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  1. justcris

    Unpopular Opinions

    I tried to read Kerouac's On The Road when I was 18/19 and was immensely bored by it. I'm not sure how unpopular this opinion is, but I had to get it out there.
  2. justcris

    A Book That Changed Your Life As A Teen

    When I was 15/16 I read Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre for my philosophy class in high school. It was unlike anything I had read before, and it made me think like nothing else had at that point. Then when I was around 18/19 I read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell. I still to this day often think about those books.
  3. justcris

    Paper Books or Ebooks

    I find myself reading more and more on my Kobo. It's so unbelievably convenient, I just carry it around with me all the time. I'll even read while queueing at the supermarket if I'm in the middle of a really good book! Also, it's the best thing for traveling, hands down. I always end up buying books when I travel, but I never take any with me anymore. I'm more picky about the books I buy now. I tend to gravitate toward special editions, signed books, spraypainted pages, beautiful hardcovers, anything that makes it worth buying the actual book. However, I do love browsing bookstores and discovering titles, and will buy more books, even if they're just regular editions, if I'm somewhere with a different selection than I'm used to. For example, I was in Australia recently and I loved browsing their Australian fiction sections and seeing what the staff recommended. It goes without saying that I bought quite a few books on that trip.
  4. justcris

    What Titles Are You Currently Reading?

    I've just read all 6 volumes of Locke and Key and loved everything about it. Hope the TV show does it justice.
  5. justcris

    S01.E03: Stained Glass

    I'm enjoying this so far, and this episode really worked for me. The non linear storytelling was well done, as was the mystical stuff. I am here for the next episode when Tyrone and Tandy probably, and finally, interact in the real world in a significant way. This IS the story though, the origins of these characters. I hope it remains more character based rather than going for action and plot plot plot. Rushing through plots and villains ruins so much potentially good TV.
  6. justcris

    S01.E01: Out of the Past

    I loved this episode, I'm definitely in for the whole Season! I'm a big fan of Joel Kinnaman from watching The Killing, and that's enough to offset my bad memories of James Purefoy in The Following. Enjoying Kristin Lehman too, whom I remember not only from the Killing but also Motive. This is a TV show that looks like a big production movie, and that's awesome! It exceeded all my expections for how a TV show like this would look, it must have a pretty big budget. I loved the multiple narrative threads that they set up, can't wait to explore them all. I liked that it moved fast with the exposition, and even though it was fairly obvious the episode would end with him deciding to take the case, I was still very interested in everything that was happening. Plus, that scene at the hotel was so good, right amount of humour, violence, visuals and character development. I didn't take my eyes off the TV for a second. Can't wait to watch more tomorrow!
  7. justcris

    S01.E10: Tape 5, Side B

    I'm confused that just last episode Tino asked Clay if he'd ever seen a dead body and Clay is just like, oh yeah i've been to funerals and stuff, and didn't even mention Jeff! Am I mixing my episodes up? I thought that was weird.
  8. justcris

    BtVS in the Media

    Full reunion video here!
  9. justcris

    All Episodes Talk: Season 7

    I've been rewatching a bunch of episodes from this season for the first time since the original air date, and what struck me now was that the first half is actually pretty good! It just really went downhill after that. I like the whole idea of it, the concept of the potentials and the setup of the First, but the execution fell through. So disappointing.
  10. justcris

    BtVS in the Media

    EW has a reunion video that's pretty cool. It's nice to see everyone back together again. I'm also excited about the novel news. I've read a book by Kiersten White before and I liked her writing style.
  11. justcris

    S01.E10: Black Tiger Steals Heart

    I disagree completely with the site review for episode. I know literally nothing about the Iron Fist and had no problem keeping up with this episode. Was I confused at first? Yes. Did that retract from my enjoyment of the show? Nope! I love that there are no clear good guys and bad guys here, just a whole lot of grey everywhere you turn! I think this might be one of the reasons this show has had more difficulty in grabbing people though. Daredevil S1 had Fisk, JJ had Kilgrave, and both were very defined villains. Here, you have the Meachums, you have the Hand, now you have another faction of the Hand, you have Colleen who's not who she seems, and Davos is in the mix, it's a whole big mess! And it feels very true to life, never knowing who you can trust. I like it.
  12. justcris

    S03.E17: Duet

    I used to watch both The Flash and Supergirl, and even though I'm not up to date on the shows, I still read the reviews and have a vague idea of what's currently going on, so I decided to watch this. Kara and Barry as BFFs are way too cute, I love it. Their friendship was easily the best part of this episode. The songs were all fine I guess. Wasn't blown away. Even the big realizations about their love interests were a bit flat to me, they were rushed and therefore didn't have the emotional resonance I was expecting. It felt like an easy fix to their love problems, without even talking it through or taking any time to really think about it. By the end, everyone was back together again and everything was great, and I still don't understand how we got there in just one episode. Plus the excuse for the musical theme was very very thin. The "bad guy" didn't have a purpose at all! I kept being reminded of Fringe's musical episode, which to me was way better than this, both plot and character-wise. It had a lot less musical moments, but a lot more heart. And I'm not even going to mention Once more with feeling. Oooops, I just did.
  13. justcris

    S01.E04: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

    I'm really enjoying this show so far! I watched the first four episodes back to back last night and they worked for me. The completely negative reviews have me baffled. All of this, basically. I think the actor is doing a good job at portraying this naivety and childlike wonder at how things work in our world. I mean, he's been away at the monastery since he was 10 and didn't come in contact with our world at all. I don't think I knew anything about anything when I was 10 years old. Every time I think I have Joy and Ward figured out, something else happens that makes me question my assumptions. I quite like that they are grey characters.
  14. justcris

    BtVS in the Media

    I've been listening to a podcast about this show called Buffering the vampire slayer. It's hosted by Jenny Owen Youngs, who is a musician, and her wife, and they usually do a song at the end of each podcast inspired by that week's episode. They are up to episode 2x08 now, I don't think they've had had any guests on yet but they do a pretty cool breakdown of the episodes.
  15. justcris


    Yin fen?!!! My mind is about to explode. I'm not sure where they are taking Izzy, but I'm very intrigued. These last 2 episodes were so much better than the rest. I don't know what exactly they're doing or how, but whatever it is it's working. The plot around bringing Clary's mum back was well done, if somewhat predictable. Good way to introduce Clary's rune creation. Simon's plot with his mum was also well done. And the white funeral was nice. I didn't really miss Valentine in this episode.