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Recurring or Non-Recurring Defense Attorneys: The Loved and the Loathed

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4 hours ago, GHScorpiosRule said:

I don’t really recall the details of “Identity,” when she returned, minus her dreads! Which I loved! Something about her elderly client killing the guy who stole his savings by stealing his identity or something.

This is the only episode in all 20 years of L&O that kind of makes me wish the killer had gotten away with it, but then we wouldn't get his great speech at the end.  It's the elderly Lonnie Jackson (no, I didn't have to look up his name), who had lived in his home since he was home from WWII and owned it clear, and a computer savvy guy who lost his job and was trying to hide it from his family stole Lonnie's identity and used it to take out a mortgage on the house, but then never made any payments (of course) and since Lonnie obviously also didn't make the payments, he lost his house.  He then tracked the guy down and shot him.

My favorite part, aside from the fact that Lonnie Jackson lived an honorable life for 80 years, was victimized and driven from his own home (which is why I find so him sympathetic), is that the DA and police never figured out how he tracked down the guy who stole his identity, because they couldn't make any kind of connection.  He gives them a great speech about how he used "80 years of charm" to get the information.  He called the internet company, and sweet-talked all the information out of the customer service people, bit by bit.  It's a great episode.  I also like how Shambala got involved--originally Lonnie had a friend who was a lawyer (and clearly just as old and not a criminal lawyer), who wasn't very good, and Shambala sent him off to the library to do research until the trial was over.

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I didn't hate Shambala Green. I did like how, even though she represented Carla Lowenstein, she helped take down the abusive husband.

But I really hated her tactics in "Sanctuary". I was on Ben's side when he said he was sick of people hiding behind lame excuses to avoid the consequences of their actions.

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