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  1. lorbeer

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    I didn't see it as being mean rather being cold to him. She hates Lannisters, she was forced to marry him, she's been through a lot and she's learned she needs to take care of herself. No wonder she didn't welcome him warmly with open arms. We don't even know if she knows what happened to him like trial and all after that. She may know some of that. She never loved him and then she was yet again forced to marry somone she didn't want to. Tyrion treated her well and was nice to her but he didn't do one thing to rescue her from all those monsters. And I mean taking her away from KL not the 'incident' when Tyrion helped her when she was beaten by some soldier (don't remember this exactly) on Joeffrey's commands. And there's also one thing more why she treats him this way and possibly doesn't trust him. He chose Dany's side. And I don't think Sansa likes it. 😉 In their brief conversation, if I remeber correctly, she says soemthing about him being the hand of the queen now. I think she maybe even despise him for that.
  2. lorbeer

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Oh, I bet she did. A lot. 😉 I'm with you.
  3. lorbeer

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Exactly what I thought. She did figure out Cersei wasn't coming so I say she's smarter than some of them. 😉 I actually think she has some chances to survive the season and become queen in the north or something like that. Of course only if she's not killed by jealous i-am-the-queen-respect-me-or..... I think Dany won't become THE Queen. She's just too cocky at this point and she'll suffer for that. And I like it!
  4. Totally. And we didn't actually see Luke dying. Only 'almost' dying if I remember correctly. So there's a chance we'll see him again. I don't miss him, though.
  5. Good point. I didn't think about that. Maybe Luke was suppose to contact with him on some specific days etc. and after he didn't he assumed he died. It actually agrees with Blackwood's nature. He only cares about himself so I don't expect him to look for Luke.
  6. lorbeer

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    Thank you very much! 😊 Now I want some pizza! I hope one day I'll visit NY and try the pizza there. 😊 Take care!
  7. lorbeer

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    It really bothers me. Derek is/was supposed to be her beloved son and now she doesn't even want to be in touch with Derek's children? His flesh and blood? (yes, yes I remember Zola isadopted) It doesn't make sense to me. And I'm really annoyed it has never been adressed on the show. They really act like Derek didn't even exist.... I'm not from the USA. Could you tell me more about that pizza? What does it make it the 'legit NY pizza'? I wanna know more! It's a sincere request 🙂 We've met Nancy and Lizzy and Mom. We only have'nt met Kaithleen before that episode.
  8. lorbeer

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    You made ma day. Yes, yes she was.
  9. Me too. I bet in her case it could be really interesting, something that she's ashamed of OR something really dull so she's too embarassed to say. Because she's great Zelda and she's 'offended' by being asked to do something so unimportant. It could be funny 😉
  10. I assumed she just lied like Ambrose and Hilda. We just didn't get to know what she was asked for.
  11. Or maybe there's only one baby - Sabrina - and the dream just shows her dual nature. She's half mortal half 'satan' and each baby represent one half.
  12. Didn't thought of it that way but completely agree!
  13. Also baby Judas has a cross upside down in his basinnet.
  14. Suzie/Theo story seemed unnecessary actually. I guess the show wanted to point that anyone can became whoever they want and be happy with it but as you described it didn't really go as planned.
  15. Soo.. That was something... The whole season moved to fast for me. I imagined season 2 would go on on developing the witch world and still introducing us to their traditions and customs and NOT ending it all at once. Also I thought there supposed to be an episode about Salem and it's story. At some point there was just too much. The Dark Lord's story and ending also very... dissapointing. And I hope they'll get Nicholas back.. He and Sabrina are very cute. When Sabrina started to sing I didn't know if I should start to laugh or what. And the crown looked really cheap. I'm dissapointed... again. But generally I liked this season. Still wish it wouldn't move that fast and destroy everything we learned in season 1, though.