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  1. Thank you! I wrote something similar in another thread here. Adrienne went through breast cancer surgery and reconstruction. To my knowledge, Bonnie hasn't and it wouldn't be exact to what they should have on record for Adrienne. She should be able to easily prove who she is. If it drags on, and nothing regarding this is addressed, i cry foul! Not to mention, Adrienne needs regular checkups and it is wrong to keep her away from them. TV character or not, something like breast cancer is a very big deal and they shouldn't fluff it off over a stupid doppelganger storyline that has been overdone anyway! Brady is getting seriously creepy. Granted, Nicole is an idiot who lies, but following her around, giving her the 3rd degree, being all dark and creepy...it's borderline abusive not to mention possessive. Eric Marstoff is good-looking for sure, but beyond the good looks, Brady the character has no appeal whatsoever!
  2. LadyJaney

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I would think it would be a hell of a lot easier for Adrienne to convince people who she really is. I know it is a very personal and sensitive subject for her, but she recently had breast cancer surgery and reconstruction and I don't think Bonnie has had either. I think the prison folk or infirmary people could easily detect her scars or even pull up medical records of Adrienne's that would match what she has been through. Even with reconstruction, there are certain things that have changed with her body forever. The writers would really have to think the viewers were stupid to not question this or Adrienne to be stupid for not bringing it up.
  3. I'm beginning to think those donuts are laced with Halo ... I'm so disappointed that they didn't go with Jen and Eric. I like them together. I still hope for them eventually. I agree that Nicole/Brady feels more possessive/borderline abusive than loving. It's like you have to jump through hoops to please Brady or else you are begging forgiveness. This guy has had more issues and made more mistakes than he can count. Plus he's a moron. He truly has no room to judge. I'm on board with some sort of Xander redemption and keeping him on board. I want him to still be a snarky guy with some bad boy mixed in, but I want some heart in there. They need to fix him with someone who would be the polar opposite of him and sees his good. Like Kayla did when she first met Steve...
  4. That whole thing with Nicole/Brady regarding Eric just made me sick. Being a recovering drug addict himself should make Brady realize that things that happen under the influence aren't always clear immediately. She and Eric were figuring out what went on and why they did what they did, but before they could get it fully together, Eric comes bumbling in like the Neanderthal he often does, and gets all angry and jealous like they were sober when it happened and deliberately hurt him. Give them a chance to say what happened, don't make Nicole feel like she has to plead for your forgiveness. Ugh, that made me sick! Then, the thing that made it all OK, was Daniel of all things?! Not that she was drugged by somebody against her will and didn't know what she was doing. No, that's wrong, but since you thought it was St Daniel, it's OK. Yes, Brady you were being an ass. And then even more sickening was Nicole saying how grateful she was to Brady for forgiving her! Screw that! She should be telling him that she is not going to put up with him yelling at her and making her explain herself to him like a child every time things are perfect in his eyes. She deserves more respect than that. Brady is far from being a saint so he needs to back down. What happened to Nicole's backbone? All she does is cry and act stupid! On another note, I hate the thought of Tripp becoming this villain. I'm glad Jade is going out of town but I hoped Tripp would try to redeem himself a little. I'm guessing he's going straight-up bad guy now. Such a shame.
  5. LadyJaney

