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S01.E01: First Time in Saint Disgrace

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I love love love Jay Ferguson. I watched this last night, and enjoyed it. Sure it’s ridiculous but I enjoy shows that are somewhat outlandish.

Anyone else think the giraffe was going to follow Allegra into the house? Sure looked like it wanted to!

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I hadn’t even heard of this show but while watching The Sinner a preview came on so I taped a later version on my DVR.

i liked it well enough.   The pilot was messy but pilots often are.   I like the mystery aspect.   A woman returns to the town she grew up in when her police officer sister gets killed by a car bomb.   

I gave this a season pass for now because it does look interesting with shady characters and a decent mystery.

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This was trying way to hard to be a southwestern Twin Peaks.  I don't mind eccentric, but there was a lot here that was just eccentric for the sake of being eccentric (namely the zoo animals).  I'll watch the second episode, but I'm on the fence about sticking around beyond that.

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