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  1. This show was maddening. I can't imagine worse parents. While I know that's part of the plot, I also am reaching my limit in tolerance. Finally the wife decided to do the right thing by her kids and take them back to the U.S., away from the cartel, but son went off alone -- AGAIN -- and dad had to break him out of a Mexican jail. I hate the lead character, and am just waiting for the kids to get away from his toxic parenting. The daughter's summary on the playa was so right on, but nothing came of it. Julian as a fake name helps confirm my suspicions that Dad did something similar to
  2. Andromeda


    I did not know about the Nicholson connection. See, watching this show increased my general knowledge of Hollywood! It was entertaining, just don't look too closely. I too was really puzzled by those individual challenges -- was Bishop funding it all out of his allowance? Where do you order up two dozen sewer rats?
  3. Andromeda


    I was hoping someone would do the math on that. I missed how often they paid and how large the graduating class was. Ridiculous, isn't it?
  4. Andromeda


    I know!! He has crinkles around his eyes. I thought he was a town lowlife who hung with kids at first, not one of them. Mindless entertainment with huge plotholes. Such as why the cops don't stake out the granary once the female cop figured out the location. How cops can't see or hear huge, loud, well-lit parties in a small town with limited venues. And why teens equipped with smartphones don't use them to navigate out of a cornfield to a house. And why Main Girl didn't explore the underground shelter immediately instead of banging on the closed cover. And why Main
  5. The Bible-thumping in the latest episode (couple on beach shot by man with mental problems) was so overbearing. OK, they were a Christian couple, but that turned out to have nothing at all to do with the crime, despite heavy promotion to the contrary (devil images in the "driftwood inn" on the beach! Oh, noes!). Then for a second toward the end, we're shown a sign stating "no camping" on the beach. No mention that the couple was doing exactly that. Of course, it's no excuse or reason for being victims, it's just an odd thing to show, but ignore verbally. Gee, it's nice the murders b
  6. I agree. The crazy kids statement was so puzzling, because they're both so damned boring. And she said Matt "prayed over them," like he was blessing them, or exorcising demons or something, when he was actually leading a group prayer. Weird.
  7. Pottery teacher: "Your fingers are going to go in the hole..." Rachel voice over: "The thought of him being intimate with another woman just makes it so hard..." OMG, editors.
  8. Not quite finished, but thought I'd throw down a thought or two. Rachel has it bad for Matt. Ridiculous, but there you have it. That shirt she was wearing on her date looked like she pulled it out of a bin at the thrift shop. But she HAD to show off her belly-button ring, so that required a certain shirt, I guess. Cringey moments with his dad. I really don't want to know/don't care. The butter massage was so super cringey and wasteful. Hubby didn't want to be in the same room with it (we knew it was coming from Kimmel). They give a camping date to a girl who hates camping. Nice,
  9. Love the discussion. Super late, just a few comments. Serena bailed before fantasy suites. I don't think she's even attracted to him. Rachel seriously face-planted. Oof. Her dad looked Latino to me, so Honduras makes sense. I had no idea. Was Serena's mom Indian? (East Indian). I love all the various ethnicities, so American. Hated the Zoom with the students, hated Matt purposefully running into the bike at the end. Idiot.
  10. Yeah, I don't see a man in love, or even in infatuation. Matt looks kind of bored or tentative in all of his interactions. I don't see his eyes light up, his excitement upon spending time with a particular lady, any teasing or fun banter. Yawn.
  11. I watched the show a day late, and last night while trying to sleep, I was trying my damnedest to recall what stupid activity the girls on the group date did. I couldn't remember anything but them sitting around a couch. I thought I was having dementia — it was a complete blank. So I rewatched, only to discover there WAS no stupid activity portion of the date — no daytime portion at all. They must have edited it out because it was boring and nothing happened. This is the first time they edited it out completely.
  12. Not surprisingly, Chelsea -- the runway model -- owned her exit walk.
  13. Does rooting for her mean ending up with the bach, or getting away without too much damage? You never know with this show. I think we should root for her NOT to be chosen, but to make it to final two or three, so she can be cast as the first senior bachelorette!
  14. You guys are making this season of bore so much more fun. I haven't been posting, but I've been reading! But now I need to insist that I be on Rainsong's season of the senior bachelor. I can't be a regular contestant (the hubbie would object), but I definitely can come in as the pot-stirrer. I'm the one who shows up midway through and warns Rainsong that one of the contestants (you know who you are!) is a WRONG REASONS woman. She has a boyfriend back home! She went on the show to promote her failing swimsuit modeling career — it's been on a downhill slide for the past 30 years. I th
  15. I love that Matt is appreciative of the women's ability to "articulate themselves" — they must be really bendy and flexible! The bachelors usually don't learn facts like this until the fantasy suites! Matt is starting to bore the crap out of me. He lacks that "It" factor that some guys manage to show off on a show like this. If he was in a group of contestants on The Bachelorette, I would find him undistinctive. He nice, but vanilla. Dare I say basic? Family/faith, faith/family, reverse, repeat ad nauseum. The bachelor used to be thought of more as the "most eligible bachelor" type
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