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  1. I thought he said his next relationship would be with an artist. Is Irina artistic?
  2. Didn't hear Meredith mention her game show: "25 Words or Less." Hope it isn't cancelled. Her documentary sounds interesting.
  3. Great episode. Loved Mo's line about "Champagne problems." Yup.
  4. Enjoyed the interview with President Obama. Laughed when Jimmy said to him: "WHY did you leave us with him?" Like Jimmy was a little kid left with an abusive step Dad.
  5. She looks really pretty in the migraine commercial. Yeah, I know about all the plastic surgery. Money well spent, as Wendy Williams would say.
  6. I keep forgetting to watch . Have to catch up. Last one I saw was Jacqueline Kennedy. Cute that Khrushchev had a crush on her!
  7. LOVE his scenes with Zurie. He seems like such a fun granddad.
  8. The tiny firefighters were a riot!! Seth's sons are adorable.
  9. Disappointing. Great cast. The time slot wasn't the greatest.
  10. Poor guy. Hope he finds peace and recovers. I always kinda suspected his problems were scripted for the show. Wow, they are for real.
  11. Loved it! I've seen the "Lucy" episodes sooo many times, I have them memorized. So, I did notice Debra didn't complain: "Its hot in here!" during the Vitameatavegamin skit !!
  12. I wonder why they didn't adopt a couple of children who needed homes instead of hiring a surrogate? They could certainly afford it - I saw the photo of Kanye's refund check.
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