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  1. And they got 2 babies! So they kinda ended up different than the plan 🙂
  2. I had to google MASH. I graduated high school in 1987 and it was not a thing. Also from 40 to 50 for people of decent wealth/income and indoor jobs is not going to be a big change. Given Kevin has celebrity bucks and likely skin care routines.... and likely some help from a dermatologist... he isn't going to age as much as a construction worker or farmer outdoors doing manual labor in the sun for 10 years who likely doesn't do a lot with skin care. Also Beth is of the income level that she would likely have a great skin care regimen and also a dermatologist to take care of things since she is very clearly into style, hair, makeup, etc. (not in a bad way - just that she is always stylish and we've seen her at the beauty salon)
  3. I would have major anxiety if I were living in Tom and Ariana's house (or prior the apartment) with all the clutter. OMG that is enough to put anyone over the edge....
  4. I was just coming on here to say that I believe Lindsey and Carl are doing this for storyline only. They have zero chemistry. She kissed some guy she just met (last season) with more passion than she kisses Carl. FAKE!!!!
  5. Count me among the folks who can't keep everyone straight this year. I thought the woman interviewing was the widow from the last episode. I also commented to my husband that for Saul to be so high up and such a good spy - he gets himself kidnapped with too much frequency for me to believe he is actually a good spy. I mean - come on!!!! Again? I am hopeful that all of this is going to come together soon.
  6. I think there must be certain "deals" to get these people to come on the show - like you will only have to do a couple of shows (for the Drew's and Chaka Khan's) and then others where they tell them they are in it til the "end". Lots of producer manipulation behind the scenes.
  7. i thought the same thing and even second guessed it being her. Much, much better than what she's shown us on the series.
  8. Even if he was spending his own retirement fund, that fund is a part of the wife's (soon to be widow's) retirement financial plan. Since she also works, their retirement is dependent upon both people fully funding their retirement plans. If something happens to either retirement fund, it forces them to make changes to the entire plan for their retirement. I am totally down with the live like you are dying part BUT only to the extent that it doesn't leave the family in a bind after the person passes. Maybe there was a big life insurance policy that would cover the refunding of his retirement account? We don't know that but to just hand wave that he was spending "his" money is not really how life works for most married couples who are expecting to retire together.
  9. I think that they purposely didn't show the face of the woman in bed to create drama and interest in the episodes to come. We all know Kevin has a pregnant baby mama in his life from the mid-season finale. So we are all placing any woman in his path into the role of baby-mama - even prematurely like last week with the chick who ended up to be married. My initial guess is Madison because Sophie is too darn predictable. But it could be Sophie and they simply shared a bed and no sex/pregnancy.... To me, this episode was boring. I'm ready to see the other perspectives and now we have to wait!!!! Boo!
  10. Living in Texas (not Austin), I was surprised at the way Austin/Texans are portrayed in the show. Sad they went that way since it isn't remotely close to a large city in Texas. Seems way more rural than actual Austin. That said, this episode was way better than the pilot which I enjoyed but found a little slow/boring -- compared to the original 9-1-1. I don't hate Liv Tyler but all those fillers and whatnot for her face make her look a lot older than she actually is. Also - if the Rob Lowe character were as vain as he is portrayed to be -- he'd be getting at least botox from the dermatologist along with whatever his hair care regimen is... I'm in - mostly because I love the crazy of a Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk show - and as a former 80s brat pack loving teen -- you had me at Rob Lowe (ha!). I can't not watch him!
  11. When have we seen Kate do ANYTHING for ANYONE else without being paid for it? This. And what are they going to do in 20-30 years when people can't read a clock with hands. 10 past 5 would be drawn as 05:10....
  12. I think Kary and LeeAnn are to the point of irritation with one another that they could say anything and it would offend the other. I didn't see anything wrong with her mentioning to take off the hat to Kary. By that point, all of the other ladies had their hats off. I do not condone the use of racist language or language that might possibly be construed as racist in any form. I, too, was surprised that they wanted to eat in an English speaking location. There are MANY Thai restaurants in the DFW area so I know that they've surely eaten Thai food before? I think wearing the dress was funny but the MANY and CONSTANT jabs at it were not. That is where they crossed the line and I was so proud that Brandi pointed it out. I think that shows that she's grown and learned from her experiences in life and it also shows her kind heart. Poor Stephanie. She (I mean Travis) planned this nice day/evening and the ladies couldn't act right. I love D'andra's hair color but it needs about 6 inches taken off the length.
  13. She needs the lady sitter! Hard no for me too. They are super cute but too much $. Those kind of bracelets always end up failing and beads going all over the house... May as well pick up cheap bracelet beads off your floor... Probably came from the same place. For anyone else local to Dallas - head over to Sam Moon....probably could find the same thing there. I do not think Stephanie is a trophy wife for Travis - though her looks do fill that category. They seem to have been married longer than he has had as much wealth as he has now. He doesn’t bother me as he seems like a total jokester (outside of his work) so the comments come off as joking vs snide or controlling to me. I also agree that Brian is uncomfortable on camera more so than just a regular ass....
  14. Now they have fitted sheets with deep pockets for larger mattresses. Back in the day - not so much... "But they were on a break" I can't imagine they introduced us to Cassidy in the season opener without more purpose than we've seen so far.
  15. If she was just having cake and small snacks, why not just have it right after the ceremony? Timing-wise, it sounds like it would have been a good snack-time and then people could go on and do whatever it is they wanted to do vs waiting around for 5 hours. And why in the world do you make them stand up all that time???? The etiquette on weddings is very clear and almost every faux pas of weddings was committed during this big fat wedding. I am in Dallas and read of true society weddings in various e-magazines/blogs (Paper City as an example) and this is truly NOT representative of a society wedding. I do not begrudge LeAnn her day, but do find the whole thing tasteless and truly déclassé.
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