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  1. UnknownK

    A.P. Bio

    Is there going to be another season? Seems cheap enough to do but no idea how many people are paying to watch this show.
  2. You can digest them better once a week (assuming you are watching other shows as well). I binged 15 seasons of Supernatural over a few months and I can barely remember that much about them.
  3. She was expecting to get killed so I can see her adrenaline going nuts plus she has FBI combat training. The hired thugs were not in a life or death struggle and I assume were told to take her alive and unharmed.
  4. Wasn't he out with the police trying to capture the oldest thug at the time?
  5. I guess with water levels rising in Florida (salting the ground so much that fruit will not grow) and the lack of water in California we are going to be eating less fruit and nuts grown in the US and Mexico. He keeps harping about climate change and most people don't care until WW3 starts over the lack of water in Asia.
  6. The guy asked if there was any hope for him and she just laid out the crimes he had to pay for. She pretty much did him a favor letting him kill himself, his life was over anyway.
  7. Science fiction shows like this take a while to become popular. X-Files was ranked 105 out of 128 shows its first season and didn't peak until season 5 on its first run. There are just too many shows on network TV these days fighting for less and less live viewers who have other things to do. I kind of wonder when the whole thing will collapse because the numbers won't justify the cost of making new shows anymore. Anyway I think the show would have been more interesting showing the beginning of the alien artifacts crashing down and how all the groups came into being and their motivat
  8. UnknownK


    I am sure that would be illegal in a dozen ways, plus the possibility that the bombs go off anyway and a major building gets demolished and civilian people die.
  9. UnknownK

    Media for Evil

    The show will eventually end up on DVD if you do rentals or you could just pay for 1 month of paramount+ a year and binge all the shows you normally would watch instead of paying for the whole year. Some shows will thrive on streamers and some won't, but they will know for sure how many people watch them over time. I look at how Lucifer wasn't a huge money maker for FOX (advertising age group, delayed viewing issues) but did absolutely great on NETFLIX where paying eyeballs is all that matters.
  10. It helps that you never actually seen him enjoy killing anybody. Its one thing to talk about him killing so many people and another to actually see him do it that would sour people to the character.
  11. He isn't even the main character so his screen time is limited except for the last couple episodes.
  12. Then you miss out on good shows that only last a season or two,
  13. I am sure the FBI is busy finding people who make the underage porn and host it then some guy who received one picture on his computer and promptly deleted it. Intent is a key piece of most laws.
  14. I figured that is how they found out about the distance thing. The original guy would not have left the device out of his sight and also would not have left his wife out of his sight either so both would be fine. Once he started transforming other people those people would not need to stick around and eventually you might find out they died. So either it was an accident or an experiment to see how far they can go before the affect wears off. He did say he needed more people to make the distance between the device work farther away.
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