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S04.E05: The Gang Goes to War

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Following their secret rendezvous, Liz and Caleb find themselves on a case together, defending a soldier court-martialed for sabotaging the weapon of his superior officer. Lucca accompanies her client, and newly minted friend, Bianca, on a short but sure to be memorable trip to the Caribbean.

Airdate: May 14, 2020

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I think it is amusing how they did the opening credits: "there was suppose to be a table here".

Interesting how they got the woman of Diane's dream in the first episode to appear as a real person, and this time she is someone to reminder her the damage the world can do to people seeking something far and justice in the middle of this craziness.

Poor Marissa, she is up for a heartbreak.

I am interested and invested in that memo 618 thing. Can't wait for next week.

Anyone know how far they got along  with this season before having to shut down?

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That's sad to have to pay for someone to be your friend. It's going to be extra messy when rich lady Bianca Skye decides she wants to "break up" with Luca.

Hugh Dancy does a great American accent.

Yeah, the opening credits were funny. "A sofa would have blown up here." That's like the opening credits version of "This page intentionally left blank."

Eh, I still think Caleb has to be up to something with Liz. And I don't like how he keeps calling what they're doing "experimenting." It's as if he's setting up a get out of jail free card in advance. "What? We were only experimenting!" I'll be pleasantly surprised if he's the one who ends up catching feelings

So was that poker game a set up to funnel Luca money so she'd feel more comfortable hanging with Bianca? This sounds a little like Oprah and Gayle to me. Allegedly at some point Oprah gave her a chunk of money so Gayle wouldn't feel like Oprah was paying for everything.

I have a feeling Julius is going to suffer some bad repercussions for defying that fakakta Memo 618.

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It took me a few days to realize that Annaleigh Ashford’s character drawing dots could be a theatrical reference to her playing “Dot” opposite Jake Gyllenhaal‘s pointillist painter Georges Seurat in the most recent Broadway revival of “Sunday in the Park with George.” 

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On 5/17/2020 at 12:54 PM, Chip said:

can someone remind me the plot reason that the lighting color was changing so often in the offices?

Not a "plot reason," but it appeared to me that Liz's office has some kind of laser-light art installation happening on the surface of the building across the street from her, which reflects into her office.

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