    S19.E06: Nominations #2; Den of Temptation #2

    So does this Ring of Replacement thing that Christmas won mean that if Cody gets picked to play Veto, she can use it and replace him for someone else? If so, that could pretty much seal his fate. Gah, he is a vile, unfeeling person. Like he seems like something is legitimately mentally wrong with him, like he could just go off one of these times. I wanted to like him but...NO! Jessica is your classic case "mean Girl". Like Regina George is in the BB House. The way they treated Josh was straight up bully behavior and being petulant children over Paul's HOH room was lame. They were assholes to Ramses too and he wasn't even lying to them. How do they figure this is good game-play in any way?! While I like Paul, I must say that I don't want to see another vet dominate the entire season while others get barely any airtime (like last year with Nicole and Davonne, among others). I also don't want to see a vet come back and win the whole thing. He can stick around for a few weeks, but some others have to make some big (and smart) moves...
  6. True that. I still get kind of squicked out that Max dated his nieces Stephanie and Chelsea. He may not be a Brady by blood, but he was still a Brady family member. I always figured it would be awkward if they had a Brady Family Reunion and Steph and Chelsea were like "there is our uncle we used to date/sleep with". Eew. Equally gross: Nick slept with Chelsea and her mother. Jack slept with Jenn and her mother. Kate has also made her way through several members of the same family. EJ and his father. Rafe and his father. I suppose Claire and Tripp would be pretty mild in comparison.
  7. For real. Like apparently every man in Salem is in love with her. Brady, Eric, GhostDaniel, Deimos, Dario (was anyway), and that creepy Scooter guy had the hots for her too. Didn't Rafe once love her? And of course there was Lucas, Victor, EJ, Xander...Did I miss anyone? I get that Arianne Zuker is very pretty, but her character is kind of a jerk sometimes and whiny and needy and not the brightest bulb out there. There has to be other women in Salem worth noticing... Wasn't too keen on how Deimos drugged some recovering addicts at that party. JJ and Eric are trying to remain sober, something like that can cause a person to backslide...Yet I doubt they would address any fallout from their drugging that way. They mentioned that they felt that they were on something today, but will it cause them to crave their substance of choice down the line? Lol, Deimos did look like those creepy KFC commercial actors playing Colonel Sanders! Such a shame they wasted Vincent Irizarry the way they did. He is a decent actor and sexy as hell, but his character on this show was just too lousy and just on the show way too much. They could have made him a sexy doctor or a cop on the SPD or a different Kiriakis character who at least had some redeeming qualities to him. He got the crap end of things here. I hope his next acting gig is more complimentary to him.
  8. Ding-Dong, does this mean Deimos is dead?! Hope so, he has sucked up too much of the show. I can see this being a huge "whodunnit". And can we get a day without a Daniel mention? Seriously, Bo Brady died and everyone (including Hope) forgot him after five minutes. The holy tan-one dies and we get a two year vigil in his memory. And ghost visits to boot. I guess they have a barber shop in heaven, because Daniel always shows up clean shaven with a fresh haircut. Oh and Nicole is crying...because that doesn't happen in every episode already. I'm kind of shipping Lani and Eli. Lani isn't my favorite, but she and JJ have zero chemistry. She has some with Eli. And besides, Eli is far too good looking and decent to be alone and rejected by all the women in Salem (granted he is related to half of them, being a Horton and all, but still...). He's a catch. Sonny desperately needs a haircut. He's beginning to remind me of Shemp from the Three Stooges.
  9. LadyJaney

    S01.E08: Come to Jesus

    Great final episode. It always surprises me how different every episode is from the next. I absolutely loved last weeks episode, but adored this one too and they almost seemed like two totally different shows! And poor Mad Sweeney. I almost wished he had kept the coin and left Laura in the street, especially when she had him by the balls (literally). But alas, I think these two will be joining forces next season to stick it to Wednesday after what he has done to her. Sweeney clearly has it bad for her, lots of longing looks to her when she isn't noticing. I wonder if eventually Laura will realize her feelings have shifted from the idea of still loving Shadow to the reality of loving Sweeney? Granted this would probably take many episodes. Oh lord, I almost puked when Laura spit up the maggots!! Gross! Her eyes are clouding up too. She really is looking like death is progressing over her body. I appreciate how the show keeps gradually rotting away at Laura's body. I am not a huge fan of Kristen Chenowith in general, but I adored her as Ostara/Easter. She was perfectly cast for this role! Aah, we got the back story of Bilquis. I feel a little of her character goes a long way and can use space between episodes of her and all the goddess/sex/vagina stuff. However, that being said, I'm glad to know her back story and see how she went from her queen status to rock bottom and to where she is now. The actress is stunningly beautiful too. Gah, Tech Boy is such a little douchebag! And the grill makes it even worse. Loved the little flirtatious smiles and comments between Shadow and Ostara. He has more chemistry with her than he has ever had with Laura. The scenes and colors in the episode were breathtaking! Will miss this show until it's return, I'm guessing Spring/Summer 2018? Sigh.....
  10. LadyJaney

