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  1. I gave A Million Little Things two episodes. Terrible, terrible show. This, to me, was Hallmark Channel levels of schlocky. That being said, I like schlock more than darkness on my TV. I'll give it at least one more episode. The problem is the best character died. And presumably, shows back up in flashbacks. Doesn't feel at all fresh.
  2. I hated seeing Richard like that. And to go from hand tremors to a full-blown, 2-day cognitive event seems unlikely. Maggie's dude's "and Richard is...?" was the main thing that stood out to me. This line wouldn't have been written if they are meant to be instant star-crossed lovers. Something's up.
  3. According to Wikipedia, she most recently gave birth in January 2015.
  4. I primarily know Bella Thorne as the 2018 winner of Fug Madness. The 2020 tournament starts today!
  5. SKB did a Facebook Live after the episode aired last night. I watched it this morning and even he said Randall did the wrong thing.
  6. Many years ago, I was calling around to try to find a therapist. I spoke to one and told her I did not want someone who would tell me what to do. Based on that, she concluded she couldn't work with me. Always felt I dodged a bullet there. I didn't particularly enjoy this episode. It's been mentioned upthread a couple of times, but it doesn't make much sense that Kate is still morbidly obese in the scenarios where Jack lives. We were previously led to believe that Jack's death is what led to her enormous weight gain, although this season it's seemed more like Marc's abuse is where that trajectory starts. If Jack had lived, it's unlikely she would have met Marc. I don't know much about clinical trials, but my understanding is that one cannot simply just decide to participate in a clinical trial. Not to mention, she may not get the experimental drug. Since Rebecca is at the cabin in August, she clearly doesn't end up spending 9 months in St. Louis. Either way, adult Randall has a history of manipulating others to get what he wants, but this instance is really beyond the pale.
  7. Not sure about the squats, but he's pretty busy as a judge on American Idol.
  8. Sarah Palin is an attention whore. Of course she did this show. 🤮
  9. Paul is trans, so it made sense for him to say that. Barry Corbin was also coach Whitey on One Tree Hill. Owen's lung cancer is essentially forgettable. My impression of this episode was that it was filmed as a possible series finale in case they didn't get renewed. There were no cliffhangers at the end.
  10. I'm pretty sure the Sun would've been fine without a testimonial from someone she hasn't seen or worked with since she was a resident 10 years ago. That alone made the entire premise ludicrous. I stopped watching after they killed Derek. Then I kept hearing about how the show had this incredible rebirth and was better than ever, so I caught up on a couple of seasons of back episodes and resumed watching. I think I'm done again. Not because this episode was upsetting, but because I just don't care about any of the characters except Linc, and they're screwing things up for him. Put the show out of its misery already. It's a shadow of its former self.
  11. That was driving me crazy! What an odd stance for a business pitch.
  12. That kid has great aim. I, too, was wondering why the hell Grandma didn't just unlock the door. The guys loudly identified themselves as fire & rescue so I'm not sure what possessed a little kid to shoot. As soon as I saw the opening credits I told my husband "Tom Cruise's cousin is in this one." Tom Cruise's actual last name is Mapother. A dog with cancer in a clinical trial needs to have some supervision and structure. Come on.
  13. Over the weekend, the dog bakery in the town I just moved from posted on Facebook about how well some dog food toppers have been selling. I looked at the photo and they're called Basics Flavors Food Toppers. They come in multiple flavors and are sold by Chewy and Amazon, among others. My dog will eat anything we put in front of him, so I'm not interested, but it does indeed look as though someone else has the Shake It Pup "problem" solved already.
  14. I hated Kate's line to Madison at brunch: "I really don't know what to make of all this. And it really couldn't have come at a more terrible time." Making it all about her, as usual! I fail to understand how Madison and Kevin knocking boots affects Kate in any way, much less is the impetus for a mea culpa brunch.
  15. I'd have to go back and find it, but I could have sworn Kevin's line was "We're not speaking, remember?" -- which is rather vague.
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