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  1. Plus that exchange with Mobibus about Loki Aligator, "he's green isn't he?" Sounded like there was a checklist 😄
  2. I dont recall Pryor's story. Growing up my friends and I would quote Eddie's bit on Cosby all the time: "Eddiieeee, I'd like to talk to yooouuu!" ..and "filth flarn filth!"
  3. Loved Beverley Clearly's books. Read all the Beezus and Ramona books. Still hate Romona's friend Howie ever since the show and tell thing at her school and he didn't back up her story ( she didn't explain it well) ...what a prick. There I got that off my chest 😄
  4. I hope the Duffer brothers do a better job than the Stand remake. I hope the Duffer brothers do a better job than the Stand remake.
  5. I'm surprised the article didn't metion the best response: Patton's brother Matt tweeting "getting attacked by Jimmy Baio?"
  6. I'm not into shipping on shows (exception:Miss Fisher and Jack Robinson on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries) but I did look forward to Siegfried and Mrs. Hall's scenes more than Miss Scarlett and the Duke on my Sunday evenings.
  7. I want to tour the Dales and see Sutton Hoo (after watching The Dig on Netflix)
  8. The score is great. That was one of my favorite things sbout the 90's version
  9. I remember watching It's Your Move (which I loved) and his character was basically his role from Silver Spoons.
  10. This is a long video chat but I enjoyed it . A couple of my favorite actors: Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney Silver from Reno 911! ( and from the comedy group The State) talk about being friends for 33 years, still talking to each other every day. ( Hope the link works, it's from Vulture.com) Two Friends chat
  11. Ditto on Jessica and Seth from Murder She Wrote. I will always have a soft spot for Jeannie and Major Nelson (grew up watching I Dream of Jeannie reruns). Phryne and Jack from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. It was so nice to discover a series with a somewhat satisfying "happy ending" that I was cool with.
  12. I loved that robot dog..it was the only toy I bought out of that franchise's toy line. My unpopular opinion, was that I'd rather watch the cheesy BSG than The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie. I found them incredibly dull.
  13. I'm not a fan of the Aurora Teagarden movies on Hallmark Mystery Channel, but it's left on quite a bit in our house..mostly as harmless fluff background noise. But when I do watch it , I really detest Aurora's mom. She is awful to her daughter. Aurora needs to move and get away from her mother
  14. I just finished the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series. Love the cast but I have a crush on Detective Inspector Robinson.
  15. For some , I wouldn't mind seeing more, but I am o.d.'d on the Aurora Teagarden, and Murder She Baked series. Plus the actress from the Crossword Puzzle mysteries, because I see her so many other Hallmark stuff that I don't want to check the movies out. And just to add, I saw only saw one Matchmaker series but it was so badly written and ( my personal gripe as a native Philadelphian) showing a cop on duty eating a cheesesteak ( cuz der in Philly !)
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