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S11.E02: Go Home, Gentrifier!

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It’s Franny’s birthday, and with Tami and Sandy’s help, Debbie prepares to throw her the best princess party Franny never wanted. Ian is on the straight and narrow which forces Mickey to get a real job. Frank the weed connoisseur helps Kev and V with their struggling pot business. Lip’s home renovations run him into some trouble with his new neighbors. Carl’s first day on the force is not the vigilante fantasy he thought it would be. Liam profits from kids who find themselves in lunch debt due to a tyrannical lunch lady.


Original air date: 12/13/20

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I understand that there is alot of hate out there for Debbie but I kinda understood her in this.  She was a lonely child.   No mom to speak of and the only other girl in the family was Fiona who was quite a bit older then her and often too busy for her.  So I can see her falling into the trap of living through Franny and giving her the party little girl Debbie wanted at five years old.   It was misguided but the kind of sweet misguided that this show often is.   Plus watching Uncle Mickey strole into the house with guns and Franny get all excited as everyone else was wearing princess crowns was hilarous.

Also hilarous was everyones reaction to Carl as he walked into the house after becoming a cop.   That is the kind of family moments I love about this family.  "Oh my god, a cop. "  "5-0 in the house."  I love these little moments.    And Carl's story was interesting.  The kind of cop he wants to be but being paired with a seemingly milktoast partner who avoids the big crimes for the little ones.  But still stands by him because that is what partners do only to ask for a drink and watch him go hog wild.  Honestly I hope they continue with the partnership.  

Liam being the true Gallagher heir is always fun to watch.   Bringing sandwhiches to school and taking "donations" from the kids put on lockdown from the cafeteria until they pay their bills was an interesing approach.

Tommy and Kermit need to kiss and makeup.


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I can't blame Franny. I would have been bored to shit with a b'day party like that. 

As a former big city resident, I can't imagine how the fat guy with the truck would leave it open and unlocked for any length of time.

I'm most intrigued by Carl's cop story line. I wonder if the show will try to make it -- ahem -- timely? 

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I went back and watched the Season 10 finale. Lip did in fact rent that house so I don't know why I remembered him buying it. But there are a few lingering plot threads I wonder if they will resolve. Frank was squatting in that mansion that belonged to the rich woman who kidnapped him and tied him up. I wonder if he's still living there. Kev proposed to Vee - I wonder if they got married during the last six months. They were apparently never legally married. Kevin has a wife out there somewhere he has to divorce. 

I guess tagging the front of their house was a good compromise if Lip and Tammy want to appease the neighbors. They can still have a nice looking inside and nobody would know. 

Mickey's interview was hilarious but I don't see how he and Ian are ever going to make this work. Ian is determined to walk the straight and narrow and Mickey is determined . . . not to.

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I understood that Frank had done all the work in preparing the brownies and selling them and the split was reasonable, but there was something in the way he changed from friend Frank to business partner Frank that put me off. I guess I will go back to fast forwarding through all of his scenes as I have done for the last 10 years.

I am enjoying Deb this year unlike all the other years as she is not being portrayed as another Frank but more like Lip which is okay with me.

Carl and Ian are always great and their storylines are fun. I hope Carl as a cop is as enjoyable as Carl the soldier.

Lip's storyline so far is pretty boring. Even though he has always been my favorite, I don't enjoy him with Tammy. He was more interesting as single dad when she was in the hospital.

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Why would anyone put that much money into a rental tho? Is he getting money off rent for it? I doubt it. I mean paint yea ok but they seem like they are redoing the whole house.

What did Ian expect from Mickey really. He’s been a criminal his whole life. I don’t remember Mickey saying he was going to stop so Ian shouldn’t be surprised.

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As frustrating as it was to watch Debs ignore Frannie's wishes for her birthday at every turn, I do understand why she was pushing forward with the magic princess party. That was the kind of party she always wanted and never got from her neglectful useless parents so she wanted to give Frannie what she never got, when she was really just ignoring what Frannie wanted while vicariously living through her. Frannie was super cute all episode, especially when she was having a lightsaber fight with Sandy and Tammy and her excitement when Mickey got her a gun for her birthday and saved her crappy birthday. Playing with guns is a Milkovich birthday tradition after all! 

