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  1. I didn't recall that Monica lived with her mother in DC. How strange that she came home and woke her mother to tell her "the president kissed me." At that age I withheld most of the sordid details of my life from my parents. The fact-checking link upthread says that Monica told 11 people what was going on. It's almost like she wanted it to become public.
  2. It always bugged me when Carrie tells Berger that she and Aidan got back together "because we hadn't sufficiently hurt one another enough the first time" or something to that effect. I always wondered, how did Aidan hurt Carrie...the first time around or the second time around? Pretty sure she was the only one inflicting damage.
  3. I loathed Berger and he kinda ruined Office Space for me.
  4. Wow. This show was well-done and kept me interested from one episodes to the next. But the catfishing? Is this really still a thing in 2021? Do adult women still "fall in love" with an anonymous being via online chat? The specifics reminded me of Talhotblond (a true story from 2005) because in both cases the catfishing perp was a bored older woman and both resulted in a murder. I had a hard time wrapping my head around Dawn posing as Nick and developing "relationships" with a bunch of women, since she herself didn't seem to have any emotional investment in any of those women. I didn't understa
  5. No. No, they had zero chemistry. I found him quite unappealing, for as sexy as viewers were apparently supposed to think he was. And I remember when MB was on posters back in the day. He did nothing for me. I also thought she had no chemistry with Berger. When Carrie decides to blow off her party to hold Alek's hand, she says she doesn't have anyone's number to let them know. Why doesn't she simply call the bookstore where they worked, or the restaurant where the party was being held and ask them to pass along a message?
  6. With all the new co-stars and old guest-stars to cram into 10 episodes, I have the feeling they won't be doing much of a deep dive into these issues.
  7. Off topic for this thread, but here's a recent article on this very topic. https://www.businessinsider.com/typical-gen-x-debt-net-worth-income-earnings-caregiving-stress-2021-8
  8. I thought it was him, too.
  9. It's been a few months since I watched this on HBOMax, and I haven't seen the TBS version, and I don't want to mention stuff from other episodes in this thread...but there are some sex scenes with non-PG13 language. Think Sex and the City edited for E! -- except that they also cut out entire scenes and plotlines to make room for commercials and I don't think TBS did that since they're promoting the hell out of this and saying "limited commercial interruptions."
  10. Interesting that TBS is airing this after the run on HBO Max. They must have done a fair bit of editing to make it suitable for basic cable.
  11. Interesting article. I was 45 when I got married and didn't want gifts. We avoided the whole thing by telling almost no one we were getting married and only inviting 7 people (my family) to the wedding. I spent most of my 20s and especially my 30s thinking marriage wasn't in the cards for me, but it didn't occur to me to worry about parties or gifts or celebrating accomplishments in some big way. I definitely get the premise and as someone who was unmarried for so long, I agree to a point that we disproprtionately celebrate weddings and babies. It just doesn't really bother me, but I haven't s
  12. This one kinda broke my heart. I wanted a happy ending for these two.
  13. I enjoyed this one, though I too thought this is likely a treatable condition. I loved the actor who played Jordan.
  14. Well, what the hell? Hated that they incorrectly referenced "Before Sunset" instead of "Before Sunrise." They even showed a clip from the correct movie! The "Game of Thrones" reference was meta, a little too on the nose.
  15. On that note, I'm skeptical that a male writer referred to a scrunchie in his book and talked about his female protagonist "running around town in a scrunchie." Especially since Berger said "the hair thing?" when Carrie brought it up. Something was off there. And don't get me started on the heavily-Southern-accented scrunchie-wearing woman who was SO flattered when they asked what part of New York she was from. "HONEY! THEY THINK AH'M FROM NEEWWW YORK!" I guess I should take this post to the SATC thread.
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