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  1. Cancelled. https://deadline.com/2020/10/l-a-s-finest-canceled-2-seasons-spectrum-1234597706/
  2. Didn't Homefront have super hearing in season 1? Its not like the boys are not super loud for being hunted. I think that noise generator was to drown out any movement or talking of the boys giving them time to get away from the scene since they were so close to the cabin.
  3. I would suspect that she being a supe herself and seeing all the crazy the 7 are doing she probably wants oversight to their power so the 7 don't go batshit crazy enough for the world to kill or lock them all up. Its like being super rich, you give enough back to the masses so that the poor don't demand all of it.
  4. Inside her boots, under her armor, etc. Where do women keep their phones when they are on the beach?
  5. I think the opposite, more diluted and after a couple generations no powers at all. Maybe if his mother had powers from compound V there might be some crazy powerful mutation but she was human. There are plenty of supes out there all well into adulthood and feeling invincible (why even use a condom and Vought will take care of any baby mama problems for you) and not one supe baby was born before?
  6. In a country of 330+ Million people you are going to have NEO NAZIs numbering in the tens of thousands at least. But even if some of the masses believe in what Stormfront was preaching once they found up she was an OG Nazi that would have dumped her. There are enough nutjobs out there to get anyone you like gunned down or Governor kidnapped.
  7. Stormfront is bulletproof I can't see taking a knife to the eye would cause any damage at all. How did the kids heat vision or whatever blow off Stormfronts limbs and burn her face when Homelander could barely cause a burn with his laser eyes on her. Starlight just doesn't seem very powerful against another top tier supe.
  8. https://deadline.com/2020/09/stumptown-canceled-after-one-season-no-season-2-cobie-smulders-series-covid-abc-reversed-renewal-decision-will-be-shopped-shocker-1234578445/ cancelled do to virus.
  9. Speedboats have a pointy nose so if it hit the whale and embedded it would have just got stuck in the fat and stopped at the bones while launching the boats passengers. Otherwise the boat would just have gone over the whale like a ramp.
  10. The boys isn't on Netflix which always puts out a whole season at once. I prefer one episode a week because it gives me time to digest it and read people opinions about it if needed. During the summer there isn't that much on anyway so you like to stretch things out a little. When you binge multiple episodes a night things get fuzzy. I am currently on season 11 of Supernatural and if asked I would probably not remember what the theme for each season is without looking it up.
  11. Expensive to produce, didn't end on a cliffhanger, season 2 was worse then season 1. No awards or buzz. Netflix's reason for existing is to keep people subscribed to the service and their model shows that a new show is a better investment then a current expensive one with dropping viewers and no buzz. I think their cost plus percentage they pay for the first 2 seasons goes up for more seasons after that so most shows don't make it past 2 unless they are very popular to critics and viewers. Look at what happened with their purchase of Lucifer where the first season they made was a big international hit so they decided to make one more and call it a day (since they also stream the fist 3 seasons from FOX). The show did so well they wanted more episodes (from 10 to 16) and then said hell make one more season. This rarely happens.
  12. No season 3 ,canceled. https://tvline.com/2020/08/25/im-sorry-cancelled-trutv-andrea-savage-season-3/
  13. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/penny-dreadful-city-of-angels-canceled-showtime-1234743649/#article-comments canceled
  14. To know what is going on inside the force and put an end to it?
  15. For the time period I think it was something that would be done. You can't judge the actions of that time period with what goes on today. For ages during and after prohibition the police were 100% corrupt so getting a fair trial when police were covering up evidence (of their own crimes) and while judges were on the take as well was pretty much not going to happen. If the show goes on for a few years I suspect that Perry gets better at his job (and is less moody) getting innocent clients off the hook while also getting dirty cops removed from the force.
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