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  1. I’ve got to say....the weirdest TIU scene, by far, is this episode’s butt naked Randall screaming in the murky gator infested water with his old AND young ghost versions of his MOTHER. Which writer thought that was a good idea?
  2. I am so darn upset.... During Christmas in July I purchased several of the new versions (smaller and white) of the Valerie Parr Hill snow globe type decorations with the glistening "snow" blowing around either a Santa, Cardinals, Church, or Red Truck etc. You guys probably know what I mean. I purchased one for myself and the others were Christmas gifts for family and friends, which I've already delivered. I loved the 2019 version and was so happy to see the new ones. So, I've had mine on our bookshelf, on timer mode, for approximately 2 1/2 weeks and as of last night.....the motor stopped working. The light was still lit but the snow wasn't moving. My husband switched out the batteries but NOPE...nothing. It's not a battery issue. I'm upset for myself, in general, BUT I will be completely embarrassed if any of the ones I gifted are defective, too. Chances are, they will be. I have no idea what has happened with VPH's recent products but there seems to be no quality control anymore. I had to return another of her products last week, too. Keep in mind, I've never returned a VPH item until this holiday season and I've been a customer of hers for YEARS. UGH!
  3. I’m loving Darcy and Gary and would love for this relationship to continue. Hope she doesn’t carry too much baggage within her backstory. I realize it would be part of the drama and that happy couples are considered boring, but I want them to be somewhat stable. I do not want Gary and Maggie to reunite in a romantic way.....ever. Also enjoying Maggie and Jamie which speaks volumes considering the fact I’ve never been a fan of Maggie. I hope she remains in the UK for the rest of the season because it seems she blossoming there. WHY didn’t Maggie remove her puke ridden clothes the minute she entered the house? I still like Delilah much more than most of you and hope we never see her young stud boyfriend again. I can’t figure out why the writers are having her head to France for “weeks”. Maybe the actress has other obligations or it’s COVID-19 related. It just feels odd. The actor who plays Eddie is doing a remarkable job and I expect more of the same as we enter the pain pill addiction phase of his story.
  4. Luminara candles are beautiful WHEN THEY WORK. I will not spend another cent on them. Extremely disappointed in the ones I purchased that lasted a very short time.
  5. Interesting that in the last 3 days I've watched two shows, TIU and Flesh and Blood on PBS, where in the final second of the episode a character within moments of death suddenly opens their eyes in a camera close up.
  6. Instead of the possibility of Randall’s birth mother being alive, I’d rather see a storyline where Kyle Is still alive. (NOT that I’m thrilled with bringing any aforementioned family members to the forefront.)
  7. I’d definitely watch a second season. I liked the show and I do want to see what happens next. That said, I agree with those of you who think a different actor portraying Mark could have been a better choice, in general. (No disrespect to the actor who played him.)
  8. I thought Tamar looked absolutely horrendous and beyond sick in her last talking head of the final episode. It seems she lost a lot of weight in her face, her eyes were totally wonky, (she barely glanced at the camera) and she was scary looking and almost unrecognizable. I realize some time has passed since the interview was filmed, and I hope she is in better mental and physical condition now, but the person I saw looking at me through the camera lens was someone who needed a LOT of help. I felt awful for her. Was that final interview filmed after her suicide attempt?
  9. I think Goldi is a snake oil salesman and David knows it. Not saying he’s perfect but he’s right about Dream Lady.
  10. Years ago... Heather Locklear was married to Ritchie Sambora. At the time, Heather and Denise were friends. Eventually, Ritchie and Heather divorced. Later, Denise and Ritchie began dating. People called out Denise, although she had nothing to do with the break up, because she never should have dated her friend's former husband.
  11. Andy IS one of those bitches. He was practically foaming at the mouth.
  12. Do you think Ian’s current spoiled brat routine is strategy? If so, it’s clearly not working. If it’s not a poorly conceived plan of persuasion, I’m embarrassed for him. In retrospect, I bet they wish they would have blindsided him tomorrow.
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