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S02.E03: Derek Sucks

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“Derek Sucks” – Angie is sent into a tailspin when her long-absent ex Derek suddenly appears on her doorstep. She asks Will and Miggy for help because, despite his faults, she can’t resist Derek. Meanwhile, Douglas and Poppy try for a romantic second date on “Single Parents,” WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9 (9:31-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG, DLS) 

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Oh my god, I love Taran Killam so much!! From the whistleblowing, until the end of the scene was the most I laughed at anything so far this season (from the shows I watch). 😂

Will and Miggy work so well together, and Angie just fits right in with them. Leighton Meester is funnier than I thought she would be.

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2 hours ago, Snow Apple said:

I love the creepy father-daughter duo and their old fashioned house. The sight of all the kids wearing ruffled caps was great.

And the owl!!  

Loved the plot with Angie and her ex with a dash of Iggy and Will thrown in. Shout out to the really old printer that started and survived the fire. 

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Oh, wow, those kids didn't coordinate their growth spurts, did they?  Weren't they all about the same size when the series started? And now Rory is about twice as tall as the girl twins. Oh well, what can you do? I wonder if the baby's going to become an actual character at some point.

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Miggy, Will, and Angie are a hilarious trio, and its great to see Adam Brody on my TV again! Even if Derek is the worst (and sometimes puts a C in his name for no reason) I would be alright with seeing him again. 

The creepy old timie family is one of my favorite running jokes of the show. "Owl is waiting..." The kids in those ruffled caps got a big giggle out of me. 

I continue to really like Poppy and Douglas, the kids are either going to be really happy when they find out, or super freaked out. At first anyway.

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IMO, this was the strongest ep yet. I was dying laughing through the whole thing, emotionally invested, and able to follow the plot and not know how exactly I wanted it to end.

This show has really found its stride. I said it 10 years ago when I watched Gossip Girl religiously - Leighton Meester is a gifted actress and she could generate chemistry with a lamp post. She's got it in spades with Taran and her real-life husband (sometimes those married couples fall flat on screen). That woman can carry a show if she needs to. 

Poppy and Doug are awesome. I love watching them build a little family together. I hope this season is getting the ratings it deserves. 

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This was a good episode. I've been into Adam Brody since his OC days, so it's lovely to see him. I actually am looking forward to Derek possibly being in Graham's life - I think that could be a good story. 

And I love the creepy family and the fact that the little girl has a spinning wheel in her room.

Rory is still a bit OTT to me but I do like his scenes with Poppy.

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