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S02.E37: Blinded by Love

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Lacey has a secret rendezvous with John; Angela interrogates Tony; Daniel stuns family with shocking reveal; Amber breaks down at a family reunion; Cheryl loses it when her corrections officer sister meets her felon fiancé.

Airs November 15, 2019.

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16 minutes ago, PityFree said:

We aren’t going to get any new stuff about Gabriella and Alex tonight? Bummer. At  least we get Cheryl and Josh though.  This show needs to be two hours a week.

I wouldn't mind an extra ten minutes to watch Vince to see if the Hamster starts up running!!!  Lol

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1 minute ago, LucyEth said:

This Alex is a real jerk.  If she can't see he is trying to get rid of her, she is crazier and more stupid than I thought.  

she doesn't want him she wants to be married it could be the homeless man down the street as long as he is cute and there she would marry a stump 

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You can't even drive without holding hands... 

Just now, Keywestclubkid said:

I dont know is it French? im sorry I cant look away from the shadow that is her manstach ... where are your children you human waste of skin lacy? 

Those vows are gonna be amazing!

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4 minutes ago, LucyEth said:

Cheryl's sister looks like a less attractive Lizzie

yet she is 100% smarter then everyone but Lacys dad and puppys mom on this show ... I could be with my kids  instead of wasting my time here ... im sorry that is a response that I never expected from anyone from the show that is what a true parent says .... 

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