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  1. HelenBaby

    The Last O.G.

    I’m really loving the show since it came back. I have no recollection of last season but I really like the bittersweet tone of this season.
  2. HelenBaby

    What are... Jeopardy! experiences?

    I was a contestant in 1997 and I didn’t watch the show for at least 10 years after that.
  3. Okay I guess I’m not through with Maher after all. Last night’s show was okay. But I noticed the constant interruptions as well. Why have Dave Barry on and then not take advantage of it. He retired his column a long time ago, married a much younger woman and had a second family. I’m not accusing him of anything but there could be reasons he looks young for 71.
  4. I highly recommend the opening interview with McCabe. The rest was meh.
  5. Yes, I think I might finally be done with Maher. Fox does not have the average person’s best interest in their business model. Having a debate of Democratic Party candidates will not sway any of their viewers. Plus, the resulting video of this debate would be twisted to fit their agenda anytime they choose to retrieve it. I did enjoy the interview with McCabe though.
  6. HelenBaby

    The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

    I decided to pick a team on the Jeopardy website to win whatever the prize was, like a fantasy football team. You could pick one captain and two of the other players and they received points somehow (I didn’t really read it so that’s why I don’t know specifics.) The longer they participated, the more points accumulated. I picked Buzzy, Alex and Roger because they were dominating players that seemed low key. All of them were eliminated yesterday! I love Ken but for some reason I didn’t have the confidence that he would last in the tournament. It’s always Ken & Brad. I never learn.
  7. HelenBaby

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    I love everything about this post. Will you be my best friend? 😆
  8. I’ve been seeing a lot of backlash against the show since AC was on a couple of weeks ago. Especially from the far left group of people. Not that I think Alter is far left but there’s a lot of encouragement from them to cancel appearances on the show. The thing is that Bill is pretty much the person he’s always been and he’s always had controversial people on his show (including dip💩 last night.) As long as he keeps them off the panel, I can compensate by avoiding those segments. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Because the old crow doesn’t give a s#$t. She thrives on that stuff. However, I wish he wouldn’t have her on. She’s no good for our country.
  10. HelenBaby

    S02.E03: Home

    I actually thought it was well done and didn’t know Seth had it in him to do something like that. Was the new security officer Patrick Warburton?
  11. Redford isn’t much taller than that. I think he’s about 5’ 7”.
  12. Bill probably doesn’t find him compelling as a national figurehead. BTW, I was especially frustrated by Bill and Bret Stephens shitting all over the election results.
  13. HelenBaby

    The 15th Anniversary Special

    He’s had Conway on back when she was still Fitzgerald. And they did show a brief shot of George Carlin but he wasn’t saying anything.
  14. Maybe David & Cameron appeared polished but they have a unique perspective in that they are children of law enforcement officers. I appreciated what they had to say, but I haven’t been glued to the news coverage and not over exposed to their message. I’m a baby boomer and I’ll admit my generation hasn’t lived up to the potential we demonstrated in our youth.
  15. HelenBaby

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    If I ever read Pippi Longstocking I don’t remember but I guessed that too and had a similar reaction. My SO never pays attention when I’m shouting answers at the ? so he wasn’t as impressed.