shown in the show, where basically as long as Prahsant's parents approved of her and the two of them couldn't come up with a better reason than "I'm just not in love with him", that marriage was pretty much a foregone conclusion (well, at least until Kamala and Prashant were like "hey, I like you, but let's slow this thing down a little before agreeing to get married).
  2. If this were real life/tv fantasy mash-up, the end game should be "Devi and Ben realize that right now is not the right time for them. Devi dates Paxton...he's the hot "bad boy", so can have experienced that, and while he appreciates her intelligence, I think he would also just let her be a normal teenager sometimes, which someone like her needs when everyone around her is pushing. Then, in a few years, Devi and Ben reconnect at their 10 year reunion. They have their PhD/passed the bar...whatever. That's when they can go on and be a power cuouple.
  3. Yeah. That was the one big problem I had with this show. We have all these complex, complete characters and then there is the "haha, fat kid that likes food". I really hope we get to learn more about him and that there is more to him than a fat joke.
  4. Yeah, I'm sad for the family at the loss of Mitch. But, I'm sad for me personally as a viewer at the loss of Howie. I want to learn more about him!
  5. Ugh Simon. I know we are supposed to like him, but he just reminds me of so many dudes that have no idea how to be on their own and need a woman around to do all the emotional work for them. His dad died and he was with Jessica and rather than therapy or whatever, he just gets upset she doesn't 100% get what he's dealing with... Even though he isn't telling her. Then Zoey shows up, he gets to use her as an emotional dump, decides it's love and wants to jump right into a relationship with her the day after he breaks up with his fiancée. I want to see him take 3 months off from dating, work through his grief over the death of his father, loss of a bug relationship, mom's remarriage, etc. Then, maybe I won't help so ugh about the idea of him with Zoey.
  6. She was pretty great! One of the great disappointments of my life is she died when I was 16, so I never really got the chance to know her as an adult.
  7. My grandfather died young, and the funeral home wouldn't sell my grandmother the plot next to him, because they assumed she would remarry. She never did, and when she was dying several decades later it really upset her that she couldn't be buried with him. But, my mom spoke to the graveyard, and since she was being cremated, they were willing to let her be buried in the same gravesite. My mom told her mom, and my grandmother's reaction apparently was "Oh good, I always wanted to try being on top, but he would never let me". But, because of that, I definitely was surprised with the whole "we won't be together forever" thing, because urns can definitely be buried. Or you can scatter half and bury half, or whatever.
  8. I do feel bad for her in that moment. But, earlier in the eisodenwhennshes talking about having had sex with Jamie, its so sweet. And I love a vulnerable Paris; if it had knocked her down, I wouldn't like it... But instead she bounced right back from all this to continue being her.
  9. I think I'd have to add 'The Big One' to that list. I think Paris' C-SPAN breakdown is a great moment. "I'm not going to Harvard. I had sex, but I'm not going to Harvard."
  10. This shows frustrates me with annoying clichéd storylines, characters I know I'm supposed to root for but can't (I assume I'm supposed to like Max), and I wonder why I watch. But then they develop Tobin, make Howie an interesting character, and do things like the deaf student performance and I get sucked in all the same. Plus Mo dropping truth bombs in amazing clothing. And, I am glad that David and Emily are learning that they need to talk to each other, maybe something to learn before marriage and a baby. But, better late than never.
  11. I didn't know I wanted this until you mentioned it, and now there is nothing I want the show to do more, just one episode as a dream sequence Max or something. Okay, really I just want more Santino on my screen.
  12. I was excited when I thought it was going to happen. I was cheering Joan on, and then nope.... It's actually getting really frustrating because the show will look like it's setting you up for a trope subversion and instead it dives right in instead.
  13. Yeah, I keep waiting for the episode where Nicholas meets with Matilda's teacher and she goes "by the way, have you ever been tested?".
  14. Me too! I was annoyed at the end of the first episode when they hit us with the whole "best friend secretly in love with her cliche"... But tonight the secretly buff and totally charming Skylar sold me on it.
  15. I think that was the part that frustrate me while watching this! Like, I get they did it for the drama of "will she actually be able to go to Julliard" and to help show how Genevieve supporting her sister and making her set more poignant. But also, there are all sorts of organizations with professionals equipped to help people with autism in these situations, especially if you are wealthy. It doesn't just have to be hapless caregivers trying their best! They do such a good job of the character of someone with autism that I think it would also be great if they highlighted some of the services available too.
