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  1. I thought her crying was terribly fake, but the rest was fine.
  2. I always thought it was a lame attempt to explain away Carrie's sudden baggy wardrobe, which was only worn because SJP was pregnant at the time. That being said, I am 50, and I definitely dress differently than I did in my 30s.
  3. I found both Trey and Berger extremely cringeworthy.
  4. Which for me is more than half of them. I watched the after show with Bret Michaels because he's entertaining, but generally have no interest in it. As it is, I FF through much of the main hour. I didn't watch any of this week's performances in their entirety. None of them are THAT good.
  5. I can't stand AB so I'm very glad they didn't go that route.
  6. I wasn't a big fan of the original finale, but these are all worse!
  7. I always thought the shriek was so unnatural. What about when she sees the squirrel at Aidan's house in Suffern (heh) -- she shrieks and drops the pie she just took out of the oven, burning her legs. I mean...I get that the squirrel had the element of surprise, but come on.
  8. I had no idea they had done such an episode and I thought it was brave and brilliant! It took me a couple of minutes to catch on that the entire episode was shot from each actor's home. It was so very well-done from start to finish. I loved the DJ as somewhat of a Greek Chorus...the exterior shots of a shuttered L.A. (ouch)...the range of feelings expressed by various characters from anxiety to helplessness...the realistic touch of Sara picking up work as an Instacart shopper and Sherri organizing her pantry...the conversation with Lola and Roxy reminding us all that we can be emotionally connected even when we are physically separated. So original and well-executed! I thought there was a missed opportunity to comment on the clear air in L.A. (or did I miss it?). I also would have loved to see Amy have a vulnerable moment so the audience might like her a little...rather than just her doing yoga 3x a day and Face Time sex. I was very surprised she and Mark decided to shelter in place together (especially at his place) considering he drove her bonkers when he was making himself home at her place. But these are minor nitpicks on what was a great episode. So glad to see this show get renewed today!
  9. How in the world did Abby go off on her Eat, Pray, Love adventure, score herself a fiance, and yet is still wearing those fugly old-fashioned glasses?
  10. I haven't seen the original so I hope comparisons can be confined to a separate thread. Thanks!
  11. They are not at all convincing as husband and wife. They seem more like friends or even acquaintances/colleagues. I have no idea why they went this route with those two. She's coming back next week. Hence the Buck is lonely saga over the past few eps.
  12. I'm convinced he sleeps in the damn thing. It's a shame he's clinging to the bandana and wisps (or extensions?), because he'd look good with a shaved head.
  13. I just figured she was trying it out, only to confirm she's indeed straight. I always thought she should have stayed with Adam's brother. It wouldn't have worked for the show, but it would have been great for her character.
  14. Chris Noth hasn't tried to hide his disdain for Big's storyline in both movies, though. He also claimed that the script for the 3rd movie didn't call for Big to be killed off. So who knows.
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