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  1. I re-watched it after reading your post and my reaction is the same as in my post upthread. I don't care for her performance of the song at all and I still find it disconnected -- and the belt loops across her breasts were very distracting. That being said, the beauty of "art" is we all interpret it differently. Her performance spoke to you during a difficult time and that's wonderful.
  2. It seems I am alone in my "meh" opinion of Grace's rendition of "Fix You" -- a song that, to me, is not to be trifled with. I hated that she called it "a cry song" and I just didn't care for the spin she put on it. She is obviously extremely talented but I didn't think she connected with the song at all.
  3. Here in Virginia, we are still under a mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. But of course, this is Texas.
  4. At least Adam takes him to the bar!
  5. I was being tongue-in-cheek. Of course they can be trained, but training a dog to be nearly motionless for the purpose of essentially being a TV prop seems pointless to me. Every Golden I know loves people, and it would be much more fun to watch Gus interact with his humans.
  6. I've said this before, but I'll say it again" I'm worried that "Gus" is being sedated, because I don't know any Golden Retrievers who are that mellow and indifferent to the people around them. We had an 8th birthday party for my Golden on Friday and it was bedlam. 😂
  7. This episode was so different. I can't recall other episodes showing accident victims beyond the rescue. The flashback montage of the mother-daughter was lovely, but these were two random characters. It seemed strange to me. It's like they suddenly decided to be This is Us. The end of episode scenes with updates on all the rescued people was also OOC for this show.
  8. Jillybean

    S01.E03: Superhero

    What's up with Andy Garcia's weird accent in this show?
  9. Good point. I have seen headlines about this situation but haven't read what happened. And I'd forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. This show is in a full-blown sophomore slump IMO, and I'm not sure if it's only because of the way they've chosen to handle Covid. I find the plotlines hard to follow, and the lack of continuity on the personal storylines leaves holes big enough to drive a truck through. Some formerly likeable characters are unlikeable this season. The show tends to languish on our DVR for days and then it feels like a chore to watch. I have one foot out the door, but will wait and see if Lola being back at work makes any difference.
  11. I really think Judd's childhood friend was far more culpable in his own death than Judd was.
  12. I LOATHED the character assassination on Aidan in the wretched 2nd movie. I prefer to pretend it didn't happen, the way so many series have plotlines, character deaths, etc for the sake of their revivals. I sort of think JC should want better for Aidan but that's dumb of me. A paycheck is a paycheck. He has work on Rebel, too.
  13. I had forgotten all of this, and still don't really remember it. I wish we'd seen a flashback or something, which would have been an inelegant but helpful way to connect the dots for people like me who don't recall every plotline from an entire series. I, too, thought Albert would die, but I don't think of him as a main character. He wouldn't be any loss for the show, but I want Chim to be happy so I'm glad he lived. I didn't expect the drunk driver to simply be extremely drunk. She was totally ignoring her child and Maddie on the phone. She didn't speak a word and just kept driving
  14. With the premiere of each season, I was disappointed that the theme music was still accompanied by Carrie's walk down the street in her tutu, rather than a smart intro featuring the four co-stars.
  15. This particular panel never does. They give standing ovations for nearly every performance, and declare "the winner" early on and slobber all over the contestants. Any constructive criticism is veiled, such as what they gave Ava last night. This panel is an utter joke. I have stopped watching, but a friend shared a video of Casey performing and I tuned in to see her.
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