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S01.E04: Rapprochement

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I might finally be too old for these shows because I’m highly annoyed by all the long slo-mo shots of girls walking, and the overly loud thumpy music.  It feels like they are trying to stretch a short story into a series, and the story isn’t even very good.

I’m not even sure who is supposed to be the likable character, everyone sucks.

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Ugh, these people.  I'm fine with anti-heroes, villains, unreliable narrators, what have you, but not having any of your three main characters even remotely likeable or rootable?  Ugh.

The only one I find at all sympathetic is Beth, then she opens her mouth and says something or does something, and I remember she's just about sharing the misery.

Mr. Coach, when your wife tells you she feels "trapped" at home, and at home with her kid and at home with you, dump her ass.  And, in this case, dump her ass, sell the house, lose the job, take your kid, leave town, and disappear.  Because, this woman should be no one's wife or mother, coach, teacher, mentor, role model or friend.  Just... let her and Sarge enjoy their second childhoods.

On 1/19/2020 at 10:59 PM, Irritable said:

I might finally be too old for these shows because I’m highly annoyed by all the long slo-mo shots of girls walking, and the overly loud thumpy music.  

Style is definitely trumping substance at this point, and it's not even original style.  I've only been sticking it out because I want to see what the big suspense-mystery-thing is gonna be, but, at this glacial pace, I'm beginning to doubt it will even get started let alone resolved by the end of the season.  And they're not suckering me into a Season 2.

On 1/19/2020 at 11:30 PM, Zoe said:

Ugh, the stuff with her tongue made me really squeamish.

I haven't read the book, so I have no idea what direction this goes, but it looks to me like Beth is gearing up to set the Coach up for something.  And, hey, I say more power to her.  I hate these people and it might help Mr. Coach make a break for it.  Coach was right about one thing:  It was stupid of Addy to take Beth there, rather than Beth's house when Beth's mom is always upstairs and oblivious.  I hate plots that can only move forward by having characters we're told are smart doing stupid things.

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I'm out. I saw the gun in the previews, and hoped we see someone use it. They did, at a shooting range. Booooring! 

I don't get this show. Am I supposed to be rooting for these people? How can I when they're all so hateful? I hate watching them, and they hate everyone else in the show. I liked Addy at first,  but she's underhanded, stupid and deceitful. Beth is horrible to almost everyone, and I can't fathom an older sister treating her little sister like she does. The coach is despicable, so self centered and mean to her husband,  who for some reason wants to spend more time with her.

The sister relationship reminds me of when I tried watching One Tree Hill, and could not get over a father despising his illegitimate son, who was as good as his other son at basketball.  What is wrong with these people? Life is too short for so much hate. It ain't the children's fault. And dad and daughter 2 living right across the street? Weirdos all around.

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The only way I can explain this show is if the reality is that they have all died and this is really hell. You know, like Twilight Zone or something. I have never watched a show where every single character either invokes pity or makes my skin actually crawl. I don't know if I can keep watching something that makes me actually hate every character on screen, I mean really repulsed by them.

Coach is like a psycho in heat and I could not be more repulsed or bored (at the same time for grief's sake!) by her ever present adolescent affair shenanigans.  And I am not a moralistic person, but these people are so nasty and debased I can't deal with it any more. I want it to stop or I will delete from my DVR also.

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