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S02.E15: Third Time's The Charm

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DIE TRYING - The Charmed Ones (Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffries) must face their worst fears in order to reclaim the power of three. Also starring Rupert Evans, Poppy Drayton and Jordan Donica. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Carolyn Townsend (#215).  Original airdate 3/27/2020 


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Wow! This was the most Charmed episode of the reboot since it started! I enjoyed it for the most part. This is the most screentime the 3 sisters have had together in.....likely the entire series thus far and the episode actually ended on the 3 of them bonding! Writers....why havent you been doing this longer?

I think when they do their "power of 3" spell, instead of an energy ball, they should've had it resemble a Triquetra.

While I am glad that we are more of less done with "boring demons are killing witches", humans threatening the magic community probably could've waited another season or two.

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Wait, there's a "faction" now? What or who the hell is the faction? Why are we just now hearing about it? Why can't this show make up its mind who the big bad is this season? 

SInce when does having the Power of Three mean the sisters can shoot blue lightening bolt energy out of their hands? They didn't have that before. How would they even know to do that?

So let me get this straight. The Charmed Ones are just hanging around the Elder Lair when an alarm goes off, they see some blip on the map, and go running off half-cocked without knowing what it means or preparing in any way. Wow. That is monumentally stupid. It's like they are just asking to be killed running toward every danger they see without even knowing what it is.

Wasn't it convenient that the acid-spewing monster waited patiently offscreen while the Charmed Ones performed their little Power of Three restoration ritual? Especially since he was chasing them. Mighty polite of him.

Why is this show such a freaking mess?

Kate Burton will take any job that is offered her, won't she? 

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On 3/28/2020 at 10:40 AM, iMonrey said:

SInce when does having the Power of Three mean the sisters can shoot blue lightening bolt energy out of their hands? They didn't have that before. How would they even know to do that?

I believe it was Macy who mentioned it was a power upgrade. 

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Well one thing sure hasn't changed from this show from the OG show, the Elders are still dicks! 

This one was at least a little better, in that it did actually have some character stuff that worked alright and we seem to be moving towards some kind of actual plot, but this show is mostly just all over the freaking place. So now we have one of these "government creeps try to take over magic" plots? Already? Its been so long since we saw anything from the greater magical community, it all seems meh as far as plots go. But I guess its better than the dull as dirt killing witches plot. 

So, maybe this is semantics, but its weird to me that they keep talking about "humans" like they're some other species apart from witches. Arent witches humans too, just humans with powers? Or are they some kind of magical subspecies? 

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I've never understood hate watching a show...but I suppose that's exactly what I'm dong here.

Nothing makes sense. Writers are making up things on the spot...if you die in your dreams, it's a desirable outcome...but not if all three die? Okay, then.

I'd ask when and how Macy regained her telekinetic powers but I don't care. I had another new episode of this show to watch but I'm far too aggravated to sit through another hour of this drivel.

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For me, it's a case of too little, too late.  It's Episode 15 and finally they get the Power of Three back.  

I usually enjoy "what if" scenarios, but I was mostly bored by these ones, and they seemed pretty random, anyhow.  Why was Maggie a little girl again?  Why Mel in a prison or psych ward or whatever that was, with 17th century Jordan?  What did this have to do with them deciding not to get their powers back?  Was it they didn't want their powers back, or they couldn't get the powers back, or both?  I found it hard to pay attention.  They even found a new boring way to shoehorn in Abigail.

I liked Elder Celeste, though.



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This show has a lot of good ideas but it always ends up putting them into practice in a way that feels very rushed, which is sad. This episode is a good example. The baddies creating remote control ultra-monsters is a neat idea, but it was kind of rushed, the girls need to get their Triquetra Mojo back and getting it back in a moment if crisis is a good idea, but it seemed kind of rushed. The actual Darkest Fears were pretty solid and I love Darkest Fears episodes, but these were kind of rushed.

I will also say I can clearly see that the writers DO have a solid idea about the characterisation they are going for here. When Harry says their greatest fear is losing each other, sadly it comes across as just telling the audience "these characters have a strong sisterly bond, look how strong their sisterly bond is!" Which is unfortunate because what they were going for was that each of them really fears being alone: Macy has terrible impostor syndrome and is terrified that she doesn't really belong in the family and that the others will boot her out and replace her*, Mel is afraid of losing her support structure and being unable to control things or fulfill her responsibilities, Maggie is terrified the people she loves will dismiss her or abandon her or turn her into a magical slave. So they are all constantly afraid of losing their family not just because their sisterly bond is so powerful but because it would leave each of them alone and helpless in a hostile world. 

But I don't think that was really explored as much as it could be. Not sure if this is a time thing cos I've seen Darkest Fears episodes with less time than this that work better. I do feel it was a bit crowded.

Elder Celeste is pretty cool too.

*OK Just my tuppence-if I were to have done Macy's nightmare in this episode is actually have Dream Abi be totally sincere and Macy actually get so angry her demon powers resurface and she accidentally fireballs one of the others. Because that works better with her impostor syndrome thing. Her deepest darkest fear is that No She is the Demons.

In fact keeping with what I said above I'd have the nightmares be basically:

Macy accidentally kills one or more of the others. Mel has to watch them being killed and can't do anything to stop it. Maggie is told that the others are going to handle something, without telling her what it is, and then they just leave and never come back, or maybe she then has to ID their bodies or something.

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