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    Killing Eve

  2. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    Phoebe won't be envolved in season 3!? Really!?!? I thought she took a step back in season 2 because of Fleabag (amazing, btw), but she would be involved in season 3 just as much as she was in season 1...
  3. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    I believe it was because he wasn't repelled, weirded out, by her attraction to Villanelle, as everyone else is. He liked that on her. He did not judge her, he presented himself as kin, also not wanting to die of boredom as he sees on her. In fact, for some reason, he was the first one she felt secure to share her appeal of "watching and being watched" with Villanelle. I believe she felt understood and/or accepted in her fucked up mind. I say fucked up because I think her attraction to Villanelle is in fact weird, it goes beyond a normal curiosity as anyone in that field would have for a pyschopat. Excuse my english mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  4. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    I think it was about her getting away from her Villanelle fixation and acquiring another attitude. When she put her hair up really tight to resamble the oriental woman, getting away from having her hair mostly down as Villanelle told her in episode 2 of season 1... Yes, this episode Eve is always playing with her hair, almost like trying to find a comfortable way to use it, and the last scene it looks like she did. In fact, just remembering, when Villanelle compliments her hair, in season 1, Eve is also struggling with how to wear it, in the bathroom of the hospital. In this last scene, she is very secure of what to do with her hair. And when Carolyn talks to hear on the speaker, and to know Eve knew she was there, and still was looking straight ahead... It makes it seem like Eve has found her footing, and Carolyn was right about hiding the postcard - Eve can be a way better agent when she is not fixated in Villanelle. I thought she said "or treason". This episode had a good thing I was missing: Villanelle's relationship with food. I loved having it back. The way she savors it. And Konstantin caring for her... Ok, maybe just protecting his money maker, but either way, he knows her extremely well, to know she would be falling apart like that... Someone said here about her being his biological daughter, maybe it is. Either way, I just hope he gets to kill her before she kills him. I liked how he didn't flinch when she spoke of his daughter (whereas last season he wanted to hide his family from her), it seems he is not afraid of her anymore (I think he gave the idea of being afraid of her last season, of what she was capable to do). This episode was very good, almost season one kind of good.
  5. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    I think she was still aware that Julian was in the house, so to not be suspicious she spoke in english accent. But when the mother told her to be careful, it seemed to me that she went back to her usual russian accent. I like her new handler. He is not afraid of her at all. He put her in her place. (And I loved, LOVED, the actor in Phoebe's old series Crashing.) While Konstantin was always worried for his life and his kid's, and he was always aware when around Villanelle: that led me to think maybe he was in The 12 as a spy and that is why he was very protective of not being caught by her, or anyone. I wonder if the mother wandering around will be a worry to anyone but me. She has dementia, but still... I think Eve's attraction to Villanelle is about seeing herself capable of being Villanelle also. Remember the first episode of the series, when she asks her husband how he would murder her? She has her method already planned. And this past episode, the second episode, she tells her husband she couldn't handle the necropsy room, her husband says she isn't entirely heartless. She seems surprised, but I think Eve comes off to everyone as being capable of murder. Maybe Carolyne saw that. She haven't acted on it, but she thinks exactly like a killer. Maybe that is why stabbing Villanelle scared her so much. To know she can do it.
  6. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    I think Eve hasn't told Carolyn and her husband about stabbing Villanelle because she herself doesn't know why she did it.
  7. nameless slob


    Indeed it was. Plus, stealing back the sculpture.
  8. nameless slob

    Killing Eve

    I think she could be morally grey, or not even so; maybe she just doesn't share everything because she uses Eve just enough to get closer to Oksana, and now she "can take (the job) away", as she said. From the way the show sold Carolyn's character, she sounds extremely intelligent and efficient, so I still buy that. For instance, I think it was extremely weird how Carolyn was open about the information of sleeping with both those men. I think she was setting Eve up to bribe the Russian guy in the bridge. Maybe she knew if any proposal about releasing Nadia came from her, to that former lover, who doesn't trust her, he wouldn't budge. She knew Eve wouldn't stop ("don't do that face"). So I think she gave her a little information to use and she went for it. I actually think she used both those men, I don't believe their romantic relationship is real at all for her. The way she was fixing her make up and her clothes for their meeting, I think they see her as a former lover of no real threat who they want to humor with some information. And she knows that and uses that. I think she knew Konstantin was joining them. I think she was fixing herself up more for him actually. Plus, I wouldn't put past her to have chosen Eve because she already knew a lot more than just being after a "female assassin". She probably knew about Anna and knew Eve would be also Oksana's type. Plus, she chooses Eve, a very inexperienced field agent, for such a dangerous and complex mission. Maybe she just wanted a link to Oksana and doesn't expect much more than that from Eve. She dismissed the Anna thing in a way it makes it look like she already went down that road and knew it would lead nowhere, in the bigger scheme of things: as she says, Oksana is just a link to something bigger. Maybe she wanted Konstantin to trust her enough so that in the end, when she is seen in the visitor's room, she was there at his request to release Oksana. After that, all bets are off.
  9. nameless slob


