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  1. 75%/25% 75% is somewhat authentic and it's the part where their true colors about themselves, their sister wives, their living situation, and their feelings for Kody are revealed. Most of it is negative. 25% is completely acting and all for the sake of the reality show. The fakeness is the "togetherness" and "love" they feel toward one another. That said, some of the animosity toward each other and Kody is also fabricated to keep all of us talking and keeping the show alive. They and we KNOW this is a television show...first and foremost.
  2. It is obvious these women can barely tolerate one another. They have become accustomed to living separate lives and almost pretend to be in monogamous relationships with Kody. Every so often reality rears it’s ugly head, like at the Christmas gathering, and the thought of sharing their husband revolts them. The mere suggestion of all of them living under the same roof is beyond consideration. Yet....we’re supposed to continue to accept the fact that plural marriage is in all of their souls. Really? I will say, Janelle is the only sister wife on this reality show who is very close to being the same woman we met in season one episode one and that’s why she was somewhat receptive to Kody’s one home proposal.
  3. I like Sophia Bush so, for a few moments, I hoped she would be the future Mrs. Pearson. Then, as the date/storyline progressed it turned into all kinds of ridiculousness, which included a serenade from John Legend, and I realized the stupidity of it all. Again, I like Sophia Bush...darn it. I completely understood the basics of Rebecca's brain function testing and saw she was at the beginning stages of real problems (especially the clock drawing) BUT I think it was ridiculous to suggest that her not being able to think of the word...spatula...was anything more than the natural progression of aging and the lack of quickly recalling common words. I think Toby has a lot of explaining to do....both to his wife and himself. I do believe Randall has a house invader. I don't think it's a part of his panic issues. I love Milo Ventimiglia and Jack Pearson. LOVE. Jack was my favorite character. However, I think his character has become a bit irrelevant. Sad to say....but true. The writers killed him off waaaaay too soon. I'd give this episode a C-. Pffffft…..
  4. I was disappointed in the ending. This episode didn’t lead me down the path of liking Carley and accepting her as Shaun’s romantic partner, at all. There is something about the character that completely turns me off. I like Lea, as Shaun’s friend, and hope she doesn’t vanish from the show. It’s not like he interacts with a lot of “friends” outside of the hospital so, as a viewer, I really appreciate their interactions. The Shaun/Glassman scene had me in tears. Very well done.
  5. I hope so. I like Madison. Granted, I’ve only seen one episode but she seemed completely genuine, to me. I’m going to trust my first impression.
  6. Meredith had every intention of revealing every detail of the girl's health situation as soon as she fully understood it, herself. Her beef with McWidow (Shouldn't it be McWidower?) was that he revealed too much too soon. I understood her point.
  7. I think Stella is pregnant. Dawson still makes me sick...and it has nothing to do with her dress size or hair color. As usual, she sucked the air out of her scenes. Pffffft.... Brett and Casey could work. I’m open to it. I was hoping bad hair lady was the person poking around in the basement. I keep thinking she working with bad guys and that Severide will catch her in the act. Something is up with her. Didn’t realize how much I missed Otis until I saw him in this episode. That said, I really enjoy the two new young actors/characters and what they bring to the show. Severide belongs in the firehouse.
  8. Finished all six episodes. Enjoyed the reboot, and am looking forward to the next batch of new episodes in December, but I would like to see less of Mabel and the other new characters and much more of the original cast. (Lisa was almost invisible and Ursula never appeared. What about Fran and the Buchman sisters?) I realize I’m being VERY narrow minded but I kept waiting for more familiar faces. I realize some of the missing actors could be busy with other work, not interested, retired, or deceased.
  9. I just finished episode three. The first two seemed a bit off but I think they’re all finding their stride now. I’m enjoying it. What happened to Helen Hunt’s face/mouth? OMG. (I hate to be mean but....)
  10. I haven’t been able to warm up to the Carly character and see no chemistry between her and Freddie Highmore so it’s difficult for me to become interested in this storyline. His relationship with Leah, though not romantic, is easier for me to believe. Leah is real and likable. Carly? Not so much. She’s mechanical, one note, and yes... rather creepy. I’ve come to FF through their scenes.
  11. When Deja asked her mother if she'd like to join her to bake some cookies, I almost lost it. IF any member of my family would attempt to bake cookies during the time I was preparing the Thanksgiving meal I would lose it. Yes, my kitchen is fairly small and almost every space is being utilized during Thanksgiving preparations, but so is Beth's. Beth had the patience of a saint in this episode, for a number of reasons. I love Uncle Nicky. Glad he's around for his family now. Griffin Dunne is outstanding as is VietNam Nicky. Uncle Kevin is the BEST. Love how he interacts with his nieces and little nephew. In fact, Kevin (Justin) is becoming my favorite character on this show. Sorry, Jack (Milo). Very sad to say you've been replaced unless the writers have some big plans for you. I'd love for Kevin's wife (baby mama) to be someone entirely new to the story and NOT Cassidy. It would certainly be a surprise. I care about Deja but wouldn't mind less focus on her for a time. I would love to see more in-depth storylines that would include Randall's two other daughters, too. Yes, they've begun with Tess. I know. I think the cabin featured in this episode IS the Pearson Cabin we saw in the first season and not a different one Kevin purchased.
  12. It's true. You DO learn something new every day. I've never heard or knew about that button on a firetruck. I'll admit, I know almost nothing about the workings of a firetruck but I've never even seen that button used in all the episodes of Chicago Fire I've seen over the years. I'm going to Google this and educate myself. Thanks to all of you for enlightening me. I enjoyed the episode but literally gasped during the ice rink accident and with the tragedy Hen, and the others, faced.
  13. Kaycee is way too nice/vanilla/likable for this show. I can’t see her making her way through the social part of the game. They will eat her up alive. However, she’s a talented athlete. It will be interesting.
  14. I usually don't like episodes centered on one character BUT I really enjoyed this one.
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