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S02.E02: New York City, NY

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Sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi designs the Statue of Liberty; Sybil Ludington takes her midnight ride during the American Revolution; Nelly Bly goes undercover in an asylum on Blackwell's Island.


Guest stars: Paul Scheer as Henry Ludington; Juno Temple as Sybil Ludington; Michaela Watkins as Nurse; Taran Killam as Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi; Laura Dern as Nellie Bly; and Brett Gelman (Statue of Liberty) and Matt Walsh (Nellie Bly) as Joseph Pulitzer


Narrators: Eric Falconer on the Statue of Liberty; Suzi Barrett on Sybil Ludington; JD Ryznar on Nellie Bly

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Loved Laura Dern as Nellie Bly. Hilarious when she's doing the crazy dog growls.


I liked all the stories, though I still think the Jordan Peele one was the best so far this season.


When the narrator of the Sybil Luddington story first appeared, I realized that she's been in a ton of commercials. It was weird seeing her drunk. Loved when Sybil looks at the camera and says, "Bluh blah. I've got it."

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I couldn't believe they actually got into the bath. Poor Derek. 


Laura Dern totally stole the episode. Just the facial expressions alone. It's funnier to me when the women narrate, but I think opposite gender narration is funniest.


I didn't know about the teen girl that rode the 40 miles like Paul Revere, except longer! The direction of that scene was hilarious with the girl hiding in the shadows and then just appearing in the room. I wonder if she really called the colonists motherfuckers?

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Loved when Sybil looks at the camera and says, "Bluh blah. I've got it."


That was a great line, and a great read.  I also liked when Washington came back to thank her for her patriotism.  Huzzah!

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Laura Dern was amazing. Liked all the stories too — I had no idea about Pulitzer basically Kickstartering the base for the Statue of Liberty, that's pretty cool.

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I think opposite gender narration is funniest. 


Same here.  The Atlanta episode was so funny because you had Bill Hader and Keegan Michael-Key being voiced by Jenny Slate, who has a very distinct, girly voice.

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Somehow I missed this episode - I laughed so hard at all the stories, the narrators and actors were fantastic.


I can't believe Derek got in the tub, that was glorious.


Oh my god, I was half-expecting a make out session. Really, is Waters half drunk also when he listens to the drunkards narrate? Because otherwise, I cannot believe he would get into that tub while fully sober.

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