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  1. I loved the interaction between S and A….especially the hand holding. I believe there’s potential with them. Also, I didn’t appreciate the way the actor who plays Ashland placed his hand on the side of AH’s bare back (inside the dress) as they mingled during the reception. I think he should have had more respect for his costar and put his hand on the fabric instead. I’m not the least bit a prude and I totally appreciate many things about love scenes, but that bothered me.
  2. Goodbye, Darcy and Liam. Hello again, Gary and Maggie. You HAD to know this was going to happen. Yuck.
  3. This is the first season I didn't record the show but I felt compelled to come here today to see if things improved from last season and what I missed. Looks like I did the right thing. The show is still a mess. I cannot believe New Amsterdam wasn't cancelled.
  4. Who needs an 18 foot island? That family certainly didn’t.
  5. What is up with Sharon’s inflated lower lip? Yowza!
  6. I realize this is becoming a pattern for me but didn't like anything about this rebuild. Mina began the design of the home with a clean slate. How could she (all of them, actually) go soooo wrong? The outside siding choices were beyond ugly, not only in terrible color combinations but the overall design as well. So ugly. Mina et al are REALLY loving that vertical siding look lately. (There's a specific name for it but I've wiped it from my brain.) She's also into gold fixtures BIG TIME. I can accept gold is becoming popular again but I still don't love it. I should probably giv
  7. In the end, I felt bad for the female homeowner. I’m not at all convinced she was completely happy with the final design. She was clearly pleased with the new bifold doors and the remaining original cinder block wall, but you could see in her eyes as she looked around that the feel of her grandmother’s home wasn’t anywhere to be found.
  8. I believe Lisa informed Erika about everything that was discussed at the meeting, days ahead of Kyle’s dinner. It seems Erika had about a week to mentally prepare herself and come up with a plan. Therefore, I don’t think she was stoned. I believe she was ACTING.
  9. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate the Sally and Adam vibe. Funny how that works.
  10. Her prices on most items have increased substantially, especially when you add in tax and shipping.
  11. What was the “poker comment”? It went right over my head. Thank you.
  12. I can’t stand anyone’s vocal fry. It’s become commonplace and, for me, nails on a chalkboard.
  13. I hated pretty much every design choice made in the house with the dark green lower cabinets.
  14. I enjoy Rock the Block a lot more than this show. Don’t believe I’ll be watching the remaining episodes.
  15. I agree and when Crystal threw the word “jealous” at Sutton, I think she was referring to the birthday gift scenario. Crystal could sense Sutton was mortified when she realized she didn’t bring a gift, in general, and was completely ticked off when she saw Crystal, Kyle, and Kathy had chipped in for one and they didn’t include her. Sutton was jealous, embarrassed, and angry.
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