  16. Hopefully that results in both of them kicking him aside then. It would be good for Zoey if this ended, but I would still feel bad for Jessica, she's done nothing wrong. I do appreciate that so far they haven't painted her as a villain. Sure, she didn't know how upset Simon was, but that is mostly on him and his total lack of communication about it. Even Zoey wouldn't have known without the song...which is an interesting thing that this show has explored a little and I hope it explores more.
  17. I'm really curious the direction this show is going next. I felt annoyed when they revealed Max was in love with her....then appreciated him getting set up with someone else. Then, when Zoey bonded with her mom and was stepping away from Simon. I was really gaining an appreciation for the way this show was doing a great job of lightly stepping around all the usual cliches. Then Max breaking up with Autumn (at least it was over a personality incompatibility rather than him realizing he was still in love with Zoey) and Simon's song and I'm afraid they are going in for a big old messy love triangle. But, maybe they'll surprise me again. I'm also hoping there is a moment when David realizes he was in the wrong....I think we was angry and stressed and lashing out in the right direction. Though, it would have been nice to have a "would you prefer I had let her continue to think you were cheating on you?" from Zoey.
  18. I feel like it is easy to forget that Genevieve is still pretty young, and that she has probably spent most of her life protecting Matilda....making sure she gets on the bus and gets to school, protecting her when people make fun of her, deescalating situations or helping Matilda get out of them. It's hard to suddenly drop all those years of protecting her and go "sure, she can go out into the big scary world without me to help her". A lot of adults have difficulties saying that for their neurotypical children, I'm not going to hold it against a 13 (?) year old girl that she is having some struggles. Sure, her reactions and how she wants to handle it probably isn't best. That is why she has adults in her life to say "Actually no, that isn't what we are going to do"....and I really want an episode to deal with finding her a good therapist, she's had to deal with a lot of stuff recently.
  19. I definitely saw there being so parallels there. How even in his confusion/gray areas he was pretty confident about the importance of things like consent. But, then in his own life couldn't recognize that he was completely ignoring his boyfriend's no and requests for space. It was deeply uncomfortable to watch, but I think that it was meant to be. I think one of the things this show does pretty well so far is wading into those murky areas and being messy and uncomfortable.
  20. That just really helped clarify for me why I liked that so much! Andy trys to ruin Parks and Rec rewatches for me because I don't see "oveable doofus", I see man child that gets propped up by and rewarded by the strong women in his life because "he has a good heart" or is "such a good guy". It's such a common trope in television and I hate it! So, I loved this where instead of continuing to try to drag him up and instead getting dragged down in those efforts, she drops him.
  21. Hence the bad with a capital B. He was immature and a little self-centered...even for the burger thing, he wanted to go it instead of her thing, but he wanted her there. But, he was also supporting and loved her. He wasn't cheating on her, he wasn't neglecting her, he wasn't abusive. In most tv shows, that guy either becomes the one a woman fixes with the power of love, or the guy that she bitches about to her friends over mimosas for the rest of her life while staying with him because he "has a good heart". So, it was nice to see a break-up because he was bad, not Bad.
  22. I think that this is part of why I love this show so much....it just feels very real. I think a lot of other shows would have had them break-up because he cheated on her or some huge thing that showed why he was "bad". Or it would have had her staying with him forever and eventually being glad she'd stuck with him and was able to change him. But, in this case where he did love her, he worshipped her body, supported her (even if that support was often bungled). Second season Ryan wasn't Bad, he just Wasn't Enough and I love seeing a show where that is shown as a perfectly acceptable reason to break up with someone.
  23. All along I knew in my heart she was going to take him....she was completely unaware of how awful he is for far too long. But, a part of me really hoped the conflict of the episode was going to be her having to explain to him why she was taking Fran to this event and not him, and him pouting about it.
  24. That's when I actually got suspicious something was going on. It seemed like something that on one hand could be a continuity error and on the other could be a sign that the whole thing was fake. Though, I was actually expecting DJ to notice and say something.
  25. I love that idea, but the reprise of "What'll It Be" really highlighted how Skylar's voice would not fare well in a side by side comparison with Santino's.
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