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  1. It also has to be someone local to LA because of Covid protocols, so that should rule out Kinley.
  2. Phew, I thought I got spoiled by a headline and I was about to toss a table cause the implication was that Stabler and Benson get together. Guess it was clickbait about Rollisi. Meh, I don't care about which way the outcome fell. I'm just glad that's finally been put to bed.
  3. More might have known. I think they were afraid that Michael would have done the same to them.
  4. The funny thing is we learned in this season that the other angels have been dabbling in Earth culture. They probably all suffer from superiority issues, but they're not inexperienced newbies like S1 Amenadiel. Lucifer even kept tabs on them and Gabriel had him on her spam mailing list!
  5. Die by Azreal's blade: wiped from existence. Die by a regular blade: soul goes to heaven or hell.
  6. None of the angels died though.
  7. This is the first time I've noticed that the titles are quotes. Good thing too cause "Chinatown" episodes are never a good thing in this franchise.
  8. It wasn't right before the verdict. The plea came after the prosecution resting and before the defense started to present their case. The defense was Beecher. Another perp recycled lol
  9. He was also recycled--played one of the rapists in "Branded".
  10. Middle school (especially 6th grade) was all about first boyfriends when I was growing up.
  11. The transition between the shows really emphasized the difference in production to me. I think OC uses harsher lighting and feels a bit smoother which would make flaws (skin and hair) stand out more.
  12. I did appreciate that Fin knew better than to assume the perp was Chinese even though the other detective said it.
  13. One way for Sheldon to "misinterpret" the situation is for George and Mary to have already separated but they were trying not to tell the children. I don't know the exact episode, but he tells Penny the story to explain why he always knocks three times. Might have been the episode where they do they love experiment. Edit: whoops, thought I was at the end of the thread. Already answered!
  14. That voicemail was even mentioned in the preceding SVU episode lol
  15. During the day I figured this was happening the same time as the corresponding SVU episode (and that still could be the case). No excuse for later that night though.
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