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S11.E17: Watch Over Me

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When Kensi first appeared tonight, it was in a long shot, and I almost didn't recognize her.

Was this the first ep with the new 'do???

Any backstory as to why?

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This episode had a different feel imo. I liked the change up of partners. Wasn't sure why Evander was in the ep, and wish the writers would STOP making Beale look like an idiot. Callen is trying to figure out some way to get Anna out of her situation, great to see Aiden again, Lance is a good guest agent (better than McMahon), and like that Fatima is back in the field. Not sure how I feel about Robinson; he's "too" perfect. Missed Hetty and Deeks, but see that Deeks is back next ep. Callen is really stepping into the "leader" shoes, but still don't think I can see him behind Hetty's desk.

21 hours ago, Twilight Man said:

When the FBI agent shot the guy "off camera", you just knew that he was crooked.

Yea, that was a given, but having his partner ALSO be crooked was a twist and a good one. Still don't know why exactly NCIS got involved except for the tenuous connection between Usam and Spitz, I guess.

Looking forward to next ep with Anna and Arkady, a UFO and Jeanne Benoit from NCIS (I know she's playing another character, but I like the actor).

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That was an interesting episode, are they hinting at adding Devon whatever his name was to the team too?  It seemed so random how much they sang his praises, from Nell right through to Callen and Sam.  I don't mind Fatima joining the team, she melds well.  Goldberg is pretty cool too.  Eric was ditzy and bizarre and goofy and annoying.  

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