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  1. Suzn


    I am pretty negative about social media in general. I find it disturbing that so many people over-share their personal lives and look to be influencers. As far as Facebook goes, it depends entirely on how it is used. It lets people stay in touch with family and friends. It's a great communication medium as long as people control who can see what. The other extreme is dissemination of misinformation and spewing hate and people who don't seem to live their lives, but merely perform them for an audience on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. I think this is an excellent analysis of the different perceptions of Jill and Jinger. Jill seems to get under-earned credit for all sorts of things. Most of the changes in her are superficial and I don't see Derick as changed at all - he is just being quiet about the controversial things that brought him bad press in the past Considering that he started out looking to be JB's prayer partner, I never expected him to be the miracle worker that many did. Jinger turned out as advertised when Jeremy selected her from the herd. She is meek. It becomes more obvious that she is not too
  3. Suzn


    My employer requires vaccinations. They are a non-profit with programs for public schools, so the people doing the actual programs are in contact with children. There have been very few people let go and a majority of the office staff were already vaccinated before the requirement went into effect.
  4. I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet boy. I'm sure you gave him a wonderful life.
  5. What does she go out of her way to look insane? She really is dumb.
  6. Whether Jill acted like that every day, it indicated that she had no understanding of how that looked. She has no concept of focusing on study. Derick should have shut down that behavior but may have found that she becomes a crying mess if he does.
  7. That is a great picture of a cat luxuriating in the sun!
  8. Jinger meets his needs right now and I don't see that he will need something different anytime soon. She was raised to be what he needed and he has fine-tuned her. What people saw in Jinger before Jeremy came along was not much more than wanting big city things and pretty stuff. It was interpreted as an independent streak but was only her wanting some nice things of her very own.
  9. It depends what his needs/wants/expectations are from marriage. There's really nothing to indicate that he is unhappy or unfulfilled. He wanted and got a docile wife who caters to him; he's not looking for an adult, equal partnership. I don't get that women are that important to him.
  10. I used to wonder exactly what they meant when they said Jinger was meek. Apparently what they meant was that she was unformed, incomplete and was to be "finished" to spec by her end user/owner. So the result is this vapid child/woman who performs for her audience and "owner". By all appearances, she is happy with her situation. I think Jeremy treats her well by her limited standards and she has that big city life and pretty things she dreamed of. She is not very smart and may not be the least bit worried about the things that are discussed in depth here. The end result is a smug, pleased
  11. I always remember that about Derick, too. It told us who he was/is. I would find Jill unbearable.
  12. I'm so sorry you lost this beautiful girl. It's so hard. 😢
  13. I'm voting Jill D is an idiot. I find that mistake a dumb one.
  14. Suzn

    Annette (2021)

    I hated this movie. Full disclosure: I have little patience with try-too-hard artistic movies and for me, a movie has to have substance to out-weigh the pretention. I was curious about this movie based on glowing reviews I'd heard/read. I won't get into anything about any meaning the movie may have and only write about the experience of watching it. It was so boring - long drawn out scenes, waiting for something to actually happen. A comedian who was painfully unfunny and seemed to have an inexplicable cult following. The horrible repetitive songs, annoyingly drilling into my head
  15. In the upper right you will see your user name with a drop down box. There is an option called "Ignored Users" and you can click there to add whoever you wish to ignore. You will not see their posts any more.
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