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S04.E01: Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Eldritch Dark

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As an all-consuming darkness trickles into town, Sabrina grapples with feeling like the odd witch out — and makes a risky plan for a whirlwind trip.

Dropping Thursday, December 31, 2020.

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The acting seemed a little over the top, but it became less distracting over time.

Zelda was reading a Croatian newspaper at the breakfast table, where would she get one of those and why? Zelda needs to stop smoking. Mambo's accent is it French, Jamaican, or Frenmaican?

Father Blackwood sure likes being married.

I thought they said one the the homeless dead guy's bones were completely crushed, how did he sit up so nice a straight. Do they really send homeless people to the mortuary?

You would of though Roz's gift would have warned her about the Spectral Miner clunking up behind her, but noooo, where is that snarky second sight when you really needed it. I thought Roz would have given Sabrina a hug after she caught her out on her Bloody Mary ruse, she obviously needed one.

I really thought the Sabrinas were going to jump into the tar pit, maybe, I just really wanted to see them covered in slime.

Sabrina hanging out with herself will probably be the 8th Eldritch Terror that causes the World to end (fitting ending to the end of the series). Womp Womp!

Hilda is becoming my favorite character, bringing the comedy to this dark tale.

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So, the whole point was that they needed two Sabrinas because one Sabrina couldn't do it alone. But then the first thing they try, once they have two Sabrinas, is sending one Sabrina alone. Okay.

My main thing, though, is that girl who came to tell Zelda there was a monster in the dormitory, and then led her back to the dormitory, and then got back into bed while the monster was still standing there. On the one hand, that was weird AF. On the other hand, I respect the hustle of a person who really likes sleep.

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So Sabrina's ego had gotten even bigger since she's now best friends with herself. Father Blackwood doesn't need to be doing all that work, he should just give Sabrina whatever she wants and she'll bring about the apocalypse. 


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I think this season has a strony opening. After last season we knew we couldn't expect a low key "issue". As much as I would like to be less "destroy the whole Universe" and more "let's fight our friendly neighborhood devil" I think it's better then the pagans. And I'm herę to enjoy the show. 😉 

I liked the music in this episode, it really matched the events.

Sabrina's outfits are really great, very similar to second season's which are my favorite. It was also really interesting to watch Sabrina who's feeling really lonely and abandoned. Since this, now finally past, year I also had to deal with getting out of a serious relationship and try to date with other people it was quite  relatable and because of that more funny to me. 🙂 I mean I get you girl 😉

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So for our finale, we are fighting some Lovecraftian style horrors from beyond the plane, because damn it we already fought Satan a few times and we need to end this show with a bang. This show can sometimes become overwhelmed by its own over the top gothic campiness to the detriment of the plot and characters, but I am glad to see it return again for one last hurrah. 

Will this finally be the season where Sabrina learned that the world doesn't revolve around her and that she might actually have to sacrifice something for the greater good? Not so far, she is even more convinced that ever that she can have it all. Hell AND Earth! A mortal boyfriend AND a warlock boyfriend! Even a red headband! 

Hilda is always my favorite, I love how excited she was to join Sabrina's one woman (or not) dance party. I was also happy to see more of Salem, and that Ambrose is still the often ignored voice of reason. 

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I'm only a few minutes into the first episode of the final season and I already had to pause because Ambrose saw a stranger in a gas mask hitting a light along the train tracks and his reaction was to confront him? I know he's a witch but that still seems a bit reckless.

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I was shaking my head when Ambrose, Nick, and Sabrina decided to bring the three vagrants back to life all at once. If you only have one minute to talk to them, bring them back one at a time so you can get different information out of each of them and ask different questions!

Hahaha, I was cracking up at the idea of swing dance being part of hell. And perfect music choice with Squirrel Nut Zippers. That was a great 90s flashback song! Even better was Dancing with Myself when the two Sabrinas were dancing together at the end. And poor Hilda - she wanted to join in but Zelda wouldn't let her!

Unfortunately even though both Sabrinas got what they thought they wanted (ruling Hell, having a mostly normal teenage life), they're both lonely.

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