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  1. Not me. My WFH outfits are casual & comfortable, but not awful or hated - pretty much what I changed into when I used to get home from work. It's all acceptable to be seen out of the house in. Lately I've been wearing my nicer work sweaters, especially for video meetings. I have no idea why someone would choose to wear something uncomfortable and unattractive to them.
  2. I've kept my landline because it I trust it more that service won't be interrupted and because so many places and accounts have the number. However I never answer it unless I recognize the caller and I let it go to voice mail. Any important caller will leave a message. I almost never have any messages.
  3. To see Van Morrison in person would be a dream come true for me!
  4. I am old and my absolute favorites are Van Morrison, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles and Queen. But I listen to new stuff too. For example, things more current: The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Sturgil Simpson, Nathaniel Ratliff & the Night Sweats, The Black Keys are just a few of them.
  5. I've been thinking about an answer to favorite albums and having trouble narrowing it down, but this one by Linda Ronstadt could easily be one. I'd also pick one by The Eagles and one by Queen.
  6. I think it's that he has been trained to be a performer and to be aware of a constant audience. He's been taught that he is a star...
  7. And me too! Very frustrating.
  8. Today I am enjoying early Norma Shearer movies that I'd never seen before: The Last of Mrs Cheyney, Their Own Desire, Let Us Be Gay, Riptide and next up Idiot's Delight and Escape. I didn't know there was a 1929 Mrs Cheyney, only knew of the 1937 Joan Crawford version. The only one I've seen before is Idiot's Delight. I'm so glad to see these (mostly) pre-code movies and always glad to see Norma Shearer.
  9. I just really have no need to see people kissing. I'm sure they have some reason for these pictures, but I don't think they realize how they come off. It's sort of braggy - look how we stay hot for each other! Instead of looking that way, they look strangely passionless. Jessa and Ben appear only slightly warmer than Jill and Derick who resemble Ken and Barbie with their faces pushed together. It's childish, but in some ways they don't really grow up, they merely perform the parts given them. Also, this pictures are not at all good for professional pictures. It looked like Ivy was having a bad day and that's maybe why she wasn't featured. Exactly! 😁
  10. Happy Birthday, @SUNNYBEE! What a handsome Mr Darcy!
  11. Ashley Quinton Brown, a Himalayan mix, was 17 and failing when I got the babies nearly a year ago. When I lost him, I gave the babies his last name in honor. So I have Freya Bella Brown and Loki Brown. A middle name has never developed for Loki although he has plenty of nicknames. I need to complete his name with a middle name! I tried to add pictures of them more grown up, but the files are too big, don't know why...
  12. Exactly why they are dangerous. 🙁
  13. These are scary people who do more harm than good and if they had the power, they would do more harm.
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