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S01.E03: Get Carried Away

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Noa invites Daniel on a charity trip to Puerto Rico where things don't go as planned. Vanessa stays close to the Garcias and helps Mateo land his next gig as a DJ. Mari invites Natalie's crush to their house.

Air Date: April 27, 2020

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And, just as I thought, the downside of Noa's fame begins.

Spying photographs, tabloids, fans constantly interrupting...

In real life, I don't think these two would stand a chance. Add in Daniel's father is finally concerned, and...yeah.

But as it is fantasy, who knows how this will shake out in the end?

On another note, tonight convinced me even more about a couple of things: I think Mateo/Vanessa will eventually become an item.

And he is a great brother to Natalie. It's nice that he knows about her "friendship", her freaking out, and advises her to call and make things right. Will the rest of the family be as cool about it? I wonder...

Onward to next week, which looks interesting!

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This episode was fun overall, but it did have some issues. 

“You are a natural in front of the camera” I hope they aren’t going in the direction of making him an actor or Food Network star or something instead of an artist. 

I’m also sad that they are already pushing Vanessa in the direction of becoming a talent agent. She became one on the original, but on this version she’s successful as a real estate agent and not some pampered princess living at home with her folks and working at a dead end job at an appliance store. I was hoping they’d explore her being strong and successful at her chosen field first and then slowly transition in that direction over time once she met Noa’s agent. Also, they are pushing her becoming involved with the brother and his career way too soon. I was hoping he would have had a trans am logo on his jacket when he went to the audition since they did give a nod to that at his first gig. 

I was also surprised that they went the route of showing more closeness with Natalie and this particular brother. He’s a bit nicer in this version so I guess she didn’t have to be as afraid to tell him. I wonder if we’ll find out that Daniel knew first and if she is actually closer to him.   

I think we all had to suspend disbelief that they could pull that shindig together in 1 hour and 40 minutes (with 20 minutes left for Noa to change). A roast pig and food for 100 people would be tough to make happen. 

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I really liked Mateo's conversation with Natalie, and I was pleasantly surprised that they're showing Mateo isn't just a cartoon figure already.  I thought their mother's invasiveness was ridiculous, though.  She grabs her daughter's phone and texts Amy to come over?  Natalie is 15; her mother needs to take several steps back.

Did they ever explain WHY Natalie is going to a new school at age 15?  The family hasn't moved, since they live right above the bakery.

It's an interesting choice that Noa is pretty introverted.  It's been noted on this board already that Noa doesn't have that entrancing charisma that we often see in a movie star.  She's more than happy not to be the center of attention.  Daniel is pretty quiet also, so they are a good match in that sense. 

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Looks like they are going there with Vanessa and Mateo, which would probably be really good for both of them. It might be kind of awkward, with Mateo being Daniels brother and all, but then she could stay with their family and she wont be hung up on a guy who clearly isn't into her anymore! Everybody wins!

Its interesting that Noa seems a bit shy and introverted by nature. She can easily turn on the charm, but she seems like she is a rather low key person when she isn't in the public eye. Well its been all fairy tale for now, but now it looks like Daniel will start to see the downsides of dating a famous person, especially now that his dad has concerns. 

The scene with Natalie and Mateo was really nice, and it was cool to see a different, more caring and serious side to him. It seems like Natalie's crush likes her back, but she is still too nervous to really go for it. Plus, Mari needs to slow her damn rolls! Natalie is fifteen, she can text her own friends! 

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On 4/29/2020 at 2:01 PM, Jillybean said:

I haven't seen the original so I hope comparisons can be confined to a separate thread. Thanks!

Great idea.  I've created a thread here for that sort of discussion.

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Goodness! The two leads are both adorable, by themselves and together! 😍  I think I said this already, but I hope they are able to keep up this energy for however long this show lasts.

So far, it's super cute, and exactly the fluff I need right now.

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