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  1. Maybe he didn't wanted to start new show with the same character. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  2. The more I think about it I think there's a possibility that they wanted to do Pac North spinoff and JC didn't agree to that. And I think showrunnes and producers of this show are kind of people who say 'you do it my way or get out' and maybe he chose to get out. And if that's the case I can't blame him. In case getting out of Grey's world he propably wanted to do something entirely different and not some Grey's slops.
  3. Or maybe Pompeo wants to be the only original intern there aka THE SUN. If they cut off the Pac North they're on the last stright to have Pompeo being the only original cast member there. And Bailey already has on foot out the door.
  4. What the hell? Alex's storyline was the only I cared about due to him being the only original cast member I care about. Someone mentioned that there's maybe some beef between Chambers and Pompeo and now that I'm thinking about it I can't remember them sharing a single scene this season. Expect of course the trial-not-trial but it was with a lot lot other people too. That's sad... I wonder what happens to Jo. They could pretend that she's in Grey Sloan's and his in Pac North but what about Owen and Richard? They would only show Richard and Owen and forget about the head of the entire hospital? (is Alex the head or just a chief of surgical floor?)
  5. If you knew the source materiaΕ‚ you would know that there ARE gay people in the books. So just be patient for the story to develope and stop complaining!
  6. There's no thanksigiving in my country and no deep fry turkey (actually turkey would be a very rare dish here), so could anyone tell me in afew words why we shouldn't depp fry a turkey INSIDE? I've looked up a few recipices from google but there was no mention about inside/outside thing. As I see it, it could easily blown up outside as much as inside. I'll be gratefull for some clarification. I really like these curtural tidbits πŸ˜‰ This just reminds me of that high schooler from Friends who thaught that gunpoint was some place (like a town e.g.) and couldn't understand why people would go there if they knew it was that much dangrous. πŸ˜‰ The episode was a good one but a little bit dragged. There were moments when I jus wanted to fast foward...
  7. I thought about it too when she said tht she had found someone "suited for the job she asked him to do". I guess "the job" was related to helping Phillip. I now wonder what happened to that priest? Did they changed him for a newer model as well? πŸ˜‰
  8. I think it was because Maragret's affair was in the newspapers and Tony's not. They didn't seem to be troubled because she did it but because everybody found out (in the newspapers). Queen told something like "she took him on some faraway islands to hid it" when she tried to defend her to the Queen Mother.
  9. Judging only by the episode and the show itself I think it's good Charles never become a king. In the episode I found him a spoiled brat who wanted to do what he wanted no matter the consequences. It kinda makes you think that Queen Elizabeth wanted to do whatever she could to keep him out of 'the crown'. Also I think the actress that plays Camilla looks nothing like her. That casting is tedious.
  10. I don't like Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret. I actually don't really like the actress but decided to give it a chance and... I still would like someone else to play this role. The episode and the story is quite interesting. I think it was a big coincidence that Margaret behavior at the dinner party with the president was a success. She actually did the exact opposite from what she was asked, so I can see why she was denided "a bigger role". Prince Philip was 100% right. And Tobias Menzies is great in that role. πŸ™‚
  11. Emergency vehicles don't have unconditional priority. The drivers - of every vehicle- always have to be careful and watch out for other road users. So no one should drive too fast even if you drive an ambulance... So even if the girl didn't stop, Hen shouldn't just go no matter what.. But of course it's not just white and black. Hen and that girl were both distracted somehow and sadly noticed eatch other too late.
  12. I'm calling it now, Jughead's grandpa was one of the ghostwriters or even the originator of those baxter brothers books but it was 'stolen' from him and that's why he wrote to Jughead "never let take them anything from you"! πŸ™‚ I actually liked this episode. It wasn't fireworks but it was enjoyable.
  13. lorbeer

    S03.E06: Monsters

    This is what I was thinking! One thing is to have a Halloween decoration, another if that decoration can be a cause of danger. It's like somone wouldn't snow of their windshield... police should stop her a lot sooner.
  14. I get that this is what they do on the show. It's similar in 9-1-1 show. But like we know reality is often different than tv shows. So my question is do firefighters in US also do that or is it farfetched?
  15. I'm deeply confused about one thing Jakcson's girlfriend is a firefighter but she keeps showing up at the hospital? And with patients I guess. Shouldn't she take care of fires etc? I mean we don't see Bailey's husband as much as her. In my country firefighters has strictly specified roles which is taking care of fires, accidents (e.g. when they have to cut corbody), fallen trees and stuff like thut not taking care of 'hurt' people. For people there are paramedics. Sure there're times when firefighters have to take care of people who are bleeding, women in labor etc (and they are trained to do that) but it's more a coincidence not because they were specifically called to take care of that. At first I saw this concept on 9-1-1 but and now here. I don't get it. Is it different in US or am I missing something? I will be very gratefull for clarification πŸ™‚
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