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S11.E08: Cold Fusion

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Can't believe we're at the end of the season already. Feels like it just started. At least there's a season 12 coming.

I got REALLY happy hoping that the baby penguin was like Baby Lamont from Frisky Dingo...and then he turned out to be Baby Lamont. Also loved that Werner Herzog was here, too, and everyone was sick of him. AND there was Plinko, too?! It's like this episode was speaking to me. I loved Werner Herzog recording Pam playing Strip Solitaire.

I was really loving the murder mystery. We haven't seen one of these plots on this show in a while, right? And tossing in The Thing jokes, and we got a winner.

Once again, Pam is the best. And Malory is also The Best. NEVER hide the good stuff from her.

Man they really got us by teasing us with coma flashbacks. Thank GOD it was just hypothermia. Bravo, show. Bravo.

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That was underwhelming.  Nothing was learned, Cyril's back to his whipped self and everyone's back to shitting on him including Pam who was sympathetic towards him in previous episodes, plot was lackluster along with being all over the place, and it was a weak, weak season (series?) finale.  Maybe there would have been more episodes had the pandemic not happened, but that's still no excuse for this episode.

Maybe I just don't get anti-comedy.  Does Archer count as anti-comedy?

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18 minutes ago, bmoore4026 said:

Maybe there would have been more episodes had the pandemic not happened, but that's still no excuse for this episode.

Was this season confirmed to have eight episodes before the pandemic happened? Unresolved plotlines could be a factor if covid influenced the episode order.

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That was fun. Sadly, it looks like next season will be leaning hard into the "Archer might still be in a coma" curve. Plus side: he saved the world, and Lamont lived! Who cares if he's got post-coma stress disorder?

As big of an asshole as Archer can be, he might have a point about the others needing him in order be their worst selves. Cyril has plunged past being a beta male, Ray plunges into old habits, Pam . . . wait, she wasn't a hedonistic bad bitch during the coma years? Also, Cheryl is back to being a psycho, and Malory's warmth from last year's finale is gone.

If Archer is still in a coma, how come we see the others? Wait, we did that the last three seasons. Crackers cameo FTW, though. Maybe he just has the brain damage everyone assumed he had before the coma.

Thank goodness Malory and Cheryl don't team up often. Everyone else would be dead, and it would happen a lot quicker.

ETA: Does anyone want to speculate how Archer was going to tie Plinko into the murder investigation? Or is it funnier if we never know?

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I don’t think Archer is in a coma.  I think he just had hypothermia and he doesn’t take care of himself at all so he saw things that comforted him.   And yeah he was essentially right about the group.  He is an excuse for them reverting back to their worse selves.  The bringing of the season they were their best selves.    The lady who’s name I can’t recall made a comment that the team had gained a reputation for being competent over the last three years that suddenly lost and wanted to know why that happened.   

Aisha Tyler can be really funny when she gets some good material which she has gotten over the last couple of episodes.  “At this point I’d wipe out the entire earth if you went with it”.  And “So close and yet so stupid”. 


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I don't think that Archer is still in a coma, I think that he was just having flashes of it...hopefully. I had no clue this was the season finale, that season went by super fast. I mostly liked this season and was glad to get back to the real world, but I do wish the hadn't done all of the stuff with everyone regressing as soon as Archer got back, it seemed kind of lazy, like they didnt want to spend too much time writing for new dynamics. 

That penguin was so flipping cute, I want to watch him and Baby Yoda take a roundtrip together.  

Yeah, you never want to keep the good liquor from Mallory. She will seek that shit out like a bloodhound. 


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