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S01.E07: Ghosts

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To air on March 10, 2020:

After the disappearance of his daughter is ignored by local police, a Native American man decides to take matters into his own hands. When his search escalates to murder, the team must track him down before his crusade claims any more lives.

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They went out of their way to try and make Reg a sympathetic figure with breaking his sobriety, wife's suicide, by telling us the poor job by the PI, Enfield police's bigotry/lack of concern, Audrey's runaway/murder, couldn't get his hands on Lex and the stories of the abuse at the schools. With all that, a little surprised he wasn't killed at the end.

A lot of air travelling for the agents: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, and Ontario. Reg is travelling by car and is still one step ahead of them.

Reg traveled to all these states and to Canada with no problem???  

The two prostitutes just stayed at the motel a didn't run after Reg shot the pimp on the stairs? Did the pimp's body block their only exit and they couldn't jump over him?

Reg asked the best question of the night to Clinton: Who the hell are you?

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This was a pretty good episode, I’m enjoying the show. I liked that Clinton got to take the lead in this episode since he’s the one who has gotten the least amount of screen time so far. 

I did wonder how Reg was able to travel to Canada, how did he get past the border with everyone looking for him? Other than that I thought the episode was good and I enjoyed watching it play out. 

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Reg was in Indian territory that crosses over into Canada so he just walked past the border. The school in the Canadian territory was run by the Catholic? church but was still on Indian land. I assume that the US border people still have  checkpoints on border crossings but don't have people patrolling on Indian land at the border.

If the Canadian border was actually monitored like the Mexican border we would not have so many Canadian actors in  the US. 😉

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I really enjoyed this episode...the outstanding cast of Native American actors, including Tatanka Means, son of Russell Means and the others featured last night was unique for a network show. The history of the resident schools that ripped Native children from their homes on the reservations and stripped them of their identity and abused them physically, emotionally and mentally is a sad stain on our country and I applaud the producers and writers for bringing this into a prime time show. 

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