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  1. That's exactly where I am with the Duggars. I'm here to keep an eye on them and for the great discussions. I can only watch them briefly if the sound is muted.
  2. Such fun to do genealogy research. I've walked miles in cemeteries looking for ancestors. It may sound morbid but I feel such a connection to ancestors when I see where they are buried.
  3. Absolutely true! I've looked at miles of microfilm of old newspapers and it takes some getting used to. Accidents and death from all causes are reported in blunt detail. Also they didn't seem to worry much about being sued for expressing their opinion of the behavior of the citizenry either. I have a big file of stories of truth more interesting than fiction.
  4. I like the Impossible Whopper. As a vegetarian, I'm really glad to have a fast food option because there are so few. I do what I can to avoid meat, but there is a limit to how fussy I'm willing to be so I can't be worried about the grill either. The world is not set up for my convenience, so I'm glad to have something I can enjoy eating.
  5. I found this episode interesting because there were points of commonality with both guests and me. Something did bother me and would only matter probably to fellow Kansas City Kansans - Kansas City Kansas is a city that covers most of Wyandotte County so I wonder where the hog farm actually was. I guess there are some outlying areas of the county where it's possible. I knew that there was anti-German feeling in this country during WWI but never made the connection to my Prussian born Grandfather and Great-Grandfather! They came to this country in about 1882 and were naturalized before the war but they spoke German and I'm sure still sounded and identified as German. I've never heard any stories about any mistreatment but feel like it is another gap in my knowledge of them.
  6. There is something about the light in that pic that makes her hair look more golden and her eyes a brighter, lighter blue.
  7. Yeah, I thought of Flash Gordon. You're right that they are all a bit violent. It makes me wonder why that would be - words interest me.
  8. I hate plots where a problem could be resolved with someone making a simple declarative sentence. Just say it! Fuck! Of course, Maggie runs around with her fingers in her ears, singing La, la, la, I can't hear you. What is wrong with these idiots?
  9. It's my gut feeling that she's OK where she is. She might have to put herself out there hard to compete with Jinger, but she can mop up the floor with Jill whenever she cares to compete. I can't tell what it is but there seems to be a fundamental shift in her. I'll even go farther with this - if there were something seriously wrong for her, it would show in the boys.
  10. All true, but her response to all of those things always seems "off" and she seems as emotionally stunted as ever. In her case, exposure to these things doesn't seem to have any effect on her.
  11. She's had ample time and exposure to the world to have acquired a clue. But no, she lives in complete obliviousness, clinging to D'Wreck and being overwhelmed by two children and the care of a house.
  12. Yes, she was determined to be gifted. I don't remember for sure whether she skipped a grade. They seem to hate Lily and it's really, really not funny. She's treated like a pet of bad pet owners who love the pet when it is a cute baby but don't care about it when it grows up. I haven't watched this episode yet and came here to see what I was in for. OMG! Who the fuck is writing this show?
  13. I hadn't seen Inspector Morse since its original run but after enjoying Inspector Lewis and loving Endeavour, I am re-watching it. I really want to like it but I am having trouble connecting Morse to Endeavour. They have certain things in common, but you may be right that Morse is an unlikable asshole. There is a sweetness and sensitivity in Endeavour that has turned sour in Morse.
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