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  1. I read Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk. Translated from the Polish. I highly recommend it. Fabulous writing in my opinion. Loved the main character. The author won the 2019 Nobel Prize for literature.
  2. I can't believe it's been five years since Station Eleven came out. I really enjoyed it. I don't think she would ever do a sequel. It stands alone. Emily St John Mandel has a new book coming out in March, The Glass Hotel. It sounds good.
  3. I thought it was funny that Alex pronounced "Enclave" (twice) the way it looks, and the champ kept pronouncing it the way I always thought it was pronounced, "on-clave."
  4. The entire Sidney/Violet romance was too unrealistic and developed too fast. I was getting really tired of the boozing, cigarette every minute Sidney. I'm actually glad he's gone. Violet deserved much better than him. He still seemed way too conflicted about life to make the life changing decision that he did. I'm glad the story won't be following him to America. On the other hand, I loved Geordie.
  5. I read BIG SKY by Kate Atkinson, the 5th in the Jackson Brodie series. It's been 8 years since the last one. It requires a little bit of patience in the beginning. There are a lot of characters and a lot of seemingly unrelated plot threads. Jackson Brodie is a wonderful character because Kate Atkinson is a wonderful writer. We get her usual wry humor and perceptive commentary throughout. I don't think you need to have read the previous books to appreciate this one. I guess you could call the plot kind of dark and yet the book is a delight to read. I think she leaves a little tease that there might be a Jackson Brodie #6. I hope so anyway. I loved her book LIFE AFTER LIFE but I think she has more fun with this series.
  6. I never read House of Silk, but I read his other Sherlock Holmes book, Moriarty. It was pretty good. I read Magpie Murders, which I liked a lot, very clever. It's my favorite of all his books that I've read. I also read The Word is Murder and I can't remember anything about it (not a good sign, I guess) but I think others really liked it. I just read his prequel to Ian Fleming's 007, Forever and a Day and I enjoyed that.
  7. I've been rooting for James all along. But for some reason that changed yesterday. I'm tired of him. I hope he flames out before he beats Ken Jennings in winnings. I was actually rooting for crazy lady who might rule the world. I was very happy to hear the news about Alex.
  8. I don't see anything wrong with his looks, And he seems like a really nice guy. He has won me over a little more every time he's on. And picking the high dollar clues first doesn't bother me like it usually does. I'm really impressed with his wagers and his vast knowledge. And he doesn't come across as smug. Then I would hate him no matter how smart he is.
  9. Crowbar hotel? Yeah, I never heard that one before. I love Rachel's show (and Lawrence's) but I sometimes get tired of their handoff. Most of the time she's just rehashing what she just talked about. Lawrence seems to like it, though. He doesn't usually do it with anyone subbing for her. And occasionally we do get some really good moments between them. I guess I shouldn't complain.
  10. I know! You really have to pay attention and even then it's still somewhat confusing. I'm tempted to read it again, too, but I have to say, as unique as the plot is, I was not really engaged with the characters.
  11. I read The Paragon Hotel by Lyndsay Faye. I'm a huge fan of this author and I thought it was excellent. I loved her book Jane Steele.
  12. Me either. Where is everything?
  13. I agree. After Moffat's overblown, grandiose season long arcs, I was happy there wasn't one. I liked just getting to know the characters.
  14. I read The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Stuart Turton). Evelyn Hardcastle will die every night at 11pm until the main character can solve the mystery. Beyond that, it's best not to read any spoilers. The book is mind bending in it's originality. I didn't really care about the characters, but I gave it 4 stars for its clever concept and ingenious plotting.
  15. I have disliked most of the Christmas Specials (at least under Moffat) so I'm happy with the New Year's Special.
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