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S13.E37: Believe (Part 1)

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Zoë's trial begins and when she fears that she is being painted in a harsh light, she takes matters into her own hands. Becky is torn up about what she’s going to say when she takes the stand as a character witness in her brother’s trial.


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Surprised that there's only one episode left, I wasn't expecting that.


- I liked the realism of the trial... Zoe has her supporters, but she also has her detractors, she's being grilled in court, Becky's torn on what to do. Speaking of Becky, thanks, Drew, for some majorly shitty advice. Or perhaps, thanks, Clare, for being so incapable of controlling yourself around Drew that Becky had to go off with him. If I were Becky, I wouldn't have done Clare that favor, not after her attitude in class.


Is it not considered rape by law if the person is drunk? If the person doesn't explicitly consent? It sucks that they got the videos excused from the case, that basically kills Zoe's case. Where's Grace when you need her? Put it online, leak it to the press! Honestly, that's what Zoe should have done rather than do an interview.


That nightmare scene was excellent, one of those, "is this still Degrassi?" moments.


- Don't care about Maya and Miles. In fact, I think it's weird that Maya's all chummy with him considering their last interaction. And I find it so disappointing that Miles is only interested in this Zoe support crew because he thinks it'll earn him points with Maya. He used to date Zoe, he's the one who brought her to the room where she was assaulted... shouldn't he have a personal interest in what's going on with Zoe? Is this not tugging at him at all? I feel like this is a writing issue, not necessarily that he's an awful person... as if they think the Maya/Miles relationship is more important than his history with Zoe or being a decent person.


- Nice continuity with Vince... hope he doesn't run into Drew. I wonder, though, isn't this gang rehabilitation group supposed to be guiding Zig and Tiny through this? They can't really think they can get away with, "I'm busy with other things!" Hopefully part of the program is buying the drugs to get them off the street, and using Zig for intel on Vince's whereabouts to get him, too.

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Tristan: That was in Season 8 and we don't talk about season 8.

F you Tristian, Degrassi season 8 was good. So sick of everyone hating on it, it was a rebuilding year and the old cast HAD TO GO. Ugh. Anyway.


This episode didn't work in some parts, but I thought it was overall good. Ugh at everything at the trial. I was feeling elated after Unbelievable/Sad But True, but it looks like the show is crashing this whole storyline back down to Earth. I realize it's realistic, but I do want them to show that sometimes these rapists DO get caught as not to completely deter people reporting these crimes. Anyway.


A-Plot. While I'm not feeling Ana's hair, she did some of her best acting here. Like I said, some of the logistics didn't really here in terms of the law stuff. The prosecutor meeting up with Zoe and her mom at the freaking Dot, the reporter interviewing Zoe with her mom present (though looking at Ms. Rivas, that's easier to believe), etc. The overall plot made up for it, with Zoe facing the insurmountable odds just to prove two boys took advantage of her and the mini-commentary on how awful the media is when it comes to covering rape/sexual assault.


B-Plot. Poor Becky. Now that I think about it, she and Drew do make a lot of sense together but I hope they won't put them together too soon. The Adam mention was really needed here and Drew was also good here - that he understood just what Becky was going through and just how much Drew misses Adam (I suppose in retrospect, a lot of what Drew did this season can be chalked up to him not quite processing Adam's death). I also liked Clare here for the part in the classroom, given her experiences with Asher and also Darcy being date-raped.


C-D Plot. Well, I'm glad Maya is done leading Zig on though I'm betting we're going to get an unrequited love switcheroo soon. I thought we needed more of Miles agonizing over his testimony but I did like how they tied it to his feelings over Maya and his little secret. As for Zig's plot, I can only say holy crap to seeing Vince again. I guess shooting someone doesn't get you much time in prison in Canada. It's stuff like this that makes me like the show more, just like a couple of episodes ago, we saw Asher's protege interviewing the Hollingsworth. Next we'll probably see Soccerstud in the parking lot waiting for Riley, or Shelia the Caf Lady trying to get her job back or LoveQueen16 trying to mack on Hunter.


Oh and I know it was thrown out, but why is no one talking to Grace about her obtaining the video and why isn't she offering to testify? Ugh this show.

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Christ, I hate it when tv shows try to show the legal process. Every single thing about that trial was substantively and procedurally wrong.

Especially considering that's not how it works in Canada - at all. Our legal system is very much based on the UK system - complete with black gowns and the like. This was very law and order-y. 

I do find it interesting that Becky's parents are like "perjure yourself it's quite okay.. Though i loathe how television portrays Christians too - so i'm not surprised. 

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I was trying to recall precisely how old the defendants are, thinking perhaps it was Youth Court, which would explain the lack of gowns.  But then the presence of the press would be even more unrealistic.

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Is it not considered rape by law if the person is drunk? If the person doesn't explicitly consent? It sucks that they got the videos excused from the case, that basically kills Zoe's case


it's not supposed to, but it's realistic in terms of how females are slut shamed for crimes like this.  Look at all the craziness going on with Jada the 16 year old teen from Houston who was roofied and raped.

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Though i loathe how television portrays Christians too - so i'm not surprised.

Becky is the show’s most prominent Christian character right now, and I think the series has done a good job with her. But not all Christians are going to walk the walk the way she does, and I don’t see her family’s behavior as all that unrealistic. 


I think the major Christian characters on the show have been for the most part portrayed as likable and good-hearted, and it's really the side characters who have issues, e.g. Darcy vs Linus, Becky vs her family. I like seeing the contrast. Someone on tumblr made this gif set showing Luke and Becky’s different ways of representing Christianity.


I guess there's also Clare, who isn't that likable IMO, but for reasons that have nothing to do with Christianity.

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i think - what really threw me off this episode - was how happy Tristan was. Like... points for him being a supportive friend, but there wasn't any inclination, indication - nada ziich.. that he was upset about Yates, still p.o.ed regarding Maya. (I think that threw me more than anything else on the show this week). 

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When Maya went to solicit Tristan's help in supporting Zoe, he gave her the cold shoulder and she said she knew he wasn't talking to her, but she wanted him to know what was going on with Zoe and it was important. I thought Tristan being still mad at Maya but coming through for Zoe was in character and also pretty good role model behavior because part of being an adult is that ability to compartmentalize and set aside one issue while dealing with another. Also, Tristan is trying to put up a show that implies he was not involved with Yates, so he can't go around the school moping and complaining because it will tip off Snake that he lied about Yates' innocence.


The show does often drop one story and pick up another for a while, but I'm confident they will get back to the Tristan-Yates situation. I don't think taking the focus off it means it's been dropped permanently.

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They were in the How Bizarre/My Hero block (Drew interrupted a Dallas/Alli-Connor/Jenna double date at the Dot), but I don't think they've been seen since. With the big cast, sometimes cast members will disappear for a few episodes.


F you Tristian, Degrassi season 8 was good. So sick of everyone hating on it, it was a rebuilding year and the old cast HAD TO GO. Ugh. Anyway.


He should have been saying that about Seasons 5 and 6. The show almost didn't survive those.

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Oh, honey, no. You cannot sing that song. Olivia Newton John was cute but you can't do Wicked. Sit down. It's OK. We'll pretend this didn't happen.


Imogen's outfits continue to be adorable.


I wouldn't trust a lawyer who was that casual about a rape case and did trial prep in a coffee shop either. 


The trial isn't quite on par with Law & Order but they did a decent job. I wish they had drawn it out even more since they have two episodes.


Not sure how things work in Canada but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to leave kids in the woods all night. 

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