Not too surprising that Mickey isn't doing great at finding a legal job, he has been a criminal and in and out of jail for pretty much his entire life, trying to change your life that much wont just happen over night, especially considering his criminal record and lack of education, even if he wants to make things work for Ian's sake. I think there are probably legal jobs that Mickey could be good at, but he really needs to work on his interview skills. Not cussing people out is a real ask though. 

I still don't find Lip's story super interesting, but Tammy has grown on me. She isn't super interesting, but she has at least become more likable. 

You would think that, after all this time, Kev and V would know better than to go into any kind of business arrangement with Frank, even if it involves drug dealing. 

Of course Carl gets stuck with the most boring cop in Chicago, when all Carl wants to do is star in an action movie. And of course the guy has a serious party side, so he and Carl can probably make this work. I continue to like this story for Carl, I hope they keep it up, this show has a really bad habit of coming up with good stories and plots and then dropping them out of nowhere. 

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I'm having a hard time with a lot of this season so far.  

Renters don't generally fix up houses.  Take it from someone who has rental properties.  Nor would a tenant deface their rental - eventually they're going to move out and then they'll be responsible for all damages.

Edibles are much more potent than "smokables".  Had Kermit and the other guy eaten that many brownies, they wouldn't be in denial; they'd more likely be dead.

There are probably cops who are as bad as Carl's partner (in fact, I used to date a girl who had formerly dated a cop who claimed that they used to have sex in his cruiser while he was on duty), but I can't believe this guy would have gotten away with this degree of negligence for 15 years.

I don't like the Ian and MIckey storyline and never have. It doesn't seem realistic that these two would have ever been attracted to each other, but the same could be said for Lip and Debbie and their SO's as well.  FTR, I think Gay Jesus's next cause is going to be getting everyone at Costco/Sam's paid fairly.

I thought last season was the series "finally" and I hope this one truly is.  The writing is just getting OTT silly.

In other news, Debbie was looking prit-tay, prit-tay, good in those shorts when she was hanging the party decorations.

And as always, wife's kid's education decisions notwithstanding, WIlliam H. Macy can do no wrong.  He's just working with the material they're giving him.



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I felt bad for Franny because Debbie was clearly ignoring EVERYTHING she said. But I also felt bad for Debbie because she grew up without really having a regular childhood so she's trying to give her daughter the things that she didn't get to have. Even though it was coming off as selfish and living vicariously through Franny, I think part of her was genuinely trying to be a good parent by giving her child the kind of thing that she wanted and never got to have.

When Liam originally told Lip he was going to sell sandwiches to the kids who had been cut off, I was wondering how said kids were going to pay for those sandwiches. The lunch lady trying to shut it down was lame. Kids trade food in the cafeteria all the time. It's a lunch time tradition!

While I understood Ian's frustration with Mickey, part of me was shaking my head because he knew who Mickey was before he married him. It reminded me of when men date strippers who they met at the strip club and then get mad that their girlfriends are strippers. You knew who this person was when you got into this relationship but somehow you thought the other person was going to instantly and magically change? I realize that the Gallaghers were not raised to have great relationship/communication skills, but the fact that Ian and Mickey discussed NONE of these things before getting married was annoying. At the very least, you should talk about the financial aspect of things (Do you each keep your separate income and split expenses 50/50? Do you consider his money to be your money? How much do you want to save to buy a car/a house/other large purchases?).

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12 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:


While I understood Ian's frustration with Mickey, part of me was shaking my head because he knew who Mickey was before he married him. It reminded me of when men date strippers who they met at the strip club and then get mad that their girlfriends are strippers. You knew who this person was when you got into this relationship but somehow you thought the other person was going to instantly and magically change? 

You questioning the entire premise of Love After Lockup.  

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