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  1. Paul Drake’s secretary Margo in the Perry Mason series. She was only in one scene in the first season (1.20 The Case of The Lonely Heiress), but she was everything I would have thought Paul Drake’s secretary would have to be and had a great rapport with him. I’m still peeved she never appeared again.
  2. He has every right to not support discrimination in any form.
  3. My reigning “Hell Yeah!!” moment has reigned for some time. Star Trek Deep Space 9 season 7, Damar absolutely sticking it to the Dominion and making it personal at the same time with Weyoun. The best “Hell, yeah!” I have ever experienced on TV.
  4. It’s usually different if you’re not rich and famous. I’ve seen and heard of a few lives destroyed over false accusations.
  5. Joy didn’t apologize. She told everyone to forget it happened.
  6. THANK you! Julie didn’t steal Doug from her mother. I don’t know if Addy actually stole him from her, but Julie and Doug were together first.
  7. Is this not the the same backstory they used for an excuse for her to fall in love with Stefan and still hate Abby for something Stefan was clearly far more responsible for? Sorry, Ron. Still not rooting for Gabi, who clearly does not understand mental illness, though I’m sure she will if anyone she gives a crap about turns up a mental illness. And Claire had every right to call the cops on scam artist Chanel. Doesn’t matter that idiot doesn’t mind. I wonder how many Chanel has actual swindled and I hope they can get their money back.
  8. I’m really starting to wonder about the culture around RTD’s Doctor Who era with every bit of information coming out about different individuals involved.
  9. Late to the party here, but I’m awful glad to find a thread here! I grew up on the TV movies (loved Perry and Della!) and last year finally got around to starting to watch the series on MeTV (which has many other awesome shows) and got the DVD sets as Christmas presents. I don’t think there’s a regularly appearing character on this show that I don’t like. The worst I can say about any of them is that Lieutenant Anderson seemed rather bland compared to the rest of them.
  10. His virtues and accomplishments indeed deserve equal time with his flaws. Well said. I’ve always admired his loyalty to HM and his many positive contributions to his country speak for themselves. I’m very sad for Queen Elizabeth. He had a nice long life and died peacefully, but it has to be awful for her to lose him no matter the circumstances.
  11. Did I miss the proof that Linsey was let go to facilitate a Missy return? Or is all this speculation based on both parties involved being busybodies on Twitter months back?
  12. Wanda Maximoff. And she keeps getting excuses for her horrifying behavior.
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