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  1. I think Bill was saying people who are in bad health already will have a harder time with the virus. People eat poorly because they are poor. The cheapest foods you can buy are fast food and the overly processed stuff you find at the dollar store. People who work multiple part time jobs and side gigs to make rent don't have time to cook even if they knew how. Fresh vegetables are not available everywhere and they are not cheap plus they spoil quickly. Well off people have cooks who keep them healthy and they also have access to decent family doctors. When you start seeing healthy middle aged production people with money start dying you know the virus is going to be hard to beat. Not having a panel to get differing views on subjects is killing this show. Not sure how many writers he still has working but new rules seemed half assed like he just made it up on his own because he had to. This is the time to experiment because of limited production values. You have millions of people without work to go to that have political opinions and access to the internet so I don't see why he just doesn't set up an email address for their questions like he has on the youtube aftershow and have multiple guests give their view on the subject via iphone and splice it together. The good thing is you won't have people talking over each other.
  2. Or a bad thing if she goes looking for her sister and they both get killed plus puts Martin in the killers crosshairs.
  3. UnknownK

    S03:E10: All In

    I think in the world of the drug trade shooters are disposable, lawyers can be easily replaced, but people that can launder money in vast quantities are rare. Marty has proven over the 3 seasons that he can think his way out of any roadblock AND get what he wants done. It is rare to have an idea man who can get things completed. Nobody was going to think of a way to get the cartel war won but Marty did.
  4. A second casino would cause an audit which means he can't launder money which means he is of no use to the cartel.
  5. You have two broken people looking for something to dull the pain a little while with somebody who understands great loss.
  6. Wendy is batshit crazy. Marty didn't volunteer for this life, does not enjoy it, does what he thinks will keep death away for as long as he can, and if he think he can get out from under the mess by running he will. Wendy looks like she wants power and all the trappings of ill gotten fortune. Wendy also likes to win at all costs. While she starts playing nice she goes for the jugular as soon as she can.
  7. UnknownK

    S03.E01: Wartime

    Fingerprints of a person who used to live there a year ago. She left her old hidden key which is funny because I figured people changed the locks when they moved into a new house just because of this. Cops will not look into it because nothing was stolen or damaged (and the owners are not rich enough to have high up friends in the department), and in most cases even if something was taken they will just tell you to file with insurance. The food coloring was probably put into the drink to make the owners question all the food and dump it. Leaving the door open and putting the picture upside down were done so the owners know immediately somebody was in there. The whole thing was to make the new owners uncomfortable and feel violated in their new home.
  8. Is this the finale for the season?
  9. Nolan was the only one who seen and interacted with the guy and Nolan knows "Jangus" tampered with video evidence so sooner or later Nolan would have to look the guy up and question him. Makes sense to go directly after Nolan after the guy found out that official questions were being asked about him and his crew.
  10. I can see why he didn't defend himself with the truth considering it would mean admitting he kept a baby that didn't belong to him and actually belonged to the father of the richest family in town.
  11. Reg was in Indian territory that crosses over into Canada so he just walked past the border. The school in the Canadian territory was run by the Catholic? church but was still on Indian land. I assume that the US border people still have checkpoints on border crossings but don't have people patrolling on Indian land at the border. If the Canadian border was actually monitored like the Mexican border we would not have so many Canadian actors in the US. 😉
  12. UnknownK


    The boy should have ratted his friend out and moved so he could go to college. The family should have moved as well to be safe. Lets be honest the father popped the leader of the gang in his own turf and nobody came after him anyway, not much of a gang.
  13. Don't forget the in show commercials for things like cars eating up time.
  14. The way the kids dressed, no Nike shoes, old cars, $.25 to get into the caves, those old nickel plated metal flashlights, old rotary pay phone gave it away as a flashback. Hell the fact that kids were playing outside at all and were not in their rooms texting on an iPhone is all you needed to see. WW2 was over in 1945 and most soldiers were home in a couple years (massive drawdown of the army, airforce, and navy). While 300K people ended up in the service from TN during WW2 there were many deferments for hardships and farming (especially 38-44 year olds). The people who showed up to hunt for the kids seem to have been farmers mostly and older.
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