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  1. Um, yeah... she should have a copy of the NDA, and if she doesn't understand it, Derick would have to read it in order to tell her, lol. If she never got a copy of the fully signed NDA, then that's a whole other set of potential problems for her.
  2. Austin IMO still bears traces of his prior teen rebellion, and one of them might very well be, not being labeled as "weird" for hotly toeing the party line that there's no such thing as fundie friendships of the opposite sex.
  3. "Free will" on the part of the marital transgressor/divorce initiator. They don't think of it as "God's marriage partner picker is clearly off", and/or "these people were never suited for each other". Hence the big push in their own households to stay married no matter what. Fundagelical family member of mine is content to be maritally separated until the end of days, cutting herself off from any chance to remarry, because Jesus. Even though her husband is a bum, and most likely only refuses to divorce because he wants to get his hands on her Social Security some day, an eventualit
  4. Betting that the source of Fenna's acquisition said "dogs like this require lots of exercise and shouldn't just be cooped up in a small area", because I think Jilly Muffin prizes rule-following so highly she would react to a statement like this very earnestly; and has done so.
  5. That's not even good distressing. It reminds me of the "vase" project we did in elementary school, the one with the Coke bottle swathed in masking tape and then painted over with a brown shoe polish dauber. Yuck.
  6. Lauren's closet, at least, is empty though 🤣. I give props to anyone who manages to make money off of there. I tried myself, though COVID didn't help the sale of stuff like date-wear; and nobody bought anything. Every time I turned around I was knocking prices down.
  7. Wasn't there speculation here at one point that the new "look" made Michelle look too much like Grandma Mary? I can see why one wouldn't necessarily want to look like (or remind one's husband of) their mother, lol.
  8. You mean like this one? Target seems to have frequent sales on it: https://thekrazycouponlady.com/2021/03/09/intex-above-ground-pool-only-46-at-target?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=703075&utm_subscriberid=258563318
  9. I hope devoutly that she did, because in the prior restaurant meal snaps it looked like her entire dinner was a solo platter of Chinese broccoli; which, great vegetable, but you need a little more on your ribs, eek!
  10. Poor wee Amish Henry... Bin just needs some suspenders and he can join in.
  11. If the Rod kids came up to you with their die-away wispy baby voices and David's homemade tracts, I can certainly see the pity instincts appearing!
  12. That's one of the things I like about Austin. He may say he prefers Joy in dresses, but she doesn't seem to have to wear them while she's tooling around on a bike or similar active pursuits; which is a distinct improvement over the earlier insanity, lol.
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