    S01.E07: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

    One other small question: When Laura handed Ice cream truck driver all that Mad Sweeney had in his pocket, Mad Sweeney quickly grabbed something back from the pile. What was it? My best guess is the tobacco he rolls his cigarettes with...? So much love for this episode and for Mad Sweeney, Yes Pablo is perfect, I can't imagine anyone else in the role. It blows my mind how different I think he looks in real life too. When I first watched this series, I was sure he was red-haired and probably spoke with an Irish or maybe English accent in real life. And I totally find him hot in Mad Sweeney mode (though Pablo is pretty good looking in real time too--a tall drink of water right there!)
  11. Bahahahaha! That is perfect because he really is that guy!
  12. LadyJaney

    S01.E07: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

    Ooh, thank you! I wondered if it was something along those lines, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what those words were. Pablo Schreiber is nailing this role as once again he just shouted off Gaelic and it just sounded like Mad Sweeney spilling his guts out in frustration, which he was! I kind of think that Laura figured out that he must have done something to help her, but just doesn't have it in her to display actual gratitude. She punched him, but I think it was out of reflex. When she just called him back into the truck and honked the horn at him as he walked by, I think it was a subtle way to play things off like "hey. thanks" Hoping that more of their chemistry is explored next season, that the writers are noting what is working and what is not and Give Sweeney/Laura more core to the series. I did see something where one of the writers said that spin-offs may come into play from this series eventually...if Mad Sweeney & Co (Salim?, Laura?) doesn't happen, then they will hopefully give them more on AG
  13. LadyJaney

    S01.E07: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

    Yes, it actually looked like he picked up two different organs that fell out of her and put them back inside her along with the coin I believe he was the one who ran her off the road with his car, causing the accident. I love, love, loved this episode. The only (slight) complaint I might have was that since it was titled "A Prayer for Mad Sweeney" that the top billing should have gone to Mad Sweeney. I felt like Essie got more background story and that there are still gaps in Mad Sweeney's history that I don't know about (and want to). I can only hope they get in to more detail down the line or in the next season. That being said, I loved that Mad Sweeney got his own episode separate from Wednesday/Shadow. Was sorry to see Salim go, I enjoyed him traveling with Mad/Laura. I hope we see him again down the line and he finds his jinn. Loved seeing Mad Sweeney in his early days and with the elder Essie. Clearly he had a softer, more tender side back then and had just become jaded with time. America did not give him the opportunity he hoped it would. It appears like Laura is a descendant from Essie. She never heard the leprechaun tales because later generations were denied hearing Essie's tales. Otherwise she might have a softer side for Mad Sweeney...though I sometimes think she might have one for him. She and Shadow have no chemistry whatsoever. Her life with him has ended. She needs to move on with the 7ft leprechaun... Lol at the reference to general Mills. You know he despises Lucky the leprechaun on that box! Mad Sweeney felt legit guilt from his part in killing Laura, thus returning the coin to her. There is still a heart in there, we got to see it tonight. So I'm guessing the old gods can transform into birds. Mad said that he was turned into one. Wednesday has had conversations with them, tonight Sweeney did as well. This may somehow be their advantage over the new gods? OK, can anyone translate for me what Mad Sweeney was shouting in Gaelic (?) as he stood over Laura's lifeless body? I know "Niam" was said among other things. Anyone? Can't believe the finale is next week. Just glad there is a season 2 that will happen!
  14. LadyJaney

    S01.E06: A Murder Of Gods

    I must be awful too then, because I was thinking the same thing! It is wrong that I am more into the scenes with Mad Sweeney, Laura and Salim on their road trip, than I am with watching Wednesday and Shadow? If it's wrong, I don't want to be right... Laughed at most of what Sweeney had to say again this episode. Especially when he was going on in the back seat about Salim constantly running his mouth while they were on their drive. That and when Salim said that someone shit in the back seat and Mad Sweeney starts shifting himself way over in the seat. Too funny. Pablo Schreiber has completely stolen this series as this character as far as I'm concerned. It's a good series but a bit much and confusing with so many characters, so Sweeney is the main draw at this point for me.
  15. Lets see: Ginger=Gabby MaryAnn=Lani Mr+Mrs Howell=Sonny & Paul The Professor=Eli Skipper=Chad Gilligan=JJ Haha, just saw this and our choices were pretty much on point!! Can't say I'll miss Ciara much, perhaps a recast would breathe new life into her character. Wyatt looked sinister when he left Ciara's place. Stupid Deimos, I want to smack the smug from his face!