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  1. Apparently, although Chandra Wilson is 50, Bailey is supposed to be younger. The problem is that Ellen and Chandra both actually LOOK 50. I say this as a fellow 1969 baby. The Bailey is pregnant storyline is just dumb.
  2. I'm a little worried about Gus! I have a Golden and he's chill, but I've never seen one as chill as Gus. It makes me wonder if they're sedating him or something. Maybe they've just trained him to the point where all of his natural social skills are sucked out of him, because Goldens are super-social.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. High school grad Kate misses her dad, but seems fairly OK other than not having any real plans for college or work (since she just stumbled into the record store job). She appears to be at a normal, healthy weight. How does she go from this to the fast-food-munching, old-house-stalking, morbidly obese Kate of a few short years later?
  4. Great episode! Harris' Rocky Horror outfit bore more than a passing resemblance to Darlene's casino uniform. I suspect we'll see Darlene and Ben back together again since they'll still be working together 40 hours a week.
  5. Jillybean

    S3.04: Triggers

    Ooh, I didn't think of her. Not a procedural, but a drama nonetheless...although I couldn't even make it through season 1.
  6. Jillybean

    S3.04: Triggers

    Maybe Mariska Hargitay.
  7. Jillybean

    S3.04: Triggers

    His American accent is pretty believable. I have no problems with the actor, but they need to give him better material.
  8. Jillybean

    S3.04: Triggers

    How does Buck have a case for wrongful termination when he hasn't even been terminated? Athena and Bobby have no chemistry but seem to make a good team. Ronda Rousey is not good. The kids storyline for Hen and her wife is boring and takes away from more interesting storylines. Maddie: just no. Chimney is such a great boyfriend. Poor Christopher. He has a wonderful dad, though.
  9. Furthermore, why didn't she simply explain this to Nico instead of telling him (according to him) "I lost my bird?"
  10. I get what you're saying, but my comment was that most of the chemistry is coming from Katey (not from Louise) as opposed to John (not Dan). I'm commenting on the acting. Dan says how much he likes her but it didn't feel that way at all. I can't tell if JG has lost a step or if he's just playing Dan very, very low-key. I'd be OK with them accelerating his moving-on process. He's not used to being alone, and widowers are known to partner up again pretty quickly. Plus, they already ret-conned Dan's death, they may as well let him have some fun!
  11. I liked her last season and it's great that she's back. She had an arc on Grand Hotel where she was essentially the leader of an organized crime syndicate. I like her in the Louise role. I like John Goodman, but I happen to think most of the chemistry is coming from KS.
  12. Gave it two eps, but I'm out. This is completely laugh-free, save for the pastor's alternate movie titles in the pilot. Bradley Whitford seems to be a curse for sitcoms, although Trophy Wife absolutely deserved a second season.
  13. I had no interest in this but Mr. Jillybean recorded it, so we watched it and...still no interest. Actually, I gave it one more episode but it was essentially laugh-free, so I'm out. I've never seen this Goggins person before, but I think they needed someone at least moderately attractive to pull off the "unicorn" premise. His hairline and teeth both freak me out. Michaela Watkins gave me a faint glimmer of hope, but she doesn't have enough to work with here. She was one of the best things about Trophy Wife.
  14. I agree. Kid Randall is a rule follower, and it was way out of character for him to violate dress code with his Air Jordans.
  15. Jillybean

    S3.03: The Searchers

    I guess I am forgetting then, because I don't remember any where literally hundreds/thousands of people went missing or lost their lives...nor any episodes that I really didn't enjoy watching, like these two. Yesterday's episode was slightly better than last week's because we at least had the levity of the Raiders of the Lost Barks.
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