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  1. I do think, to some extent, that people who say "New York Style" mean "crust style", like "Chicago style" means "deep dish"; and aren't necessarily concerned with the rest of it. I have eaten some abominations though under that sobriquet, and their taste is always so indefinably... weird and wrong. Like, I will have no idea where said establishment got their idea of "tomato paste/sauce"; or I'll be wondering about the age of the flour used in the crust.
  2. I personally find it very tough to do anything else while waiting for the wash/dry cycles to end, lol. It's clearly some sort of flaw I'm trying to be OK with, as Alexa is there to tell me when it's time to pull things out; I don't know what I'm scared of getting into. (Though admittedly, my laundry is in the apartment basement and not right there next to me, which is a bit different than Jill's setup.)
  3. I think Lauren needs to adjust her logic. Both she and new baby are "covered" under the umbrella of the pregnant woman emoji. She doesn't need to be there in the message again as a disembodied head. Just as you go to a baby shower and don't say "man, I wish the baby were here", because the baby is "there", albeit in the mother's womb. Except, this is narcissist Lauren, so she wants to make sure to blurb herself twice.
  4. Gabby was probably "talent-advised" into wearing more revealing/modern clothing. A few of her outfits I found on a Google Image search were low cut; but plenty were not.
  5. Have you tried telling the denizens of Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo etc., that they don't have "New York Style Pizza", however? In my experience, they very much think they do; in fact, they may even think it a competition between them and NYC. I remember seeing that claim all the time upstate in pizzeria slogans, phone book ads, etc., back in the day. I thought Jill and David do know NYC a little and should know better; but maybe they don't.
  6. There's plenty on the topic (I searched "Josh Duggar Danica Dillon alibi"), although these aren't great sources, they might be as good as this type of a story gets: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/news/a53278/porn-star-danica-dillon-drops-duggar-rough-sex-lawsuit/
  7. Yeah, I was gonna say, don't young children have a classic history of grabbing onto any bit of a squirmy younger sibling that they can muster to hold them in place? It is rather inelegant as a pose though... couldn't they be rubbing noses or something similar?
  8. Dig that Garrett's pudgy little tummy... he looks so adorably stout in that white tee shirt
  9. People need to STFU with their opinions sometimes. I legit don't understand why anybody cares how somebody else's baby comes out, as long as it does come out. I grant I am childless and thus don't have personal experience forming my opinion; but in this case, I think it only helps!
  10. I agree it's a combination of good old pioneer-preached "fresh air and exercise".
  11. Maybe the fashion industry is just making things up in order to sell more jeans more often? Personally, the last thing I need or want with my thunder thighs is for tacky-looking friction holes to appear in the inseam; after which I can't throw them in the garbage fast enough. I've never owned jeans long enough to "distress" them in any way, shape, or form on the front of leg (and barely on the back, except maybe if it's the butt); and I'm theoretically fascinated with finding out if skinny women with thigh gaps can keep jeans long enough for the jeans to "distress themselves".
  12. Someone on Twitter should ask him that at an opportune time, make him think a little.
  13. At least R&F has got some utility. C&L, not so much...
  14. Does that work, though?? I am questioning it because they also tell you dark rinse jeans are supposed to make you look slimmer; thus fading the thighs, seems like it would in turn call attention to the size of your thighs...?
  15. Well, he does seem a bright boy and thus I wouldn't be surprised he could graduate kindergarten lickety-split, considering what kids have to learn there. I myself was sent out to read with the third graders in kindergarten, because I came into that grade already reading the newspaper. Eventually this skill lost a bit of its luster as everyone else caught up with me; but it strikes me as easier to skip/expedite grades for younger students, and is in fact the way they seem to do things in public school. This isn't the same as saying that Izzy won't eventually require help; but I can easily see him not needing 9 months to learn the curriculum of kindergarten.
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