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  1. To know what is going on inside the force and put an end to it?
  2. For the time period I think it was something that would be done. You can't judge the actions of that time period with what goes on today. For ages during and after prohibition the police were 100% corrupt so getting a fair trial when police were covering up evidence (of their own crimes) and while judges were on the take as well was pretty much not going to happen. If the show goes on for a few years I suspect that Perry gets better at his job (and is less moody) getting innocent clients off the hook while also getting dirty cops removed from the force.
  3. https://www.spoilertv.com/2020/08/the-expanse-renewed-for-6th-season.html
  4. I just figure they want their new America to be like a small town flyover states so that is what they are trying to take over. An area that is currently failing in a big way with all the farms now owned by big mega corps and any industry heading to the south or overseas those towns are ghost towns. The population of those states is minimal and they are land locked so good luck trying to leave the union.
  5. Just a small amount of it to make people think it was all burned.
  6. Does the candlemaker only exist in Dorothy's head so if she died he does as well, or will he just attach to somebody else when she dies?
  7. He took money from clients funds and then paid them back at a later date without their knowledge.
  8. Fentanyl is for people dying from cancer where nothing else works. If she used it it was from illegal drugs.
  9. Just multiple addictions one feeding the other.
  10. Why would you say that? Michelle was voluntarily researching the crimes long after they were committed. Drug addicts kill themselves.
  11. The car is not a transformer, he keeps the giant flying robot locked up. Cindy has no father as far as the town knows and a mother who stays at home so how could they afford a mansion? Brainwave is a neurosurgeon so he has money.
  12. Seasons tend to have one overall story line so if they have two shorter stories they split the season up.
  13. I took it as being staged. The shotgun was full of buckshot and wasn't close enough or aimed directly at the head to blow it off. That dead guy would have wounds being shot with a pistol and from falling 3 stories onto concrete steps that a shotgun blast would not cover (and that he would not have lived through, was there any blood around the bed and walls?).
  14. For ages bodies were ID'd from fingerprints and dental records so cutting off the hands and head and dumping them somewhere else is old school murder cleanup. Of course Osito told Jr. to toss his sweaty blood soaked hoodie into the grave so if there is DNA taken it will just point back to Jr anyway. DNA takes time and money so unless it is a high profile case the local police won't bother to do that test, probably storing the DNA next to the thousands of rape kits they never bothered to process over the years.
  15. They left enough unfinished for at least one more season but they would have to do it from a different community perspective (blacks maybe).
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