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  1. Ultimately, this is a tv show. Antonio makes good tv. He will be around a few more weeks.
  2. I enjoyed the finale and am looking forward to next season. Lucky Lim. Happy to see her begin to develop a relationship with someone after the death of Melendez.....especially a person who is so darn easy on the eyes. Oh, my. I was shocked to see the show lost AT. She was never one of my favorite characters but she will be missed. Very impressed with Freddie Highmore and his knowledge of so many languages. Thrilled to hear Leah and Shaun are engaged. I love those two. I can’t remember Dr. Andrews wife. If I did, I might feel something about their separation.
  3. Please don’t go, Darcy! ARGH... The thought of a Gary and Maggie reunion makes me sick.
  4. Oh, yeah. Now I remember. Thanks Misslucas and ams1001.
  5. Somebody help me out, please. I don’t remember this actor nor do I recall how he was entwined in any story this season. Please help refresh my memory. Thanks.
  6. I was completely shocked that Kate would end up marrying Philip five years in the future. It never even crossed my mind as a possibility. (I will say, I loved the actor in the role he played earlier this year on A Million Little Things and was sorry to see him go. In fact, I STILL want him to return!) Someone upthread mentioned the possibility of Madison wearing the earrings her mother had given to her, years earlier, during the future scene. If she’s wearing them it means she did find her true love. However, that doesn’t mean it’s Kevin. While watching that scene, I spent the e
  7. I enjoyed the finale. Glad Ben turned down Darlene’s proposal. I never warmed up to the character and hope he leaves the show. LOVE Dan and Louise!
  8. The final scene didn’t take place in Elizabeth’s home. It was set in the town’s library.
  9. It’s way past time for April to move on. That character was hard for me to tolerate. Natalie? Meh... Whatever. I agree with the poster who said the negativity they feel about these characters is not the fault of actresses but that of the writers.
  10. I’ve got a gut feeling that Mouch will die during a fire rescue at the end of this season. He’s been receiving accolades from his coworkers recently and now we learn he will be awarded some sort of official commendation.....which could be a sign. I still enjoy the show but admit to being sick to death of Stella. I do hear some of your concerns about storylines not being as compelling as they once were, and agree, but I tend to think that could be Covid-19 related. My guess is that the city of Chicago didn’t allow a lot of filming on their streets during this time.
  11. This episode left me in tears. It was well directed, produced, and the actors’ performances were commendable. I have no clue where the story goes for Shaun and Leah. I love them. I enjoy the character, Asher (and Glasses/Schmidt on Greys). He’s quirky and is a work in progress. You don’t know what he’s thinking half the time. I believe he made the wrong choice in this episode but it was a huge learning experience. He’s lucky he still has a job.
  12. Please refresh my memory.... Who, in this tragic story, is Tammy.
  13. ....and the fact that he didn’t leave the kids at his mother-in-law’s home. So foolish to pick them up at 1:30 a.m.
  14. The Newman’s make me sick. All of them. Let me add: What I hate is their outrageous entitlement. They sit on their perch, look down on the “common” people around them, and have come to expect others to almost automatically fall in line. Lawyers, doctors, business people, friends etc. Nikki’s attitude, vocal tone, and body language regarding whether or not Nate would cooperate was disgusting. I’m just sick to death of it. That said...I honestly do want Victor to get the best of Chelsea, Billy, and Victoria and I don’t care how he does it. Yeah, call me two faced. Haha
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