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  1. The Fug Girls have been recapping the show weekly. Episode 8 Recap.
  2. Don't Hate Us Over These Burning Questions We Have About And Just Like That... I agree with every word of this.
  3. Cynthia Nixon Says It Was 'Lucky' They Could Cut Chris Noth's 'And Just Like That' Scenes Then she has failed miserably at her job. Literally nothing they have done seems right for her character. CN has completely lost sight of Miranda in her quest to tell her own story. As for "hope among many," I wonder if that includes anyone not a part of the cast and crew. CN also said "...I think we are very proud of our show.”
  4. Here's a quote from Cynthia Nixon's new interview with Entertainment Tonight: “Even though I’m an executive producer and I got to direct an episode, I am not a writer. And so, that is one of the great privileges of being a writer, that it’s not my job to figure it out, thank god,” Nixon says. “You know, it’s my job to say that doesn’t seem right for my character. But in terms of the amazing writers, we have [been] dreaming things up. They know much better than I do.” She has failed miserably at that job.
  5. And then Miranda can give Che the very same "I changed who I was for you!" speech that she gave Steve in that movie.
  6. Miranda is unemployed, correct? (All three women are, unless you count Carrie's role at Che's terrible "podcast?") Are we to believe that Miranda made enough money at her law firm to live on indefinitely? I'm so confused by this. We saw her briefly attending classes, and I'm unclear on what her plan/goal is and how she intends to support herself after the divorce. Steve appears to still own the bar, but doesn't go there in the evening, so presumably he's got someone else managing it and if it's been open this long, it must be doing OK. For those speculating about what will happen next wi
  7. I agree. Like these characters, I was single and dating a lot longer than many people. Even though my life didn't much resemble theirs, just the trials and tribulations of dating in one's 30s was very relatable. For much of my 20s and all of my 30s I longed for a good partner. I had too much drama in my dating life and I longed for "boring." I really and truly did. By the time I met my husband, I'd resigned myself to the fact that I might be on my own forever. I started dating him at 42 and we got married at 45. We're now 52. He's not the most exciting man I've been with, but he's a rock-solid
  8. I truly don't mind being called ma'am. I'm 52 and I've earned that respect!
  9. I think someone had posted in one of the other threads that Cynthia Nixon was reluctant to do the show and only agreed to it if Miranda could have this particular trajectory. I never read any sources for this but I think I remember someone mentioning it. If true, then that would explain it. I'm sure they wouldn't have done the show without 2 of the 4 OG characters. I loathe Miranda's story.
  10. KD seems to be playing Charlotte extra-shrill. She has this almost manic energy about her that's nothing like she was on SATC. It's almost like Charlotte is performing rather than living her life. I wonder if KD has been doing stage work recently? Miranda is an idiot.
  11. Philip Mean Jerk told her he did not accept her resignation in the S5 finale, so she decided to stay in her probably $10/hr part-time job because she enjoys it -- apparently more than she enjoys living with her husband.
  12. I thought the same. When Kate broke into a big grin and said "yeah, let's be smokers!" I was like...seriously? It was so weird and inorganic.
  13. I like Kevin. I can't help it.
  14. I don't know...the tomato-meter isn't perfect, but it's hardly reflecting a love-fest from the critics. The audience number looks about right.
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