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  1. Zoe

    S01.E07: Q&A

    Yeah, there's no way their relationship is going to survive that.
  2. As to be expected anytime any show does a "Chinatown" episode.
  3. The Chinatown episode opened a window for an early exit, but with this news I'm assuming they've decided not to go down that route.
  4. Wonder when they'll update the credits. The closing shot is laughably small compared to previous seasons.
  5. It's possible that while the filming location for the building might not be the in-show location. A person on Reddit estimated it to be about 2 miles based on where the building might be, which is much more realistic.
  6. Esmail doesn't shoot with commercial breaks in mind, so sometimes we end up with abrupt transitions.
  7. Simon was forced to leave his family because they kidnapped the kids out of CPS custody, and his separation was a condition of the kids returning to the mother. And because of his antics, Andre Braugher couldn't use them in the civil rights case anymore.
  8. Writer's Room Twitter says his name was Isaiah Holmes. Woah, I didn't recognize him! Same deal too except it was Benson who put him away last time.
  9. I wonder if that was an intentional homage to Uncle Buck.
  10. Seemed like that might have been his first time. There are still many years for his family to force him into it.
  11. Just let Trevor and Benson hook up already. They never put him on the bad guy's side anymore.
  12. I'm glad they're starting to show the geekier side of Sheldon.
  13. Zoe

    S01.E03: 3 Stars

    Pfft, a millennial wouldn't know to put two spaces after a period.
  14. The Boston Dynamics robots made me laugh. Didn't think I'd see something like them in a tv show. I kind of suspected she might be a robot/cyborg during the first episode, but I can't remember why I thought that.
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