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  1. tinderbox

    S09.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Just finished watching the third reunion episode. What a total crock! I truly need to stop watching this absurd “reality” show. I saw fake people enjoying a kumbaya moment/reunion. They will be scratching each other’s eyes out by the second episode of the next season or they won’t retain their jobs. The series only exists if there are controversies. LVP won’t be there to kick around anymore. Wonder who will be the next target? Let me add: I honestly believe Lisa's husband is the one who leaked the story. Thus, the similar verbiage to what Lisa uses. Does Lisa know, by now? Probably. Did she know at the time? I don't believe she did.
  2. tinderbox

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Was this the season finale?
  3. tinderbox

    Season 4 Discussion

    I watched first two episodes. Meh...
  4. tinderbox

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    The little girl in the middle looks just like Courtney’s dad!
  5. tinderbox

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    I’m almost positive Tommy is/was asked to be in the room as a....”witness”. He has been asked to do this before by other HGs, as well. I think it has become his job.
  6. tinderbox

    Grand Hotel

    I’m really enjoying this show. Is it a limited run series?
  7. tinderbox


    It's been approximately 6 months since they moved into the leased home. Does anybody know if the family has moved back into the cleaned up mold house?
  8. tinderbox

    Best Baker In America

    The ending surprised me. I thought Joshua would win especially if the judges took the entire season into consideration. Congratulations to Eric.
  9. tinderbox

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Camille and Denise had no choice but to back out of the trip at the last minute due to the unexpected fires. It seems clear Erika didn’t relish being on the trip from the start. I’m wondering if Erika wasn’t originally scheduled to be included (due to an EJ concert or a personal issue) but HAD to go due to LVP, Denise, and Camille’s absence. Could be why she had an attitude.
  10. tinderbox

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    I’m a person who has been known to enjoy a cocktail or two, so I get it, but I was embarrassed for how these women acted at the Villa. Talk about “Ugly Americans”! They made complete asses out of themselves in front of the entire staff, who I’m sure were uncomfortable, and didn’t seem to care at all. Not only were they practically stumbling drunk (Teddi and Kyle) but they were loud, obnoxious, and argumentative. BTW, the odd look in Kyle’s eyes while resting her head on her hands during her dinner table disagreement with Erika.....was almost devilish. My God! As many of you have mentioned, Dorit was the only housewife who had her head screwed on right. That was a huge shock for me. I realize I probably sound like some old judgemental fool but I’m not. The lack of respect they had for the staff providing service to them threw me for a loop.
  11. tinderbox

    S17.E14: Finale

    Thrilled Sebastian won. So well deserved. The best part of his victory was that he didn’t expect it. Hester? I completely believe she thought the win was in the bag for her. Funny how that works. I thoroughly enjoyed this season. Appreciated the judges, loved Christian, and I must say the editing kept me guessing all the way until the winner was announced.
  12. tinderbox

    Breaking Homicide

    Anybody watching this? Second season began last week. I enjoy it a lot but would love to be informed, in some way, if updates become available.
  13. tinderbox

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I agree. My first thought when she told Garo to make a suit in 48 hours was that she wanted him eliminated. So damn obvious!
  14. tinderbox

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    First let me say that I do like Courtney, her wonderful husband, and all the children. I can only imagine the stress Courtney feels BUT so much of it is caused by her alone. It’s become obvious to me that she’s a perfectionist, a control freak, and bit of a martyr, which only causes more strain in all their lives. The pressure and tension is written all over her face. For her sake, someone needs to sit her down and tell her to lighten up. She is right when she talks about them needing a larger home. It’s obvious! However, I agree with those of you who say an addition is the answer. Why haven’t they thought of that? I’m not sure what we’re missing. The sextuplets were one year old during the holidays. They will never remember any of it. Snap a picture or two, enjoy them opening a couple of gifts, and move on. There will be many more holiday seasons to create traditions and enjoy. Nobody was going to judge her....but herself. Also, I can’t believe she won’t allow one of her children to sleep overnight at her parents house. I’m sure her folks are more than capable of handling the situation. In fact, it seems they’re craving it. I hope the preview of next week’s episode proves to be incorrect and that the sleepover happens.
  15. tinderbox

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    It’s a total crock. Not at all surprised. The pretend and over the top animosity this season never made any real sense. Pffffft....