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  1. Of the many things I could criticize on this show, this aspect is actually disturbing. I have been disgusted by the way they lost interest in Lily - don't know anything about her and don't care. Now we are supposed to find it funny that they forget that she is with them. In real life a child that disregarded would either harden up and somehow manage, though damaged, or would get into the various kinds of trouble teenagers do. These are the last people who should get another baby to raise. And of course, Cam is treating the baby like a prop for his latest production of the Cam Show. Their idea that this should be funny is warped.
  2. I noticed that too. I just doubt that is done in the church she belongs to.
  3. Yes, there is a scene that should be tragic and it's so obviously fake that it is, as you write, hilarious.
  4. ITA! It's just ridiculous; he goes between acting like a 5 year old and someone wise beyond his years.
  5. That's what I thought too. I can't imagine why using a company's products would qualify a person to run the company. A complete and stupid disconnect, except these people always have everything just land in their laps. ITA. Of course, they've done such a splendid job raising Lily. How long would it take them to lose all interest in another child?
  6. For Derick to write about having sex on his mind calls for clearing the shelves of brain bleach. It's hard to imagine anyone less appealing than him. Poor dumb Jill doesn't know any better I guess.
  7. Payrolls are processed ahead of the pay date and depending on what bank your direct deposit is set up to receive it, it may be available before the actual pay date. Where I work we transmit the payroll to the payroll processor on a Tuesday for the Friday pay date and depending on the individual direct deposit bank, some employees get their pay on Thursday and I think a few get it on Wednesday. The earliest my pay ever shows in my account is about 11:30 pm Thursdays. I've had people yell at me when they don't get their pay early - I just tell them that pay day is Friday and that is the only deadline we have.
  8. I won't keep commenting on this minor issue, but I remember thinking the same thing about her back in the days of seeing her on Suits. She looked exactly the same.
  9. I mean there is very little narrowing at her waist line. To me that is thick-waisted.
  10. Meghan is proportionally thick-waisted and needs something cut to de-emphasize it instead of bunching up and adding bulk.
  11. The harm is not in sending Israel to school. The harm is believing that they have changed their views in any significant way. They still want to limit the rights of others.
  12. This is exactly my position too. I don't care that they may on the surface be less extreme. They are still people who want to limit the rights of others and worse. They are dangerous people who we need to see for what their intent is and not be lulled by some things that appear more mainstream.
  13. OMG, Yes! I've been disturbed by this. It's not new that Derick's attitude toward education was likely not to be the Duggar way, since he was not home-schooled. He has not renounced his ugly, hateful world view or suddenly become an open, honest and truthful person. Sending Israel to kindergarten is a tiny step that does not indicate that the world has shifted on its axis and that everything is different. I hate to add lots of speculation, but it seems likely that the impetus for this was from Derick, not Jill. There is nothing hinting that she is suddenly interested in getting more education for herself or that she wants a career now.
  14. The fact is that we don't know what if any opinions Jinger has arrived at for herself. The things she has changed from the Duggar way are superficial things that are likely encouraged by Jeremy. I very much doubt that Jeremy is forcing any of that on her. She had indicated a desire to live in a city and I think the unspoken included all that implies. Nothing in Jingers' life has allowed her to think for herself, much less encouraged her to do so. I think it takes a higher intellect and a spark of independence in personality to rethink the results of a lifetime of suppression. Put bluntly, I think Jinger is not as dumb as Jill, but has not shown any indication of independent thought. I think a lot of people writing on this thread hope for Jinger to break free, but what would that look like as long as she is married to Jeremy? Some time ago I wrote that J & J's lifestyle was not sustainable long term. It appears to me that things are unraveling sooner than I expected. Their careers as influencers can't be paying big bucks. There is some desperation showing. I have some mixed feelings about Jinger's situation. I do feel a little sorry for Jinger because I don't think she is capable of taking control of anything that is happening to her.
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