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  1. Having Addison for just two episodes was a tease. There seemed to be some sort of calm when she was around, even when she was upset, everything still seemed like it was going to be ok. I really loved the Addison and Amelia interaction, but I would have liked some more with Meredith too. I cannot believe Meredith went along with Webber's very Minnick like idea, especially considering she hated it the first time and caused so many problems last time that she was stood down from work for a while because of her protesting and refusing to let it happen in her OR, and then Bailey was the on
  2. omg, if I had had a drink when I saw the NAH, I think I would have spat it out! It was priceless and probably my only highlight of the episode. I thought Max and Helen were going to raise hell in their last 6 weeks. They didn't do anything! Why, oh why, did they get my hopes up? No one else has excited me on this show this season. It was all I was holding on to. Such a poor episode.
  3. Roundtree seemed like window dressing in this episode. The wardrobe for undercover ops seems a little outdated, since they never seem to do any these days. If only it they still did undercover. While the storyline was valid, it was such a boring episode. I don't even have suggestions for improvement.
  4. My guess is he sees it as commitment, his parents marriage disintegrated with his cancer, but he wants something that is finite, and I guess he doesn't want just a relationship. It's a pity, I just think they are good together, it's been the first relationship Amelia seemed to shine in, she was still herself, but had a two-way, relaxed relationship where there was mutual respect.
  5. I had that thought too, except I forgot she was non-binary. I am hoping Addie and Amelia will have a heart to heart and she will tell Amelia she is walking away from a good thing and she will realise and go back to Link (and hopefully he will take her back).
  6. I really didn't realise how much I missed Addison. The elevator was sweet. It kind of screamed Derek and Bailey, when they had each others' backs. The ending where Addie met Zola and Bailey was cute as. The interns +Helm and Schmidt, they suck. They lack everything that all the previous interns had. Helm and her idolisation of Meredith is becoming beyond boring, she needs to move on. Schmidt is annoying. Putting him in the surgery was cruel when there was Jo, a whatever she is resident, ready to help and she has far more skills and intelligence than Schmidt and could have her na
  7. I didn't think much of this episode, haven't seen the promo for the next, really hate the Floyd and married Doctor, I don't even know her name and don't really care. However, as everything else is going to crap, I am surprisingly looking forward to whatever Max and Helen can get up to in the next 5 weeks. The only other thing that jumped out at me was did I see the young doctor who replaced Kapoor tonight?
  8. I am glad I am not the only one thinking, "Why bring up Callen's past now?" Surely, this should have all been bought up years ago, when Callen was trying to find out his past? It just doesn't seem to fit. I get Callen's frustration, I just think it is something like 6 or 7 years too late, minimum. I wish the Joelle storyline was way beyond gone. I really dislike her these days. She also walks far too well for someone with an amputated leg. At least when Arizona lost a leg on Grey's Anatomy, she limped for a fair while. Joelle adjusted very fast. Sam shoving Joelle through the hatch w
  9. I think they set it in Minnesota so she could meet up with Dr Nick Marsh again. Mind you, they could have just had him come into to Grey-Sloan for another organ transplant. Yes, I think she got confused (how?) and stuck them in the wrong places.
  10. They all had Christmas together last season at Meredith's house, Link was planning to propose to Amelia and Owen had a snow machine in the back yard and proposed to Teddy in stead. Link sadly put his engagement ring away. I think that was the last time we saw Amelia with Leo and I am sure they organised Christmas together so Leo could spend Christmas with both Owen and Amelia.
  11. I really want Meredith with Hayes, Cristina sent him! Her twisted sister that knew her better than anyone else. I don't know, but this relationship with Nick is feeling forced. Almost trite. I don't want to see Hayes with Megan, they say she isn't staying. I know, things can change, but still. The Olympics between the interns, also seemed a waste. I think they need to boot this lot and write some that have some backbone and are prepared to lay their ass on the line for their patients. Helm spends too much time drooling over Grey, Glasses is a dweeb who seems fully inept at times a
  12. I have one comment... What the hell were they thinking? That was crap.
  13. I am so torn and I can't just pick one. Cristina and Alex are musts, but then there is Jackson, April, Callie, Arizona, Mark and Lexie. My favourite seasons are 5-10, when there were storylines that didn't always revolve around Meredith and Derek, even though I like them and their characters. I would probably like Riggs back too, he challenged Meredith and didn't just fall down at her feet. I so failed the "pick only 2" concept :)
  14. I thought so too, I've only ever seen her on things like Ellen or when they do cast interviews with others, she was very much over the top at times with Patrick Dempsey, yet he seemed to agree with her behaviour and condone it.
  15. is anyone else finding the start of this season as being underwhelming? It seems to be missing something with no Nic and no Mina.
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