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  1. Yeah, I was surprised to see there's a forum rather than a thread for this show. I won't discuss the later episodes in this thread, but it was announced today that the show got renewed!
  2. Guess there isn't much interest in discussion, so I'll just drop this here: #TeamAugie
  3. It was kind of surprising seeing throughout the whole season random extras wearing face masks...
  4. Zoe

    S03.E18: What's Next?

    Those graduation parties are really for the parents. Each family is going to be throwing their own.
  5. Oh my god, it's the guy who did Stiffler's mom. I feel so old.
  6. Not too bad of a stopping point. At least it's not a huge cliffhanger. I've complained in the past about how comically evil the villains are in this show with no redeeming qualities, but now that they're trying to humanize Cain, it's too little too late.
  7. I've read elsewhere that she may be out filming a movie.
  8. Zoe

    S03.E19: Hurt

  9. The frame rate was weird in this episode. That corona line was totally dubbed in.
  10. Zoe

    S03.E19: Hurt

    TV medicine has taught me a ruptured spleen. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, pure conjecture)
  11. I was about to point out the same thing. Sheldon has clearly become an unreliable narrator of his childhood. Not because of dishonesty but because of his childish and self-centered view of the world.
  12. As soon as they started hinting towards the clothing, I said "House already did that!" The thought that an organ recipient might not be a donor kind of made me irrationally angry.
  13. This season already blows the first one away. Feels like they got a budget boost as well.
  14. Rob Lowe did call him "probie" at one point.
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