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  1. I was really surprised by her solo, too, but I wondered if maybe she is the one being given the bad edits this year to take some of the heat off VK so it's not so obvious to us that she (VK) is being given preferential treatment this year. They're hoping we'll focus our negative energy on Kat, and based on comments I've read so far here, it seems to be working. Seems like a lot of people don't care for her. I will say that I like Kat, and the only reason I can think of for her doing such a bizarre and awful solo is a really crazy one. Maybe she did forget what she was going to do but we saw that she can improvise in her earlier audition, so the only thing that came to my mind was that it was a planned thing, not on her part but the producers or something. I know that's crazy and something a crazy conspiracy nut would come up with, but she was so bad that I just couldn't believe it. It's like when Vivian did the crazy tin man thing at Kitty's. But in that case I think that was just Vivian's way of getting attention/camera time. So that when she pulled off a completely different and decent audition, we'd all think, "Wow! She came up with that in just one day!" But of course it was what she'd planned to do all along. I don't know. I still can't believe that anyone that looked as good as Kat in the other auditions would just blow it completely and not do one single interesting dance move for the whole time she was up there. But, hey, what do I know? I guess we'll have to wait and see how she performs in upcoming episodes.
  2. Me, either. I didn't think she was particularly pretty last year, but this year she looks haggard. Not the haggard of the emaciated, but more like substance abusers I see on Live PD. And please don't say I'm saying she is using something. It's just that that is what her face, skin reminds me of. She looks so old and wrinkled for one so young. She definitely looks like something is wrong. And instead of looking happy or confident or even scared, she looked ticked off to me. Maybe she's carrying a bit of a grudge for the abrupt and totally BS way they cut her last year.
  3. There is no way I will ever believe that VK was better suited for SG than Jalyn. She was my favorite last year. Unless she appears horribly out of shape, I can think of no reason why she wouldn't have made it over every TCC or even some of the other vets.
  4. C'mon. I don't care for her either, but you've got to admit that she has slimmed down since last season. My guess is because that was the main thing all the viewers and folks here picked up on. She was way heavier and softer than other girls they got rid of for weight reasons. Kelli can claim we don't see enough of the rehearsals to know for sure about the dancing or her behavior with the rest of the girls, but her weight, when they actually allowed you to see her whole body, was a very obvious no no. Like I said, I'm giving her credit for taking it off and besides being slimmer, she does (in this picture) look more toned. Now we just have to wait and see what happens when she opens her mouth, and if her dancing has improved. But, as someone else here said, even if she appears to be perfect this season, it will still be difficult to like her because of how she behaved last season and the obvious favoritism she received. I really wish she hadn't made it to finals. I'd rather find someone new to be this season's annoying TCC.
  5. Well, she definitely looks slimmer, I'll give her that. I know first hand, as many of us do, how quickly weight comes on and how difficult and what a slow process it is to get it off. But I still hope she doesn't make it. She has more flaws than a jiggly stomach and thighs that make her inappropriate for the team. Of course I will come back here and admit I was wrong if she truly has matured and improved on all those other areas as well.
  6. I thought she was cute as a button. Great personality and work ethic and a good dancer. She wasn't heavy. They just didn't like the way her butt looked in the uniform. But to me she didn't look overweight at all. I guess they admitted that she wasn't overweight, but thought she didn't look good in the uniform. But she had a very tiny waist and she wasn't jiggly at all, unlike some of the others they have taken. I was really mad/sad they got rid of her.
  7. After the crap she pulled with Jinelle last season, I wouldn't be surprised if VK thinks she doesn't need mentoring. On the other hand, she loves hogging the camera time so maybe she'd go along with it. Or maybe they'd suck Melissa into the whole routine of making comments only that show how great VK is, like she'd say, "You're doing great!! You already look like a DCC. Just don't get inside your head too much." I think that would tick me off even more.
  8. I think too often Kelli picks girls for looks over ability, like Kathryn Dunn or that Loni in season 2, I think, who couldn't kick at all but even was put in front of the squad photo. There was something really fishy about that. There was a really strong dancer maybe 2 years ago (?) from Louisiana I think and they didn't take her because they didn't like her looks. She wasn't homely. Looks could have been improved with a makeover. And I also hate the way they edit the show so that you can't see what's really happening. We hardly saw any closeups or extended shots of VKs dancing last year but we heard Kelli and Kitty say she deserved to be on the team. Just like in previous seasons when Judi says someone is getting stuff wrong but you rarely see them getting it wrong. The girl seems to be in step with everyone around her when we see the dances. You only have Judi's word that she's screwing up. They try to manipulate the viewers with their dialogue but they don't give us visual proof to back up their statements.
  9. SSAHotchner

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I didn't care for Hester's design, but I thought since the judges seemed to love it, they gave her the win because this might be the only challenge she has any chance of winning. Sebastian's was far superior to everything else out there, but it looks like we can continue to expect stellar work from him. Not that I think that's the right thing for the judges to do. It just crossed my mind that they wanted to give Hester her chance. I can't believe they raved over it as they did. It looked like a beginning Home Ec project to me. I also couldn't believe the raves for Kovid. He's so darned cheerful that I feel terrible for saying this, but he bugs the hell out of me. And I don't care what your sob story is. This is about your design and construction, not what a hard life you've had. But I guess I'd rather hear his cheerful, exuberant comments than all the bitchiness of PRAS. Also, even though I thought Nadine's behavior was awful, I would have sent that plaid houndstooth nightmare home.
  10. SSAHotchner

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Yes! I guess they're all too young to know the difference. I actually wore a garter belt and stockings before pantyhose were invented. Now I don't wear either. If a groom tossed a garter belt instead of a garter at a wedding reception, there could be some serious injuries. 😄
  11. SSAHotchner

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    I'm so tired of seeing them boot off the international contestants when their looks are not bad. Dmitry should have gone home if you ask me. His dress was hideous and so was the coat. I would have given Irina the win. I thought Christina's outfit was lovely, and she seems to be a really nice person as well as talented. I didn't hate Michelle's but I'm so sick of her that it colors my opinion of whatever she makes.
  12. SSAHotchner

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Hey, judges, perhaps the reason none of the "designs" looked like evening wear was because the clothes they were given to use as fabric were ugly to begin with. I used to love to shop at Penney's. Were these the best clothes they had to display that season? This episode was embarrassing for both PR and J.C. Penney. I felt sorry for the designers having to come up with evening wear from that assortment of garbage.
  13. SSAHotchner

    S07.E06: Pedal to the Metal

    C'mon! He's a big designer. I believe I've seen his stuff on QVC. 😃 I liked that pink and gold one, too. I don't feel that the international designers are getting enough respect from the judges.
  14. SSAHotchner

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    That drives me crazy too. I wonder if Alyssa's over and strange enunciation are due to learning to get rid of her original NY accent? I find it really annoying but at least you can understand her. Still don't know what qualifies her to be a host/judge on this show, though. She's never been one who was associated with fashion (inn a good way.)