    I watched so far the first six episodes, and I actually think she is very empathetic and cares a lot about her patients and their lives, more than she should. I can grasp her reasoning behind reaching out to her patient's closest relations. She tries to help Claire and Emily, backhanded as it is. She tries to help Sam, Allison. The only thing that I think runs out of her control is when reaching out to Sidney, she gets tangled in her web. And in reality I think her sessions with Sam suffer because of that. Plus, I don't grasp the "Sidney effect". She does nothing for me, from the first scene of her singing, maybe the actress lacks "it". I do think she is a bad therapist, even though with good intentions. Because she doesn't seem to be able to do her work, help the patients, without the interference of those third parties. She is unable to make them grasp what she is trying to show them. I wanna see more of her relationship with her mother.
  10. nameless slob

    S02.E11: Golden Frog Time

    That was such a wonderful episode! So satisfying. And validating. Since episode 9, when he found out about the books, and in his jiu jitsu class, when talking about luring the opponent, you could see there was something big coming. I adore Paul Giamatti, and I think my adoration for Chuck has something to do with it. But his laughter at the end was so devilish that I almost feel bad about rooting for him. Almost. To think someone has such a misguided notion of doing justice. I know, when Ira said he would trow up and Chuck Sr. said "well, you had some of the Ice Juice earlier". Heh! The man doesn't miss a beat. He is ruthless and funny and unapologetic. And the actor is amazing. Even him being such a prick, Chuck Sr. is someone I would very much enjoy being acquainted with, that would be a daily blast. Me neither. Maybe because of fear his office could be wired? So no conversation that could be incriminatory should take place? Not for him and neither for Wendy (she could be accused of sharing inside information). So maybe that is why he made it seem like a simple domestic dispute between spouses (you think I am an idiot etc) and acted so smug about not leaving the stocks, so both could make a case, if necessary, that the discussion about selling the stocks was all about who has the biggest dick in the house, and not in any way related to inside information. Yes, that is very real and I also love it.
  11. nameless slob

    S02.E11: Golden Frog Time

    That is so cool! I was right, it was all a play by Chuck!
  12. nameless slob


    I kinda pretty much expected he would cheat on her eventually, since in episode 3 he told a story of how his last relationship ended because of him wandering around.
  13. nameless slob

    S02.E09: Sic Transit Imperium

    I think Chuck is thinking way ahead, in a way I can't yet grasp, but it looks promising. I am loving it. When he was talking to the Kate Sacker, when he found out about the books, he was thinking about a way to get someone who can smell any hint of blood and go for the neck, as Axel was doing with the books. So I think he knew his father would suggest his blind trust for the investment (as he knew his father would talk on the golf course with Lawrence Boyd and say Chuck is not pursuing him anymore, thus allowing Chuck to wire Boyd during a vulnerable time). I think, in the end, the blind trust is just a way to allure Axel again, the same as the Churchill's books. And when Axel thinks that Chuck is in fact exposed, and when he tries to use that information (the use of the blind trust) to end Chuck's public image, going for the neck, that is when in fact Chuck will be the one to go for the neck. I don't know how, but that is what I got from that interaction. Chuck seems like a smart enough man to no allow his blind trust to be used in such contrived matter. He declined once or twice before to use it (I think in season one, in an interaction with an older man, when he said he would only have access to it once out of public office; and I think in season two, when he was hiring the lawyer to defend him against Axel's lawsuits). So that is why I think that was staged.
  14. nameless slob

    Mozart In The Jungle

    I finished as well. Gael Garcia is such a good comic actor, I love his Rodrigo.
  15. Good catch! It does look like it. Maybe that is part of the problem: the fact that he proposed to two different women at the same spot makes it seem he has a fantasy about marriage, or romance.