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  1. Probably because these women are expected to put on some sort of show for the cameras each time they ALL get together.......which I don’t believe is more than once or twice a month, while filming a season.. Having a delightful evening get together isn’t what production expects nor how the women are paid to act. Controversy drives the season forward.
  2. I just completed the 2020 Census online. Along with the race question, you are asked how you define, see, or describe yourself ( don’t recall the exact wording). Ethnicity may have been the word used. In your husband’s case, Mexican would be the answer.
  3. True. However, the producers don’t care WHAT is said or done during the Twitter phase of the show or which cast member is attacked. They just want there to BE a Twitter phase of each episode. (I described it as Act 2 of each episode.) Again, the point of my recent posts is to say that, in the end, this is a tv show, they all play a role, and are acting.
  4. Yes. That’s what I mean. She is seeing them now and reacting to them now.... weeks or months AFTER filming the episode.
  5. Pretending to be as asshole or actually being an asshole isn’t the point. There wouldn’t be a tv show if they all sat around and happily interacted episode after episode. They know, and accept, stirring up trouble for one another is the true premise of the show. Over the years, some cast members handle it better than others. She (or any of them) doesn’t see the responses to her actions, on her Twitter account, weeks or months after filming ends. Then, the Twitter universe becomes Act 2 of each episode. It’s how the entire franchise works. Kudos to them. Very successful television show(s).
  6. I just watched the latest episode. First and foremost, this is a television show and ALL of these women are ACTING. It’s one of the ways they make a living and stay relevant. This is not news to me but when I find myself forming opinions or siding with one woman or “storyline” over another, I need to reel myself in. I believe they laugh themselves silly when the director yells cut. They will say and do a LOT for ratings.
  7. How many episodes remain?
  8. My questions are about Fredrik. Is he really coming in this show?
  9. Spoke with my cable company today. Decided to pay the $9.99 for the Epix channel for a month after having it free for a time. (I can cancel anytime, which is my plan after the last episode of Belgravia is aired.) Seeing the remaining episodes is well worth the cost.
  10. I’m wondering if the majority of the advertising for this auction was done on FARMING websites and/or newspapers and that’s why so much of the non farm related items didn’t sell.
  11. I, too, am receiving Epix free of charge for a period time during the pandemic. I have been able to see the first two episodes but doubt I’ll make it through with no cost for another four weeks. I’d better check with my cable company. Really enjoying this show. edited to add: Grrrrrrr..... My free Epix ended April 19th. Darn it. I’ll come here and live vicariously through all of you.
  12. I enjoyed this far more than I expected. Looking forward to the remaining episodes. Is there a total of 6?
  13. Didn’t Maddie work for Lularoe, as a member of Meri’s team, and they got into fights about workload and money all the time? Isn’t where the hate grew larger for Maddie?
  14. I hope Maggie stays away...for good. I’ve never warmed up to this character. Loving Gary and Darcy. That said, I hope her PTSD issues don’t become the center of their relationship as cancer did with the Gary/Maggie. I understand they will need their own “storyline” but must it be a health issue? Theo has become an obnoxious boy. I used to cut the character/actor some slack but now I can’t stand the kid! Miles is puke worthy....in all kinds of ways. Meh! Not at all surprised the adoption fell through. I think Lindsey is much more DIRECTLY involved in the drowning and it will be played out next season. Not that I care. This is an unnecessary tale.
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