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  1. This season already blows the first one away. Feels like they got a budget boost as well.
  2. Rob Lowe did call him "probie" at one point.
  3. So I don't know if this is a deliberate reference, and I don't know what the current state of things are, but the Austin Fire Department was on a hiring freeze for the longest time because there weren't enough diverse candidates passing the written exam.
  4. Claire totally runs like a girl.
  5. Hahaha, what??? The chef from last week ended up going to this week's restaurant!
  6. Ugh, the stuff with her tongue made me really squeamish.
  7. Zoe

    S01.E12: Justice x2

    I'm getting more and more convinced that this show is a comedy.
  8. Ewww... Carisi took the napkin he used to open the bathroom door and then wiped his mouth with it and put it in his pocket! He turned the napkin inside out, but that just tells me he knew how disgusting it was!
  9. The only way I can justify it is that they wanted to take down Augur first, but then that means they didn't care about the people they harmed/got killed along the way. That tilts the group more towards "evil" than "grey" in my book.
  10. I think I would buy the twist more if there hadn't been that side plot with his hacker friend.
  11. Zoe

    S01.E09: Exorcism Part 2

    It was pointed out to me that was probably a 69 nod...
  12. Zoe

    S01.E09: Exorcism Part 2

    My gawd, this show. I can't believe they went there with the train metaphor 😂
  13. I can't stand this Red Rock actor. Normally I'm pretty forgiving on performances, but he can't emote with his face at all. It's even worse with nearly all of his scenes are opposite Bruce Greenwood.
  14. sigh When will people get it through their thick heads that Texas isn't a desert, especially Austin. A tornado would have made way more sense.
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