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  1. The fact is that we don't know what if any opinions Jinger has arrived at for herself. The things she has changed from the Duggar way are superficial things that are likely encouraged by Jeremy. I very much doubt that Jeremy is forcing any of that on her. She had indicated a desire to live in a city and I think the unspoken included all that implies. Nothing in Jingers' life has allowed her to think for herself, much less encouraged her to do so. I think it takes a higher intellect and a spark of independence in personality to rethink the results of a lifetime of suppression. Put bluntly, I think Jinger is not as dumb as Jill, but has not shown any indication of independent thought. I think a lot of people writing on this thread hope for Jinger to break free, but what would that look like as long as she is married to Jeremy? Some time ago I wrote that J & J's lifestyle was not sustainable long term. It appears to me that things are unraveling sooner than I expected. Their careers as influencers can't be paying big bucks. There is some desperation showing. I have some mixed feelings about Jinger's situation. I do feel a little sorry for Jinger because I don't think she is capable of taking control of anything that is happening to her.
  2. I think it seems set in the fifties, even though clearly they indicate that it is pre-WWII. When I saw it eons ago and was very young that didn't bother me a bit. It was such a "racy" movie and yet was extremely cleaned up compared to the book.
  3. I never watched the show and I'm going purely by what has been posted on this thread. I don't remember ever seeing Jinger looking absolutely insane. I agree with your "cry for help" comment.
  4. Apparently the news is that Jinger has lost her fucking mind! Making faces with crazy eyes doesn't seem like a good bet to sell makeup. Making faces has always been Jill's thing and I don't remember Jinger doing that. How desperate is she getting?
  5. I about gagged on hearing "best mom". She was ready to abandon her children! How can they gloss over that?
  6. I agree about maintaining a balance between protecting kids from danger and allowing them to learn some things through consequences. I think there is a huge over-emphasis in avoiding some very remote dangers. This comes at a cost of time, energy and money, not to mention raising fearful children overly concerned with their safety. On the other hand there are some dangers that are so obvious and easy to avoid, that require only some vigilance and action. I'm thinking of Jill taking pictures of a child climbing using a wheeled toy - it's so obvious to put down the phone, go pick up the child and tell him not to climb like that. For every one of those idiotic pictures, I can see that slipping, falling, a little face smashing against the edge of the counter and the scream of pain.
  7. And yet I prefer Jinger's more attractive inauthentic posts. Poorly thought out, sloppy incompetence, no matter how authentic it may be, is unappealing to me.
  8. Excellent review of Jinger's style! I think she looks fine and does not need to be any more on trend than she is. She looks comfortable in her outfits and though Jeremy may give his opinion of her clothes and hair, I don't think he is dressing her like a doll. Jinger is NEVER going back to Arkansas.
  9. I found Alton Brown watchable in the early days, but totally agree that he is a smug creep now. Just obnoxious. But to me, no one can "out-obnoxious" Guy Fieri. I saw one show he hosted where he talked and behaved like a normal person, but that does not mitigate against his repulsive persona on the seemingly dozens of shows he appears on. He is several decades too old to be a perpetual frat boy. I don't understand his popularity and why he has taken over Food Network.
  10. Thanks for the clothes porn. I'm glad to be back to that because my only real interest in royalty pretty much begins and ends with their clothes and jewels.
  11. Yes! So much more polished to wear pantyhose. And yes. Bare feet sticking to the shoes is so uncomfortable.
  12. I still doubt that Jessa and Jinger are allowing and encouraging dangerous behavior.
  13. I think she actually is "stupider". She has had ampler opportunity to have picked up a clue that the MOTY who raised her was not the perfect role model. Of course we don't have a complete picture of the mothering of Jessa and Jinger, but I've not seen a hint of the crazy, risky shit that Jill pulls. Certainly kids need to not be over-protected and have the freedom to take some measured risks. What Jill is oblivious to is not in any way beneficial to her kids. It is just careless, thoughtless risk with no upside.
  14. I don't think Jessa's latest video gives anyone much useful information, but in spite of that, she did a very good job. She speaks well, it is carefully organized and edited and I think she was natural with the kids. I'm sure there are times she is less patient, but I don't think she was putting on a act on the video. At least for this stage of the kid's lives, she is a very good mother - the proof of that is the kids themselves. They seem happy, joyful even, loving and calm - not at all like Jill's nervous, fearful, jittery kids.
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